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(9) 25 Mar 94 02:00:00 Sent: Sat 26 Mar 0:32 By: Adam Sterling To: Glenda Stocks Re: FRancesca St: Rcvd Sent In transit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: 11:13 pm Tue Mar 1, 1994 Number : 31 of 41 From: Francesca Thoman Base : Dreams,Pastlives & Reincar To : All Refer #: None Subj: Dead Celebrity Society Replies: None Stat: Sent Origin : 03-01-94 21:10 OBEHON IN "SPIRIT SPEAKS" MAGAZINE (c) 1993 FRANCESCA THOMAN FOR ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION ONLY ALL OTHER RIGHTS RESERVED DEAD CELEBRITIES AND FAMOUS PEOPLE ALBERT EINSTEIN The changeful nature of scientific data and the results of scientific studies has more to do with the nature of the consensus agreements of what we call reality than science itself. From my new perspective, I have seen these consensus choices in action, like great tides of thought illumined by feeling, by great swells of feeling guided by thought. In the great rush and roar, I can see where you hamper yourselves, and limit your realities. When you confuse your models of reality (your beliefs) with reality, then the process of choice immediately becomes unconscious. You can no longer choose those beliefs freely. Rather, they shape your experience directly. And then, when reality changes on its own because of its own inner workings and its own desires, then you hang on to the status quo with panic strength, because you feel it is reality itself which is dissolving, instead of your constructs of it. Your moments of experience are fed into your conscious minds in rhythms as arbitrary and limited as a sequence of film taken with a strobe light, with the lighted images only later strung together into an apparently coherent whole. "Over," "under," "around" and "inside" your present reality are countless others, coexisting, and as arbitrarily separated from yours with the same staccato sequences of consciousness, only at a different rhythm. If I had been able to reach a little further into the meanings of human perception, I would have seen these other possibilities more. The physicists of your time call them "dimensions," and speak of dimensions which fold inside one another, impossibly fitting "inside" an "interior" space which is larger than the "outer" space of the lesser dimensions. I have seen these myself, and were I to go to work with these, I would not only use human experience as one of my tools, I would search first in the implications of the quantized nature of experience. The "instantaneous" communication of one molecule with another, which shocked many physicists when it was first presented, is easy to understand when the nature of our reality is understood, not as it appears (the film of the strobed images), but as it can be discovered. The "instantaneous" communication, and "Cosmic Consciousness" are examples of the same phenomenon, only one is perceived through an artificial objectivity, and the other directly, in the universe of the human mind. Similarly, the "dimensions" of paranormal, prophetic, psychic, and exalted states represent the mind's methods of perceiving the "unfilmed" information, the dancing images that continue in the darkness between the strobe's flashes. Had I been a bit more patient, I would have realized that objectivity is an illusion -- it is not what it seems. Objectivity usually means that the same information which could have been received freely, easily, and with creativity, must find hidden, devious channels through which to rise to consciousness instead. In other words, a dependence on objectivity can lessen the amount of data actually received. You are not separate from what you experience. That is the greatest physics I know. REVEREND MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. If we believe that humankind is basically evil, then surely only violence can keep it in check. But I tell you it is not so. The tremendous fire of human desire becomes emotionally similar to plutonium only if it is abused. The yearning of the whole man becomes the warped power of psychoses, mayhem and despair only when the whole human self is not permitted expression. The black man and the other races about whom the white man feels guilt have taken on the white man's shadow. The shadow is the weight of those same guilts, and the very honesty which the white race has denied itself by refusing to perceive its projections. Shadows are used as a place to hide the hidden truth of genuine remorse for blindness and wrongs, as well as the real desire to do good in the face a truly materialistic culture. But we cannot grieve another's grief, and harm him when we try. By accepting the role of shadows, we help no one heal. If you use violence in your lives, you legitimize the violences which are done to you. If you thieve from others yourself, you legitimize their robberies of you, your goods, or your freedoms. If you drown your pain with drugs, you legitimize the denial, the unconscious not-seeing, of those who cannot turn their faces inward in order to deal with their own pain. If you answer hatred with hatred, fear with suspicion, and ineptness with madness, nothing will ever be solved. So to all those who feel limited, I say to you: choose first not to act as someone else's shadow. Choose first not to legitimize violence by acting with violence to others or yourself. The power of passive resistance is to turn the shadow others have made of you into a mirror. When they see themselves, then your despair becomes their genuine grief. Your pain becomes their hurt, which they can see. And what they can see at last, they can heal. But this is only the first step. You who have been others' shadow, begin to learn another language, to speak to the white man in his own tongue. No one can feel what you have felt, unless he has felt