Seekers, This message is primarily a summary of two books written by Billy Meier who has s

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Seekers, This message is primarily a summary of two books written by Billy Meier who has significant proof of extensive contact with humans from the Pleiadian constipation. They have detailed knowledge of our planet's history since before we misplaced the missing link. Even if what he reported is a total fabrication the philosophies he relays are worthy of examination. The summary follows after the following two pages of comments on the difficulties of trying to explore the subject of ET activity. You will see little use of the term "UFO". This term should have been replaced with ASC a long time ago. Anyone who sees a large object flash across the sky and make impossible right angle turns does not think for one second that they are unable it identify it. They know they have seen an alien space craft. If you have decided you want to get to the bottom of the ET situation I would like to offer you some guidance. Be aware that there has been a concerted effort to mislead the casual researcher. I have even heard reports on national news that there is no evidence of ET activity on Earth. There is literally tons of hard evidence and documentation (just a macabre example; tons of mutilated cattle where all the incisions are made ALONG THE CELL WALL of all the tissues). Governments get their hands on almost all of the hard evidence, but enough documentation remains for those who need proof. I have metal analysis and movie footage of ships (taken before computer imagining was possible), but such things very soon become uninteresting once you discover that there has been significant communication for years. What their ships look like is nothing of interest compared to what they say. They know much more about us than we do. They even know what the Yeti is. How about their views on the cosmos, creation, the nature of the universe, the purpose of life... If your investigation goes down the correct channels you will soon proceed beyond seeking proof to seeking knowledge and understanding. Unfortunately, the correct channels can be elusive. Misleading information can appear in apparently innocent forms. For example, I often hear that most sightings are reported by crackpots. It is true that crackpots usually report seeing spacemen and talking directly to God, but consider that it is very easy to determine the reputation of an individual. A UFO investigator can determine the reliability of a potential witness without packing a bag. You can be assured that only reliable people with good reputations are selected for thorough investigations. And only the most significant contacts are selected by genuine investigators to be made into a book. Nevertheless there are many books on the market produced by ordinary publishers who don't know what is significant and what is old hat. These book contain mundane reports and photographs that only propose that there was some kind of advanced vehicle in the air and do not relate any exchange of information. I hope you do not waste any time on books like these, ie. the Gulf Breeze Sightings. If you have been investigating the ET question for a while you have probably found enough evidence to convince you of the existence of ET activity on Earth. The most reasonable way to proceed from that point is to find an UFO investigator that you can trust. I selected Wendelle Stevens (UFO Photo Archives, Box 17206, Tucson, Az 85710 (602) 721-9037) partly because I have met and talked to him and he has gained my trust (everyone likes to think they are a good judge of character although I have been fooled in the past I learn and keep on believing what my heart tells me) and partly because I have heard very disturbing things about Bid Hopkins. Stevens and Hopkins are the two most famous investigators and they are both in very different camps. Lee and Brit Elders (Genesis III Publishing, Drawer 25962, Munds Park, Az. 86017, (602) 286-9419) have also been most helpful and I believe reliable, but they do not have as extensive information as Stevens has. Establishing credibility for any of these investigators can be tricky. I have heard that Hopkins has the backing of some very powerful organizations and is very conservative in his conclusions. I do know that he is the only author I have ever written it who did not reply. Stevens is more interested in bring out the truth despite those who want to keep such things quiet. Therefore, you are likely to come across attempts to discredit him. This is what makes getting at the truth so difficult. The odds are still in favor of the debunkers. After our government's program to debunk any ET reported activity was exposed in "Project Blue Book" by Stieger they had to develop a different method of operation. I believe that the governments method was to establish their own people as independent UFO investigators. These investigators would only verify contacts where no significant information was passed to the contactee. In this way the government could keep the general public unaware of the actual situation on Earth and at the same time make the investigator seem progressive because of the uninformative contacts he does verify. With undercover government support these investigators could become the most well known and influential. Once you decide to accept the credibility of an investigator you can contact them and ask them for a reading list. The following summary is an example of the kind of information that is available once you decide to accept an investigator like Stevens. I use this summary in booklet form to promote other booklets that I publish concerning alternative health care. The booklet contains a Table of Contents with page numbers and has the subject, which precedes most paragraphs, underlined, this makes it easer to find your way around (I recommend you do this and add page numbers to the table of Contents to your downloaded copy). I will send copies of the Pleiadian booklet to anyone for one dollar. It doesn't cover my expenses, but it is a nice even number and it gets my advertising out. If you want copies you can Write me at 83 Devonshire Ave #4, Mt. View, CA 94043. Aside from the black and white cover silhouette of a ship there are not photos in the booklet. Before I present the summary I would like to respond to a question that constantly comes up. Although I try and simply quote the messages from ET's, I would like to make an addition to their reasons as to why they do not open up communication with us. We are looked down upon as a perverted and corrupt group of humans whose fascination with material possessions and violence must not be allowed to spread to other worlds. Some civilizations that visit us consider our violent natures and selfishness so upsetting that they can not stand to be near us. Space travel is not difficult or time consuming and we actually have most of what is needed to start exploring the billions of stars that are literally hours away from us. If we found planets where the population was less developed, these people would be strongly influenced by our values. If ETs decided to contact some officials on Earth who could that be? Who would not beg them for help and knowledge that we are probably not ready for? Can you give better medical knowledge to a planet facing over population when they have not demonstrated reasonable birth control? Can you give a government better technology when war breaks out all over the globe? Can you give a better religion to people who would rather kill than try to understand another's religion? I think not. I believe that we will not be contacted in any official way until there is only one government. And that real space travel will remain surprisingly elusive until we become a