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(3) Wed 25 Mar 92 1:05 By: Bentor To: All Re: Part 1: Proposed FDA legislation INFO (forwarded, long) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- c:\fd\mail\healing_touch\2.MSG MSGID: 1:343/56.0 29d01828 REALNAME: Ben deLisle [* Forwarder's Notes Some more information to keep in mind not mentioned in this article: other legislation that is under the control of the NLEA (Nutrition Labeling and Education Act are S. 1982 and H.R. 1662. Also the Proxmire Amendment of 1976 provides for the protection of your right to have access to nutrient suppliments. oppose any legislation that weakens this. These may be as bad or worse than the ones listed below. ...internet delisle@eskimo.celestial.com or echo mail(??) I don't know the address work here, but I'm sure it will find its way to me. *] [* Possible Organization of help... National Health Fereration, P.O. Box 688, Monrovia, California 91016 +1 818-357-2181 *] Copied from internet for Your information...... -- ---- ---- --- --- Begin article Part 1 --- --- --- ---- --- --- --- ---From: caladan!seanews!smokey@seattleu.edu (Jason Wade) Subject: Proposed Bad Health Legislation (H.R. 2597/3642) Date: Sun, 22 Mar 92 01:20:15 PST Proposed Bad Health Legislation (H.R. 2597/3642) Tramples Our Constitutional Rights! Many of you have heard about a piece of current legislation [H.R. 2597 as introduced by Representatives John Dingell (D.-Mich) and Henry Waxman (D.-Calif.)] pending before the House. Although it's thought by key politicians and lobbyists that the bill, AS IT IS, WILL NOT LIKELY PASS AND INDEED HAS ALREADY UNDERGONE SOME REVISIONS, THE CHANGES _ARE NOT_ SIGNIFICANT! MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. EVEN THOUGH THIS BILL HAS BEEN SENT BACK TO SUBCOMMITTE AND RENAMED HR 3642, THIS BILL STILL SEEKS TO GRANT EXTRAORDINARY POLICING POWERS TO THE ALREADY OVER-EMPOWERED FDA AND COULD CONCEIVABLY JEOPARDIZE YOUR ABILITY TO BUY AND SELL FOOD SUPPLEMENTS AS WELL. But more importantly, H.R. 2597/3642 ultimately seeks to diminish our Constitutional Rights regarding Freedom of Choice,deceptively contrived to take from us the right to choose between various forms of Health Care which are not strictly in line with traditional medicine. _No one has the right to dictate (through the auspices of law) as to what we should consider and define for ourselves as "medicinal," or how we may wish to treat ourselves naturally. The bill is more of an attack against out personal freedoms regarding our inalienable rights to care/treat our bodies without interference from the government than one which just seeks to modify FDA policy. It is most certainly tyrannical and goes well beyond any point of decency we know, and thus, we believe,deserves a response from us all. NOW IS THE TIME TO PROFITABLY AND EFFICIENTLY LOBBY AGAINST THIS BILL! Please join with us and write to your political representatives in Washington in clear opposition to this bill. A form letter is provided below which we encourage you to use. Just print it out,fill in the Congressman's name and sign your name, address and telephone number at the bottom, and send it in today! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Congressman The House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20515 RE: FDA LEGISLATION -- H.R. 2597/3642 Dear Congressman: Please be advised that I am against H.R. 2597/3642, the proposed Bill which seeks to expand the already formidable powers of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I urge you as my representative to VOTE _NO_ ON ANY AND ALL PARTS OF H.R. 2597/3642, and persuade others to do likewise. H.R. 2597/3642 proposed to unduly enhance the powers of an already out-of-control government agency, adding to its power base "policing muscle" which it does not need, and indeed,already has too much of. This is born out in statements by Peter Barton Hutt, the former FDA Chief Council who has recently testified before Waxman's committee that "no federal agency today has greater power than the FDA...," and that "it is (already) easier for the FDA to convict a food company or its officials of a violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act than it is for the Drug Enforcement Agency to convict a cocaine dealer of a violation of the Controlled Substances Act." As Rep. Norm Lent (N.Y.) has pointed out H.R. 2597/3642 is not tied to any health standards, ignores due process while treating every industry the same, and ultimately would allow an FDA inspector to make crucial decisions single-handedly that could cripple a business or even an entire industry. Even Dr. David Kessler, the Commissioner of the FDA, believes and has testified that the bill "is too broad and may be reaching further than is needed." It should be mentioned, however, that "what" Kessler "thinks is needed" is the unnecessary removal and prescriptive restriction of amino acids and other health supplements from the market place. H.R. 2597/3642 gives the FDA for too much authority,discretion and power to regulate HISTORICALLY SAFE and HEALTHFUL FOOD SUPPLEMENTS such as _Amino Acids, Lecithin, Coenzyme Q-10,Mineral Orotates_ and other _Herbs_ and health building _nutrients_ and _nutraceuticals_, possible removing them from the market place in the future in what appears to be a rather twisted and surreptitious attempt to make all nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals the tools of the established medical community alone, giving these latter a new profit base from which to grow ever more powerful and monopolistic. Make no mistake about it! It's