much more civilized people. Sincerely, Paul Winter. Summary follows: PLEIADIANS Table of Contents SUMMARIZING THE BOOKS PROVING THE EXPERIENCE Why we didn't hear about it Why not go public? MEIER THE MAN WHAT TO BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT THEMSELVES About Erra THEIR SHIPS The Great Spacers THE GREAT VOYAGE Hyper-space OTHER EXTRATERRESTRIALS PLEIADIAN PHILOSOPHY Matter and Energy Universes and Creation Common and Spiritual Humans HUMAN SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION Reincarnation WHAT THE PLEIADIANS SAY ABOUT EARTH THE GREAT FLOOD Our life span Who Made Us DETAILS OF PLEIADIAN/EARTH HISTORY Time Line OVER THE NEXT MILLENNIA THE OUTSENT ONES RETURN The Destruction of Atlantis Bigfoot/Yeti Modern White Man White, Indian, Jew The Control Continues Arus's Son Jehov PLEIADIANS This is a summary of two books written by Eduard Meier. Meier claims that these books are word for word transcripts of conversations between himself and human like beings from a planet that orbits a star in the Pleiades constellation. The transcripts presented in the first two books cover the first 55 of his 115 meetings with these beings. This summary was prepared for the edification of my friends and colleagues. SUMMARIZING THE BOOKS The two 400 page books that document the conversations between the extraterrestrials and Meier, were transliterated from the original German conversations. Transliterated refers to the process of directly translating word for word without reconstructing phrases or expressions in order to adhere to the second language's rules and usage. The usual type of translation was attempted with three different translators but each effort contained too many interpretations that reflected the religious or philosophical inclination of the translator. As a result the usual type of translation was abandoned and the transliteration was printed. This makes the actual text of these books often difficult to understand. Therefore, the summarization technique of this booklet has been to quote the most significant Pleiadian statements and present them in a logical order. Any paraphrasing is clearly identified as such and kept to an absolute minimum. Warning: Keep an eye out for quotation marks that are not preceded by an identification, they indicate the beginning of a Pleiadian statement all of which are transliterations. If you have trouble understanding a statement, check to see if it is in quotes (indicating a Pleiadian statement). If it is then you must accept that complete and unambiguous understanding may not be possible. PROVING THE EXPERIENCE The Pleiadians have been able to assist Eduard Meier with many forms of proof of their contact with him. The different types of proof are as follows: 1) Three metal samples that, according to American metallurgists, are not producible by Earthly science. I have the results of the metallurgist's tests (they take up 9 pages!) the most interesting observations are as follows: A) Strange, very uniform grain pattern with a layer of horizontal grains sandwiched between layers of vertical grains again sandwiched between that and another horizontal grain, etc., in a tight 90 degree latticework. B) Association of non-metallic crystals of strange structure and extremely high conductivity for the elements. C) The ene-to-end formation of bond patterns on the crystal structure and the spiral assembly or stacking of the crystals in the non-metallic substance. 2) The clearest photographs ever recorded of flying disks, without visible wings or engines. An American UFO investigation group spent $60,000 (not including their own time and equipment) on outside independent computer analysis of three photos and found no evidence of tampering. 3) Movie footage of a disk flying around the top of a tall tree. The top branches move with the wind due to the passage of the ship while the lower branches remain calm. The area within 70' of either side of the 100' tall tree could be seen and was clear of any machine that could direct a concentrated blast of air anywhere near the tree. Any machine that could produce a pulse of forced air demonstrated on the film, from 70 feet, would have to be tremendous indeed. 4) Forty people in Meier's village, in conservative Switzerland, have come forward and verified the presence of flying disks in the skies in their area. 5) During a flight in a Pleiadian ship, Meier documented observations of geological and physical features under the cloud layers of Venus. These have never been seen by any telescope due to the perpetual clouds. His documentation was later verified by an American space probe that penetrated the cloud layers. Why we didn't hear about it. Among the active opponents to the belief in the existence of older, more advanced civilizations are the fundamental creationalists. One of these people claimed to have found a small model of a Pleiadian ship on Meier's farm. This is what apparently happened: Meier, from time to time, had some of his photos analyzed by computers. The analysis reported that the objects in the picture were indeed 7 meter wide craft suspended over valleys, forests, mountains.... without any wires or supporting devices present. (Remember this was in the mid 70's before computer manipulated photography was available.) This makes a very convincing proof since such a large object is literally impossible to photograph in a still condition when it is suspended over a significant height unless it has the ability to hover. (A small object over a lesser height can be photographed in a still condition by throwing it up and snapping the picture at the apex of its rise). However, Meier knew that the computer people could have learned of the craft's size from news releases made by his friends. Therefore, he had a couple of models made and used them to make "fake" photographs to see if the computer could really distinguish them from the real photographs. The computer analysis easily found the fake photos. The discrediting occurred because a member of Meier's group of friends was actually a creationalist plant who was looking for an opportunity to discredit him. This "friend" took the photos of the model and told the news media that he had seen the model that was used to make all the photos. The news media never asked Meier for his other photos or the computer analysis results but simply ran with the story. If you consider a news organization's concern for its own credibility, you will realize that they are more interested in disproving an ET contact than they are in supporting one. Consider the case of the crop circles in England: In an attempt to win money offered for an explanation, two old men claimed to have made the crop circles using string and cardboard. The news organizations quickly claimed that they had the explanation for the circles and thus made themselves appear very cleaver. A few days later the men confessed to their hoax. Almost a year later Time magazine ran their "Year in Review" where they, once again, reported that the crop circle were made by two of men with cardboard! In Meier's case the news organizations ran the story of the supposedly found model. Meier's nonaggressive and anti-materialistic nature combined during this situation and others to prevent the spread of his knowledge, but mostly because of the model he was conveniently labeled a fraud and vanished into obscurity. Modern computer analysis can determine the distance of an object from the camera (and therefore its size) if the photographer has another object of known distance in the field of view. Many of Meier's photos qualified for this analysis. The analyzed photos proved that the ships in his photos were 21 feet in diameter. Despite the success of the debunking campaign Meier's opponents were still not confident and attempted 17 assassinations. All failed due to warnings from the Pleiadians who are, reportedly, extremely psychic and who helped Meier increase his psychic sensitivity. Why not go public? The following quotes from the Pleiadians list a surprising number of reasons why their high council forbids them to publicly reveal themselves. (These first quotes from the Pleiadians will give you some idea of how differently they present their thoughts. This makes understanding them, sometimes, very difficult) 1) "Evidence then is only valid if founded on knowledge and recognition, which means only hard spiritual work enables real reasoning, but never only seeing." By this I believe that the Pleiadians are saying that the only way we will be able to obtain significant knowledge is to develop our spiritual skills, not by searching for physical evidence. The Pleiadians clearly want their contact with Earth, above all other effects, to generate spiritual growth. 2) "It is neither our nor your (Meier's) mission to remove from doubters and criticizers their spirit- obstructing activities." As we all know - you can not force people to evolve, mentally or spiritually - they must want it themselves. 3) "...or swamp over, within a short time, the world's dwellers by the truth, as such is not of use for our mission. Only small groups are suited... And by them the truth will slowly spread over generations and centuries to all of mankind. You ones are effecting only the basic preparation work". (Keep in mind that the Pleiadians live 1,000 years and have a hard time understanding our rush for the truth.) 4) "The present age of Aquarius demands thinking and spiritual evolution of the humans of Earth. This can not be achieved by seeing and listening with the physical organs, but only by reasoned thought. If we appeared officially in our beamships and spacecraft, the effect of deliberation and of thought would suffer, because the Earth human, in his present state of evolution, does no longer deliberate and search that which he can see with his own eyes and hear with his ears. Beyond the seeing and hearing, the interest is short-lived, because that soon becomes a natural event to him, and he no longer cares. What he knows no more interests him. His interest is only aroused by secrets for which he can hunt..." 5) From Asket (an extraterrestrial that works with the Pleiadians but is not from the Pleiades): "As a final observation, in Earth terms, we are further developed forms of life and no longer able to move in such levels of mind as Earth beings. This is not pretentious on our part but a law of Creation. It is the same with all forms of life - also with Earth humans. They as well, are no longer able to move within levels lower to them, thus they are not able to move in levels of these creatures who in Earth judgement are insane, but who in truth are only underdeveloped. For to adjust to all tasks in the existing laws of Creation, each world creates, in cooperation with the Universe, from time to time, each according to level of evolution, one or more creatures of advanced development through whom necessary facts may be transmitted. These higher developed creatures have been called Prophets on Earth, who unfortunately in their times, were almost without exception persecuted and pursued, which condition still has not changed (this has been born out by Meier's persecutions). And because this is the way it is, there is no necessity or intention to make ourselves further known to all." MEIER THE MAN Meier's History. Meier spent most of his life being prepared by the Pleiadians for the ordeal that would result from being their spokesperson. He was born in 1937. The Pleiadians showed him one of their large ships (a disk 2 to 3 football fields in diameter) when he was 5 years old. They soon started telepathic communication of advice and guidance. At six he was taken for a short ride in a ship during which very little conversation was exchanged. At age eight the telepathic messages informed him that he was to be prepared for an important mission, if he was willing. Soon he was taken for a 4 hour ride, during which he was told that the telepathic instructions had educated and evolved him to the intelligence and spiritual awareness of a 35 year old man. During that ride he was told many things and also had an instrument placed on his head about which he explained, "and suddenly I realized great things inside of me. ...inside of me a great knowledge, recognitions of many kinds of old and new things." The Pleiadian informed him that the machine had awakened abilities that had been developed inside of Meier at an earlier time. Consider that it must be very difficult for Pleiadians who have spiritually evolved far beyond us, to communicate with beings such as us. We are motivated by things that they must view with disdain. They have educated Meier to think and relate to them like no Earth Human is likely to. It is interesting to note that Meier didn't attend school very often and didn't even start high school although he speaks a number of languages including English. Meier's travels. Under Pleiadian guidance Meier embarked on extensive Earth bound travels designed to toughen him for the ordeal that lay ahead. He was led through many adversities in Africa and across the Indian Ocean to India where he made his living as a snake catcher, a beggar, and an aesthetic. In India he made his way to an Ashram, north of Delhi, where he studied and meditated. There an extraterrestrial named Asket (not Pleiadian but working with them) contacted him many times. He photographed her ship on a number of occasions, sometimes in front of hundreds of witnesses. WHAT TO BELIEVE Throughout this writing I will occasionally summarize what the Pleiadians said without continuously stating: "Meier said that they said." This might make it appear that I believe everything that the extraterrestrials say is the truth. That is not correct. I believe it is reasonable to doubt some of the Pleiadians statements because of the following: 1) It seems that they want us to advance our spiritual awareness, yet they actively withhold information from Meier. They also give Meier information which he is not allowed to pass on to anyone else. If this information was released many lives could have been saved, but it was still withheld. They have also expressed dread concerning our attainment of space flight and the resultant dissemination of our materialism and religious beliefs to unsuspecting civilizations (those of lower advancement than us, who we may encounter). 2) I believe that they are still trying to influence us and consider us to be so far beneath themselves that we may not deserve the truth or that we may not be ready for the truth. When I try to determine the truth as I read their words I follow my own feelings and sometimes compare what they say to things I have learned elsewhere. I would recommend that you keep in mind the above information as you try to determine the truth in what the Pleiadians are telling us. If you do buy the books that contain the conversations (publishers address and prices are at the back of this booklet) keep in mind that they are difficult to understand and that the many apparent contradictions you may first find, will tend to disappear after careful study. One thing I do believe is that Eduard Meier is telling us the truth as he knows it and that he is reporting his conversations accurately. After reading about his lifestyle - extremely anti-materialistic, well- traveled, self educated, family man, relentlessly hounded by curiosity seekers but slow to anger - I find it very hard to believe that he would continue in a fraud especially since he had been persecuted, arrested, abused, and nearly destroyed in every imaginable manner. WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT THEMSELVES