becoming quite clear that the FDA and those they represent are motivated by _economics_ and not the health and welfare of the American people! ----- ------ ----- End of Part 1 ----- ----- ------ --- Maximus 2.01wb * Origin: The Sacred Grove (1:343/56) PATH: 343/56 123/15 102/943 SEEN-BY: 102/943 103/307 123/15 203/444 289/22 308/60 343/56 352/105 SEEN-BY: 366/3 4201/9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) Wed 25 Mar 92 1:07 By: Bentor To: All Re: Part 2: Proposed FDA legislation INFO (forwarded, long) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- c:\fd\mail\healing_touch\3.MSG MSGID: 1:343/56.0 29d01898 REALNAME: Ben deLisle ----- ----- ----- Begin Part 2 ------ ----- ------ Let me remind you of a case in point. Kessler and the FDA have refused to place L-tryptophan (an healthful amino acid) back on the market, DESPITE THE CLEAR EVIDENCE NOW AMASSED THAT ASSERTS THAT L-TRYPTOPHAN HAS NOT, NOR HAS EVER BEEN, THE CAUSE OF THE TRAGEDIES OF EMS. You may remember that although tryptophan originally came under fire as having been _associated_ with the sometimes lethal syndrome of EMS, rigorous independent scientific studies have since demonstrated that an _impurity_ is responsible for EMS and NOT L-tryptophan itself, NOR ANY OTHER AMINO ACID FOR THAT MATTER. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic and independently those associated with the FDA have revealed the presence of a _contaminant_ in implicated batches of tryptophan (New England Journal of Medicine 323:357, 1990: JAM 264:2620, 1990). In fact,in the first article, the U.S. Center for Disease Control, the government agency responsible for investigating epidemics, has UNAMBIGUOUSLY stated that the illness (EMS) was caused by a contaminant, and not the nutrient amino acid tryptophan itself (See Belongia, et al, "An investigation of the Cause of the Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syndrome Associated with Tryptophan Use," New England Journal of Medicine, 323(6):357-365; 9 August, 1990). The _contaminant_ appears to date to be two tryptophan molecules hooked together, a compound very foreign to the human body and UNNATURAL IN NATURE. Additionally, researchers from the National Institute of Health and the FDA have conclusively shown that "contaminated" L-tryptophan causes an EMS-similar syndrome in laboratory rats, WHEREAS PURE, "CONTAMINATE-FREE" L-TRYPTOPHAN WAS DEMONSTRATED TO BE HARMLESS. Again, it is clearly a "contaminant" of L-tryptophan that is responsible for the horrific tragedies of EMS and not the "contaminant-free" molecule itself. Yet, regardless of the incontravertibility of these new findings,and that which has been known historically about the safety of tryptophan (the CDC [Center for Disease Control] has estimated that there have been at least 14 MILLION known tryptophan users in the USA alone, individuals who have used tryptophan supplements for the past 20 years safely and without medical difficulty), the FDA continually withholds this supplement from the market, obviously attempting to control this and now every other health supplement which is considered safe and beneficial,AND THEREFORE, POTENTIALLY PROFITABLE TO THE PRESCRIPTIVE MARKET. It's interesting to note that the L-tryptophan market was estimated to be worth between $50-75 million per year as a health food supplement. One must consider what market value would arise if tryptophan (and indeed other historically safe amino acids and nutraceuticals) were inappropriately reclassified by the FDA as a "drug(s)," (as some pharmaceutically-funded academics,politicians and perhaps scientifically inexperienced publicists would like) allowing, if not offering, the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industrial Establishment in turn a monopolistic hold. Tryptophan's _prescription-retail market potential_ would be enormous; possibly $500 MILLION PER YEAR, for starters? Again,there is no goodly reason that L-tryptophan should remain in control of the FDA, except for the suspected economics. Similarly, the FDA arguing that it needs to control the Health Food & Nutritional Supplement market in order to protect the health and welfare of the American people is difficult at best to believe. Rather their claims are only a pretense, a shameful disguise, a deceitful rouge which is meant only to deflect attention away from their true motives, namely to seize control of the enormous Nutraceutical Market, securing potential windfall profits for the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry alone. Also, we should never forget that in the 1970's the FDA has once before deceptively sought regulatory action to classify vitamins (of all things) as prescriptive drugs. Although that bill was overwhelmingly defeated, it appears the FDA, and the economic and political powers behind it, have never accepted the finality of that outcome and wish to revisit this scenario until it gets what it wants, no matter how it may twist the truth. Indeed, the FDA is once again attempting to secure control over the health food industry while deceptively clouding the issue by claiming a need to protect the American people from products which have never threatened their health and welfare in the first place, and all of which have a considerable track record of safety. What kind of slight of hand is this? Let's not be fooled. It appears that it is the FDA from which we, as Americans, need protection. Most importantly, because of the National Health Care Crisis we are now in, responsible alternatives to the traditional (Allopathic) Medical Care Strategies should be welcomed and