Their History. Theirs is an ancient civilization that has had space travel for 230,000 years. Their original planet is actually in the direction of the Orion constellation. They colonized three planets in the Pleiades constellation about 1500 years after achieving space travel. Semjase, Meier's main contact, is from one of these planets called Erra, which is 500 light years from Earth. They are part of a "union" of planets that comprise 50 billion souls. Each planet is like one of our countries and has an executive institution which accepts advice from the "High Council" which resides on a special planet and consists of beings that are cross-dimensional (spirit/material). About Erra. Population - 400 million humans. There is peace and security, but no money. If you need something you just go to the place that has it and it is given to you. This trip is rarely necessary since every household is self sufficient. The least educated person had 70 years of schooling. The expected life span is 1000 - 1200 Earth years, which is normal for humans who are not exposed to a sun such as we are. Who They Are The Pleiadians claim to be the highest evolved creatures that travel to Earth and are 1340 years more evolved than the next highest humans that visit Earth. They also claim that they are our forefathers. They evolved many thousands of years before us because their solar system is much older than ours. In the distant past they visited Earth frequently and were known to the majority of the Earth population as "Heavenly Sons". There was regular communication and even trade. Throughout Earth history the Pleiadians started a number of their own civilizations on Earth but they all failed. They left Earth because of the effects of the Great Flood which greatly reduced their life span. About Humans. The human life form is a form that often evolves on planets that can support life, although there are many different types of intelligent life forms. Some of these life forms are extremely different from human. Some are closer to plant forms than animal. THEIR SHIPS Although their explorer class ships, which they call beam ships, are very small (21 feet in diameter) they contain a tremendous amount of equipment: 1) Sublight drive - the propulsion system to accelerate the ship up to lightspeed. 2) Hyperdrive - the propulsion system that pushes the ship into hyperspace (this occurs at the speed of light but not automatically and is disastrous if not performed properly). Billions of light years can be crossed in seconds when a ship enters hyperspace. 3) A protective screen system that pushes atmosphere and interstellar dust away from the ship without any effect on the ship. In this way they can fly near light speed in our atmosphere and not burn up. 4) Devices that not only make the ship invisible to radar but also to the human eye. They have such control over light waves that they can make the ship visible to one person, through a narrow corridor, but not visible to a person standing a few feet away. 5) An artificial gravity machine which allows them to always feel as if they are standing on their planet despite 100 G turns or the zero gravity of space. 6) Computers that they communicate with telepathically. This is accomplished by their control over genetics which allows them to create any life form they wish. For their computers they created an animal that has a brain/machine interface and is capable of living inside their computers. They communicate with the animal's mind telepathically and the animal then communicates with the computer. 7) Some of the ships also contain devices that allow them to penetrate portals into different time tracks. Near the Bermuda triangle are two such portals. One connects to many millions of years back in time - to when dinosaurs roamed Earth. The other connects to our future only 140 years from now. Meier went into the old Earth world and took photos. The Trip To Earth The pleiadians travel here from Erra (500 light years) in less than 1 hour. It takes them from 7 to 40 minutes (depending on the ship they are using) to get away from planetary masses and to reach near light speed at which point they jump into "hyper-space". A hyper-space jump of 500 light years takes less then 1 second. The Great Spacers. For missions requiring multiple ships or a larger contingent of explorers and support equipment, the Pleiadians have a ship that can store hundreds of explorer class beamships and support thousands of humans. Meier was taken on a great voyage in such a ship. This ship measured 13 miles in diameter! THE GREAT VOYAGE At one point Meier was told to prepare to be away from home for a couple of days. He was then flown to a great spacer and started on a tremendous voyage that began with a visit to the Pleiadian home world. After this short hyper-space "jump" Meier was left with an impression of a very pleasant experience. After flying around Erra and returning to the Great Spacer Meier prepared to make the great voyage. The Pleiadians instructed him to sit at a machine that would record his thoughts. This was done so he would not have to remember his impressions during the next jump which was to be 7 minutes in hyper- space! The distance of such a jump is beyond conception. The Pleiadians said they had jumped a distance of 960 X 10 to the 33th power light years! (One light year is 1.6 billion miles, at the present time our instruments in orbit have only been able to detect galaxies 14 X 10 to the 9th light years away.) This jump was to the edge of the galaxy that is the furthest from the center of the concentration of galaxies in our universe. Meier and the Pleiadians went to the edge of this galaxy because it is the location of a portal to another universe. The Pleiadians had business with humans from this other universe. Hyper-space. The seven minute jump made Meier and the other humans on the great spacer so sad that there was a few minutes of hugging and consoling immediately after the jump. This sadness is due to the fact that the feelings that one has during hyper-space are so overwhelmingly wonderful that leaving hyper- space is experienced as a tremendous loss. Meier's record of his thoughts (in part) as he looks out of the ship at the heavens during this long jump are as follows: " fantastic, heavens and stars change. In a fraction of a second they are nothing more than a whitish milky mass...then there is darkness...suddenly all is merging into a golden color, and now everything is like silver. By, my dear, this glistening light, this beaming shining splendor!... Dear, this must be eternity the glistening light of eternal...but see, there is nothing besides the eternity; man alive how marvelous! Marvelous? Man alive, that is itself marvelous. Eternity and marvelousness are one and the same. Only why do I separate it? Why do I put the eternity into terms of time? Time does not exist, and the eternity is marvelous, Man, just what is this? This tranquility, this peace - what is it? How could I have achieved this? Love, oh that deep all encompassing love. Nothing is there but love: wonderful, marvelous. Oh yes, I am, but I am not. Everything is so deep, and full of love. Of course, I am eternity, and I am inside of eternity. How could I ever forget this? Oh, yes, I am a human being, how can I...why do I forget that? I am only a guest in eternity and those loving voices, calling for me, from where is it coming?...Who is calling me? I see nothing; man alive, I am nothing any more. I can't see myself. I am eternity, in eternity..." After the jump Semjase said, "We have all been inside the timelessness, and would all like to stay there. But we are not ready to stay, because we have to absolve the way of evolution step-by-step as you also must do, dear friend. I know quite well, how painfully your heart aches now, as we all have experienced the same thing." OTHER EXTRATERRESTRIALS The Pleiadians report that over 100 races of aliens have visited Earth. There are also seven races that maintain bases on Earth. One of these bases is located on Mt. Shasta, which has been the sight of many UFO observations. These aliens occasionally visit the towns in the neighboring area and are known by their long, curly, golden hair. PLEIADIAN PHILOSOPHY Their philosophy is full of spiritualism and recognizes that science can not be fully understood if separated from spirit. They believe in a force that they call Creation. Every living thing has a part of this Creation within it and it is what ensouls them and it never dies. In the case of animals and humans, it returns again and again to the same planet. In the case of humans it evolves, spiritually, up until the last perfection. Matter and Energy."The Universe consists of matter or energy. Both terms, energy and matter, represent basically one and the same, but precisely in their separate forms: fine-material and coarse material. Coarse- material is matter; fine-material is energy...matter is the embodiment of idea. As energy, the matter is fine- material, and as matter, just highly concentrated and condensed. One can generate both kinds by apparatus, which you already do in different ways, Normally they are generated quite naturally, that is by spiritual force, which is proceeded by idea, The basic source for this is The Creation, a vast spiritual reservoir, a factor which again embodies the original energy. From it rises idea. The force of spirit then (which and who again embodies energy) condenses and concentrates the idea to fine-material energy, which then by still higher concentration becomes coarse-material, or matter." To clarify this statement Meier asked, "This in fact, the whole Universe is, inside and out, only of fine-material and coarse-material energy (which is) compressed and concentrated idea?" Semjase's reply was, "Certainly." Universes and Creation. "Wonders upon wonders are hidden within the kingdom of spirit. The visible universe with which the human being occupies himself (consciously) is only a small spot within this marvelous, unlimited, spiritual existence Creation. Universes like this one are in the innumerable millions within the infinite spiritual existence of The Creation, What is visible to the physical eyes of a human being represents only a dot in infinity. What is not visible to man's eyes is immeasurable, inconceivable, and unthinkable, confusing his human intelligence and capacity. All the universe he sees is only a simple one of many such, which must be counter in myriads, because there do exist universes inside of universes, universes opposite universes, universes above universes, universes below universes and universes outside of universes, in this first cause, mighty, all-powerful intelligence existing within The Creation. And with this immense spirit, with these original forces of existence, of Creation, the spiritual intelligence of the human being is connected, because a fraction of this spiritual intelligence of The Creation lives in every human being as spirit, and ensouls him." Common and Spiritual Humans. "Milliards of human beings look up at the stars in the heavens without real cognition. Yet astronomers, when they look up at the heavens, discover whole new worlds and write books about them, What they see and recognize, the others do not see, at all and they do not understand, even if they look in the same place. Although their eyes see they are blind. This is similar to the difference in view point between a common and a spiritual human being; the one who lives from spiritual and Creational law, sees and recognizes all around, within each form of life, all objects, each thought and act, within each creature, within all nature, and also in all conceivable circumstances and events, The Creation. "The human being is always spiritually great and constructive. The Spirit, the spring of all the infinite Creational build-up, is the innermost character of the human being itself. The outer human being is full of limitations, because this is not him, but only his frame, his material body of limitation, of mis- leading matter, a font of labor and pain, limited in cognition and will. When the outer being looks materially at his inner being, he sees little but the form and figure. Yet, if he looks with the spiritual eyes of cognition, and he knows that this all-revealing consciousness in him is also in all others, even though they do not know it, then his manner changes fundamentally as he considers his fellow creature. He then no longer simply looks at a man, a woman, or a child, but sees the other as a carrier of Spirit, which knows all about itself and its existence, and wants to reveal itself to everyone if only the chance were offered. A human being can be deprived of all his possessions and be exiled from his homeland, but from his inner spirit no one can exile him. "So the human being should always be conscious of this Creational Part, without which he could not take one breath - could not generate one thought, without which he could neither recognize or see, hear or experience. Thus the great wise ones of all times say: "The Creation spirit is nearer the creature than his own breath." "The spirit can live without the light of physical eyes, ears arms, legs, even without outer reason and consciousness. But always there is the Creational force behind all. The more light his spiritual intellect receives, the more his personality gains force. He becomes aware of the past and the future, which shape his eternal present. The whole spiritual realm is visible to those who can look inside and understand the Creation present in all. The human being is separated one from another in space, but connected to all in The Creation. If he does not know The Creation, he can be misled and deceived by false doctrines. A human being in contact with his Creation realizes himself everywhere in space and time, and within all matter. He is everything within himself, and can awaken to The Creational in everything and affect it by recognition and experience." HUMAN SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION Reincarnation. Humans evolve through seven main periods. Each of the seven main periods are divided up into seven sub-periods. Earth humans are now between periods 2 and 3 depending on their spiritual advancement. I will sum up each of the seven periods by listing the more descriptive sub-periods in each. I suspect that Semjase has had her work cut out for her to attempt to translate highly advanced spiritual concepts from their language to German. I would imagine that their language has developed along with a very high regard for spiritual matters and therefore has many words that do not have any counterparts in German. Note: The sub-periods (indicated by *) are listed in order of advancement and that each step to the next sub-period can represent many lifetimes. This is all a direct quote from Semjase: 1) Primary Life * Primary development of intellect and spirit - humans of this level are considered insane, or idiots, but they are merely new spirits who have to first form themselves. Insanity can also be caused by damaged bodies and the confusion that results can affect the spirit for future lifetimes. 2) Reasoned Life * Primary development of reason. * Primary acknowledgement of higher influences. * Belief in higher influences without having the knowledge. * Belief in higher forces, superstition, fear of evil, veneration of God - germinating time for religions. * Primary cognition of the true reality. Research, knowledgeable development, first spiritual cognitions and their exercise. Spiritual healing, telepathy (present position of the average Earth human). * Primary development of knowledge and wisdom. 