encouraged. As you no doubt know _sickness_ is big business in America, and there are many who do not want to see their business disturbed or encroached upon by the growing Health Food Industry. If H.R. 2597/3642 is allowed to pass IN ANY FORM, it only ensures the current medical establishment's deeper entrenchment, further exacerbating the current Health Care Crisis while disregarding our constitutional right to choose between the type of medical or alternative care we wish. Moreover, the failure to stop H.R. 2597/3642 would soundly close the doors on any hope for alternative health care/preventive strategies as well as stifle the very promising fields of Nutraceuticals as powerful nutritional alternatives for us in the future, only ensuring that the failing traditional health care system of today remains in power. By supporting ANY legislation of health supplements that we as citizens may expect to receive in the future, as well as those alternative therapies which have yet to have been discovered, discouraging further research in related areas. The only silver lining visible in H.R. 2597/3642 is that it exposes the need to drastically curb the powers of the FDA to date, not to enhance them! It is now outrageously clear that the FDA wishes to thwart the will of the people and the clear intentions of the U.S. Congress's Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 in making it near impossible for any food or food supplement to make even the mildest of health claims. In point of fact, the FDA can't even decide if fiber is good for you, even after 40 years of research costing millions of dollars. Even though Congress intended this law to have a positive effect on public Health,under the proposed FDA's rules, the public will not get _more_ information, _but less!!_ According to other FDA absurdities,the FDA states that in order for health supplements of any kind (eg., involving herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals), they can't be concentrated but must be at levels normally found in food! The FDA claims that when you concentrate vitamins, amino acids, herbs or minerals, THEY ARE NO LONGER FOOD! Furthering the stretch of logic, the FDA feels that such ingredients need to retain their food attributes (taste, aroma, etc.) or such is no longer considered a food! (One wonders if they've ever eaten Airline food??) Bordering on the irrational, the FDA calmly claims that anything you consume for reasons other than taste,aroma or nutrient value is a DRUG!! It is becoming increasingly more salient that the true agenda behind the FDA's needs is not one of protecting the will or the safety of the people. Rather, they wish to thwart any attempt of both the Senate and the House to educate the American people --- Maximus 2.01wb * Origin: The Sacred Grove (1:343/56) PATH: 343/56 123/15 102/943 SEEN-BY: 102/943 103/307 123/15 203/444 289/22 308/60 343/56 352/105 SEEN-BY: 366/3 4201/9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) Wed 25 Mar 92 1:14 By: Bentor To: All Re: Part 3 (last): FDA Proposal for Nurtients. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- c:\fd\mail\healing_touch\4.MSG MSGID: 1:343/56.0 29d01a54 REALNAME: Ben deLisle ---- ---- ---- Part 3 ----- ---- ---- --- It is becoming increasingly more salient that the true agenda behind the FDA's needs is not one of protecting the will or the safety of the people. Rather, they wish to thwart any attempt of both the Senate and the House to educate the American people about the health benefits of certain foods and food supplements including herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. One deeply suspects that there are criminal associations, and at the least unethical associations, existing between the FDA, Pharmaceutical Companies and medical-related lobbyists, especially when considering the windfall profits that will soon be available in the budding Nutraceutical Industry (see: Feeding the Nutraceutical Revolution by Stephen L. DeFelice, M.D.,Pharmaceutical Executive, March 1991). Most alarmingly, it appears the FDA's desires, if allowed full reign, would seriously attack, if not negate, our NINTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS, redefining what is we as citizens may claim for our bodies and that which we cannot. Although I am not an expert in constitutional law, I, for one, do not believe that the FDA has this right, nor do I believe that the intent of our Founding Fathers was to give an agency of the government such a right. I use amino acid-, herbal-, vitamin and mineral supplements to help me stay healthy and avoid disease. Please, do not let the FDA's prejudice and hidden agenda keep me from using the supplements of my choice, as well as healthful conventional foods. We need it to be made clear that the tampering of our rights and freedoms of choice regarding medical or alternative therapies will no be tolerated. We ask that you appropriately use your esteemed office of choice to protect those sacred rights and privileges from becoming any further diluted. Please don't fail in your calling. PLEASE FIGHT AGAINST ANY ENHANCEMENT OF FDA POWER,ESPECIALLY H.R. 2597/3642 BY VOTING _NO_ ON THE TOTALITY OF THIS OPPRESSIVE BILL. Sincerely, -- [] SEANEWS - Seattle Usenet News + Mail - +1 206 937 9529 [] caladan!seanews!smokey@sumax.seattleu.edu or seanews!smokey@nwnexus.wa.com ----- ------ ------ ---- END END END ---- --- --- ---- --- Maximus 2.01wb * Origin: The Sacred Grove (1:343/56) PATH: 343/56 123/15 102/943 SEEN-BY: 102/943 103/307 123/15 203/444 289/22 308/60 343/56 352/105


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