3) Intellect Life * Advanced development of intellect, high technology, second utilization of spiritual forces, primary creation of living forms. * Realization and exercise of knowledge, truth, and wisdom, slow breakdown of accepted beliefs (a few Earth spiritual scientists are at this level). * Acknowledgement and utilization of nature's laws, generation of super technologies, second creation of living forms. * Natural exercise of wisdom and knowledge in the cognition of spiritual forces. 4) Real Life * Clear knowledge about reality as absolutely real. * Utilization of spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom. * Cognition of the reality of the Creation and its laws. * Living according to Creational law. Purification of spirit and intellect. * Creation of first living creatures. 5) Creational Life * Creating and controlling of life forms. * Construction of mechanical/organic living things. * Spiritual development of forces for control of material and organic forms of life. * Will conditioned mastery of life in all its forms and sorts. * Reminiscences of earlier lifetimes. 6) Spiritual Life * Acknowledgement and realization of Spiritual Peace, universal love and creational harmony. * Living according to pure Spiritual knowledge. * Spiritual creating and creations. * Dis-embodying of spirit from organic matter. * First pure spiritual existence. * Final spiritual existence. * Passing over into Creational consciousness. 7) Creational Life * Twilight sleeping during seven periods of rest - this is a tremendous period of time, about 2100 trillion years, during which the whole universe (although apparently not others) ceases to exist. During the twilight sleep there is neither time nor space. All lies inside the infinite bosom of Creation and null-time. After its awakening it begins to create all things anew. * Creating of living forms. * Creating of new spirit in improvement of the Creation. Final Development. When discussing longevity with Meier, Semjase said, "...a human may become some thousand, or even hundreds of thousands, years old when he reaches a certain level of spiritual development and evolution. But beyond this state, the spirit no longer needs a material body. He then does live in pure spirit and within such high spheres that one can no longer communicate with him from this level. WHAT THE PLEIADIANS SAY ABOUT EARTH Our Moon or Why They Became Interested In Earth. About 230,000 years ago, before the migration to the Pleiades, a comet came through the Heavenly Sons original solar system (not the Pleiades), killed two thirds of their population, and caused the destruction of one of that systems planets. Some pieces of that planet joined the comet and some fell into their sun but one large piece flew off into interstellar space. They kept tabs on its path and noticed that it was eventually entered a solar system and was captured by a planet. The planet turned out to be habitable and actually had an aboriginal race of humans developing within its beautiful landscapes. That planet was our Earth. This is an explanation for the fact that when the moon rocks, taken during our moon landings, were examined they were found to be millions of years older than the Earth. THE GREAT FLOOD The cause. In the year 8104 BC a large comet came very close to Earth and very nearly destroyed it. The results of this close encounter were worldwide catastrophes and a shift in Earth's orbit. One of the catastrophes is today called the Great Flood. Before the comet came, Earth had a 40 hour day and was closer to the sun but protected from the sun's radiation by a very thick cloud envelope. When the orbit was shifted away from the sun the cloud envelope was made to precipitate due to the drop in temperature and we had 40 days and 40 nights of rain. The theory that the Great Flood was caused by the precipitation of a cloud envelope has been proposed by scientists, but the problem with the theory was that there was no explanation for the planetary change in temperature. Our life span. With the loss of the protective cloud layer we were exposed to lethal amounts of our sun's radiation and our life span was greatly reduced. From the biblical age of 600 - 900 years to its present value. Revisits. This comet has a period of 575 years. The last time it came close to Earth was in 1680, but that passing was not close due to the Earth's position relative to the sun. It will come dangerously close once again in 2255. The presence of this comet explains many physical features about our Earth such as the large coal deposits which result from huge amounts of vegetation being crushed deep beneath the surface - something that could only occur from forces of an interplanetary scale. Other great disturbances that could only be created by interplanetary forces and which Earth seems to have many suggests a regular occurrence of planetary disturbance such as a comet: An Amazonian Inland Sea was emptied into the Atlantic as shown by the black silt hundreds of feet deep that stretch too far into the ocean to be caused by the Amazon River. The Gobi Sea was emptied into the Arctic Sea and large islands in the Atlantic, the Indian, and the Pacific Oceans completely disappeared. More information about these disturbances can be found in Man, Whence, How and Whither by Leadbeater. Venus. The Pleiadians also claim that this comet pulled a planet into our solar system where our sun captured it and it became the second planet from the sun - Venus. Our scientists have already noted that Venus exhibits unusual properties which suggest it was a recent capture and not part of our original solar system. Who Made Us. The Pleiadians claim that they created the Earth's white race which was a combination of the aboriginal race on Earth and their own race. Other races on Earth are from other solar systems. They are the result of either attempted colonization, "prison planet" exiles or stranded explorers. One group of stranded space travelers has maintained a fairly pure race and lives in Western China. A book has been written about them entitled Sun Gods In Exile by Caryl Robins-Evans, published in England by Nevil Spearman in 1978. DETAILS OF PLEIADIAN/EARTH HISTORY The following time line was created by me to assist in following the chain of events as described in the text of this section. The dates around 200,000 are approximate. Time Line 230,000 BC - A comet almost destroyed the Pleiadians original home planet and sent a large piece of another planet towards our solar system. 229,100 BC - Heaven's Sons start to build their interstellar empire, Earth eventually came under their control, 228,600 BC - The Empire is thrown into war, Asael escapes with 360,000 humans and settles in the Pleiades. 228,200 BC - Pleiadians start to explore the galaxy, get involved with Earth again. ??? - Earth's Own Civilization lasts some thousands of years but destroyed itself. 50,000 BC - War on the Pleiades, 70,000 Pleiadians flee to Earth under Pelegon, 10,000 year civilization, a deadly war ends it and all Pleiadians flee. 33,000 BC - Descendants of the Pelegon era who settled on far distant planets return to Earth, build Atlantis and Mu, 20,000 years peace. 13,000 BC - War, many but not all flee, some - the Outsent Ones, flee to a nearby planet (not in Pleiades) 11,000 BC - The Outsent ones return to Earth, attack and destroy Atlantis, many Pleiadians return home. 8,104 BC - The great flood. The Outsent ones are still in control of Earth but now take a "behinds the scenes" role, Arus dies, Jehov takes over. 160 BC - Jehov dies, Kamagol I then Kamagol II lead the Outsent ones now known as the Thule Society or the Gizeh Intelligence. Pleiadian Space Empire 229,100 BC. Nine hundred years after the comet almost destroyed their original home planet the inhabitants of that planet started building giant spaceships with hyper-space ability and started to explore many solar systems. They called themselves "Heaven's Sons" (I will use this term to distinguish them from the current Pleiadians who are actually their dependents). Where Heaven's Sons found civilizations, they conquered them in one sided battles using nuclear bombs. The inhabitants became subjects of Heaven's Sons but on most planets their rule was never completely accepted. Semjase indicated that Earth was one of these originally conquered planets. About these planets she said "...having become tired of the Godly scientists, the oppressed people rose up against them, at first by silent revolution. Oppressed by the spiritual forces and the greater knowledge of Heaven's Sons, the nations were forced to bow in subjugation to their rulers. But their will for freedom inspired them to prepare secretly for a battle." Semjase further indicated that Heaven's Sons have a history of placing themselves in a position as Gods and requiring something like worship. The Empire Breaks. When the wars started they spread to many planets and some were destroyed (apparently Earth was abandoned sometime during these wars). A scientist named ASAEL took this chance to make himself independent and to flee. Secretly he succeeded in taking possession of a large fleet and fled under heavy war activity. They flew for many years through space until one day they encountered a sun-system in the Pleiades which offered life-developing possibilities for them far from their home system. They settled there and three hundred years passed before they started to explore the universe again. Earth Revisited. These explorers, now from the Pleiades, eventually returned to Earth, long after the Heaven's Sons from the original empire had left. They established a second civilization on Earth but struggle for control broke out again and once more they left Earth. OVER THE NEXT MILLENNIA During this tremendous time span, Earth was continually watched and controlled, to some extent through expeditions from the Pleiades. Through these long years the Pleiadians, as well as other extraterrestrials, occasionally attempted to settle Earth. Some Earth/Alien civilization grew large but with growth there was always an increasing struggle for power and wars would break out and the advanced aliens with their space travel would flee to their home worlds. Behind they would leave the less intelligent aborigines who would eventually resort back into savagery. However, there appears to be one exception: Earth's Own Civilization. Semjase is not clear on this, but it seems that an Earth human race developed a culture of its own during this time. This civilization existed some thousands of years but was eventually destroyed due to the usual thirst for power. 50,000 BC War on the Pleiades. During this time a war broke out in the Pleiades and some 70,000 Pleiadians fled to Earth where they settled. Their leader was named Pelegon. 10,000 Year Civilization. Pelegon maintained tight control through his nearly 200 sub-rulers. This civilization lasted 10,000 years and extended into all the Earthly continents. Eventually struggles for power caused a deadly war to rage all over Earth. Without exception all was destroyed and only a few thousand humans survived on Earth, while others fled in space ships, some of which settled distant worlds. The Next Great Civilization 33,000 to 13,000 BC. For 7,000 years no Pleiadians returned to Earth and the aboriginal humans left behind became completely wild. Around 33,000 BC descendants of the Pelegon era who settled on distant worlds returned (Other books I have read indicate that this is about the same period, according to archeological findings, that the first signs of Cro-Magnon man, or modern man, suddenly emerged). They built on Atlantis and Mu and created great cities. For 20,000 years they lived in friendship and peace. Around 13,000 BC a few scientists became overcome by the old thirst for power and tried to seize the government. Once again many Pleiadians fled but this time to a neighboring solar system and were, from then on, known as the "Outsent Ones". On Earth the civilization continued to some extent. Evil in a 2,000 year Exile. The Outsent Ones that fled the last great Earth civilization might have done better by remaining on Earth. On their new planet they fell under an evil order and strict control. By mutation and their sciences they extended their life spans to some thousands of years. (One can only imagine the fear of assassination and rebellion that their leaders must have lived under. I believe that, as a result, the leaders became obsessed with obedience and control of their subjects and that this mindset remains with them today.) By the year 11,000 BC their thirst for power led them back to Earth. Negative Earth. All the attempts to establish a civilization on Earth had ended in bloody war. Therefore, the Pleiadians began to believe that there is a negative force that surrounds Earth. When they had evolved to the point where they could detect such forces they became convinced that this was true. THE OUTSENT ONES RETURN The Destruction of Atlantis. Upon their return, in 11,000 BC, the Outsent Ones settled in the "high north" and in the area of Florida from where they continuously attacked Atlantis and Mu, eventually destroying them. Many people from the defeated areas moved to the Pleiades. Those that did not escape were forced into servitude. Even after the victory their leader, Arus, "The Barbarian", led a severe and bloody regime. Arus had a group of sub-leaders who, against Arus' orders, captured wild Earth aboriginal women and mutations (who were distant descendants of former humans from cosmic space) and mated with them. This, combined with genetic engineering resulted in the creation of new races and species. Bigfoot/Yeti. One of the gigantic creatures that was the result of this breeding spree is still alive today because of the longevity knowledge that these evil people learned during their exile. Semjase claims that the Yeti have a life span of 15,000 years and that there are seven living in the world today, but in very remote locations. She also reported that we did indeed record, on movie file, an authentic female. I believe I saw this film as a "short" before the main feature in a movie theater sometime during the 1960s. The documentary showed some short footage of a female standing up and running/trotting away. This is also how Semjase described the film. If you saw the footage then you have seen a true bigfoot. Modern White Man. The highest sub-leader under Arus found a beautiful female Eva (Earth aboriginal) and mated with her. The resultant male offspring was of pleasing form. He was called Adam. A second child was born - this time a female. In later years they were mated to each other. Thus was the start of our caucasian race. White, Indian, Jew. When Arus found out about this interbreeding he was furious, because he originally forbid it. Although he killed many of his sub-leaders, Arus took into his control three races of humans who emerged from this breading: Caucasian, Indians (I assume Asian), and Jews. He placed himself above them and allowed himself to be venerated and adored. He imposed harsh and severe laws and demanded blood when there was any disobedience. His ruthless demand for complete control and obedience was the result of the fear of assassination and war that his society had lived under for centuries. There was no devious scheme or manipulation they would not use to keep control over Earth's population, even though at the time we were still extremely backward. Currently, our peaceful development and increased spiritual awareness pose very real threats to them. The Control Continues. During the research for his book, Gods Of Eden, an historian, William Bramley, set out to find a third party activity or group that may have been contributing to the excessive high occurrence of wars on our planet. What he found made him so discouraged that, on a number of occasions, he stopped writing his book. He felt that no one would believe him. However, the evidence was too convincing (his book is 600 pages and he claims that it is only the tip of the iceberg!) and he returned to his writing. Bramley found evidence of the influence of the Outsent ones in many government and civic organizations and suddenly the government's reaction to UFOs starts to make sense. Bramley gave the Outsent ones a functional name: The Custodial Society or Custodial Forces. As the name implies Bramley proposes that they consider the Earth their possession and that they create Machiavellian (divide and control under cover) activities and establishments to insure that they will keep their silent control over it. Reduced Extraterrestrial Population. At some point in time the descendants of the Outsent Ones became secluded, moved underground, and only interacted with Earth humans "behind the scenes". I assume that this happened at the time of the great flood (8,000 BC) and was mostly due to the dangers of exposing themselves to our unprotected sun. Arus's Son Jehov. Jehov took over command from his father but he was an even worse ruler, demanding blood and death from the Earth races for any disobedience. Semjase called Jehov the "unjust and cruel one" and agrees with Meier that by his order he allowed the bestial slaughter of many Earth humans and that he demanded "unhesitatingly, innocent human blood ...and coerced innumerable human beings towards damage..." (I understand this to mean spiritual damage). His motivation was a desire to "subject the Earth's creatures". My understanding is that he desired to feel the power that comes from having people regard him as great and powerful and following his directions on a large scale. The method he used to accomplish this was to cause confusion and then fear, fear of retribution if his way was not followed. Jehov died only 2160 years ago (do not forget these descendants of the Outsent Ones had mastered longevity and protected themselves from our sun's damage), but his followers keep his tradition and, according to the Pleiadians, are active today. Jehov's Successor Kamagol I. Kamagol I was put down by his own son Kamagol II who rules today. His group is known by many names among them: the Thule Society and the Gizeh Intelligence. It seems like paranoia but Semjase claims that a large number of these descendants of the Outsent Ones are still active today. They are considered by the Pleiadians to be evil and the cause of many atrocities which have resulted in the loss of millions of humans during our history. The Gizeh inspire these aggressions supposedly to spread their control (divide and control). The Pleiadians wish very much to remove the Gizeh, but unfortunately their bases are underground and the Gizeh have been able to screen themselves and their activities from Pleiadian detection. The Thule Society first appeared openly in pre-Hitler Germany and helped put Hitler in power. Nazi doctrine clearly stated that it was their goal to prepare the world to be ruled by ET supermen who lived underground and were the creators of the Aryan race. More can be learned about the Thule Society and other "Brotherhood" activities in William Bramley's book, The Gods of Eden. Insurance. Evidence of extraterrestrial contact is constantly being lost or stolen. The organizations that the Gizeh have promoted are full of well meaning people who are most likely responsible for this destruction of evidence. It is clear that the Gizeh have much to lose if the idea of extraterrestrial activity becomes widely accepted. If the Gizeh do exist then they would have been working hard to convince us that belief in their existence is foolishness. Is there a way to detect this effort? Perhaps there is. If Meier's evidence proves that a benevolent extraterrestrial group does exist, why do we scoff at the thought of a self-serving extraterrestrial group? Is it not actually more believable? Nevertheless we resist believing in either of these groups in an unusually strong way. Why? Have we been the victims of the ultimate manipulators of all time? How can we tell if they have influenced us? Perhaps this is a way - examine our own reactions. Do we react quickly and strongly (on an emotional level) to stories of UFO and extraterrestrials when our usual method of judgment is careful reasoning and examination of the reported facts? SOME GOOD NEWS Ashtar Sheran. Many people have heard this name in regards to channeling. He often establishes telepathic contact with channel type Earth humans. In actuality he is the cousin of Kamagol II. His main mission had been to unconsciously lead different groups of humans beings of Aryan descent (in Germany, America, Argentina and Brazil) on a certain course that would assist the plans of Kamagol II. Fortunately Ashtar Sheran has had a change of heart according to Quetzal, a Pleiadian who reported the following to Meier (I sympathize with the reader regarding the writing style, but this is an actual quote and you must decide what this Pleiadian means.): "...but in the course of time Ashtar Sheran achieved many cognitions and changed his behavior. Whereas hitherto he only acted according to the plans of Kamagol II, he now unnoticeably changed his tactic and influenced his first line of hosts (descendants of the Outsent Ones) which he needed. Step by step he obtained their confidence and they acknowledged him as their actual leader. So it was easy for him to join step by step into the obtained recognitions of the truth, and also to deal with them with the knowledge of his host. In his agreement they separated from the command of Kamagol II and transmit his messages to different Earth human beings. But because he is still not fully conscious of the truth, contradictions arise which must be taken into account. Nevertheless his messages are mainly of very true matters and give enjoyment. For reasons of security for his host and himself he gives unclear and not entirely correct information in certain concerns, which is excusable. So as well the information from him about where he stays is not correct, but still does not injure his achieved love for the truth. It is for this security for him and his people that they do not extend themselves into conflicts with the hosts of Kamagol II. Despite all of our abilities we have not found out his place of stay. Evidently he and his people have received by some circumstance very advanced knowledge of security means, which they exercise, and which with all our possibilities we are not able to explore. But this is not important, because such events happen often, when single groups separate themselves from a tyranny and search for the way of truth. So Ashtar Sheran may stay with his people in a distant star system, or even in another dimension, where they are absolutely safe from Kamagol's reach. Nevertheless they are able to come for their task because their spiritual and technical capabilities are able to overcome all distance in space and time." AVAILABLE (sometimes) BOOKS & VIDEOS (prices are old but close) Books. The two 400 page books with the contact notes (conversations) that were used to make this summary (they include a few black and white pictures): Message From the Pleiades Volumes One and Two - $38 each. Two large (12" x 12") "coffee table" type color photo books of 70 pages of 100 lb enamel stock - very good photo quality paper, are also available pending publishers supply: Contact From the Pleiades Vol I and II - $55 each. VIDEOS. 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