it himself in the same place where you stand. But that conundrum is not a problem. That is the beginning of a solution. Learn to show him what you have felt by learning where he stands, and standing there with him first. Yes, it is unfair that the ones who have been so harmed, such as the American Indian, the black, the Chicano, and those others pulled far from home for what seems only an empty dream, that these must be the ones to heal the ones who have harmed them. But you need not heal with righteous anger, only with honesty. You need not heal others with intervention, only with your own love. Peace does not come through legislation primarily; legislation is the result of those who have the courage to know the light that they are. Legislation may well change the face of the land, and indeed it has. But only the healing of your inner hearts can change the climate of that land from one of hate and resentment to one of healing and wholeness. You can begin by reaching outside of yourselves, lovingly, reaching into something greater. As once the Suffragettes made common cause with the black people, now it is time for the black race, especially the black man, to make common cause with women of all races. You have the strength to help them, though you do not believe you have the strength to help yourselves. Womens' grief has been longer, and their pain far deeper. They, too, must heal themselves first before they can heal those who do violences against their persons and their souls. They, too, must learn not to be victimized, not to be weakened, but to take their power into the system. Not by becoming shadows of men, and thus legitimizing the limited images men have had of them. But to take the power of the system on their own real terms, as women. Take advantage of the many opportunities you have, in the media, in the community, in the touch of person to person. Let your spirits be kindled with hope, and hope rekindle your pride. There is no greater strength than the honesty of some one who will make a stand. If several stand together, then the world is changed. Once you take responsibility again for your power to choose, then you change the rules of the game. You are no longer victims, but heroes, battling a daunting foe -- not the Other, but your own self-images. When you choose how you will react to what is done in your presence, you are no longer shadows, but mirrors. Victims take on others' pain, take it inside, and hide it. It is easier to be a victim than a hero. But only heroes have the strength to step out of the shadows into the light. Become this light, in your honesty and integrity, and you will be free with a freedom no one else can give you, and which will always be your own true possession. HARRIETT TUBMAN I will sing you a song something like the little song I used to hum for the children, when the way was long and we were so afraid. We walked the dusty roads by night, cowering in safe houses in the day, and never saw the roads we walked, but the light of others' compassion was a light that was almost blinding. Here's my song: Do what you say, brother, sister, the Good Lord walks your feet. Do what you may, brother, sister, the Sweet Lord calls your soul. Do as you will, brother and sister, and be strong as you go, for in the stars there is Freedom. In the stars there is Freedom. In the song of the way we walk, there is Freedom. Freedom come, Freedom go, and we come right behind. We go to Freedom now. Do what you say, brother, sister, the Good Lord knows you by name. Do what you may, brother, sister, the Sweet Lord holds you near. Do as you will, brother and sister, and be loving as you go. For in the air is Freedom. In the air is Freedom. In the song of the way we walk, there is Freedom. . . How can anyone be free, who does not walk his own road there? You can try to coerce others, but you can only walk your own road there. You can defy others, but only by walking your road. You can run away from fear only if you didn't bring it along with yourself. I defied the ones I defied, and led the many to be free, because I knew when to hide, and when to bare my soul. Hide from violence, and let your soul open with laughter. Hide from those who would hurt you, and let your heart open to other open hearts. Hide your acts of courage with the real modesty of one who knows there's work to be done and that the Good Lord is wanting your hands to do it now. Hide your sight away from ugliness, and open your eyes to beauty, or use your own hands to make beauty in your own world. Hide your spirit away from hopelessness and helplessness, and open it to what you can create again. We, the helpless fugitives, changed the world forever when we fled to our own freedom. You, the scorned and hated, will change the world again when you do not run away. Stand with the truth of your soul, and the dark night will guide you with the stars. CHIEF SEATTLE I have laughed a little that the original words I spoke have had eloquence added to them by others over time, but I can see now as I have never seen before, and I understand. We who were so a part of the land, who were so certain of the life all around us, only slowly came to understand the immense emptiness of a people who consider themselves to be wholly apart from the very Nature which gave them birth. You chose this path; your race had the daring to do it. This path has cost much, and given much as well. But now is the time for sundered paths to be healed, and for the going out and coming in of the words that will be heard by the soul. You decided that if you stepped outside Nature, you could see Her in a new light, in a light that had never been before, and you were surely right. But you have gone almost too far. Now that you have achieved your distance, you fear to climb down from your high pinnacle of scientific objectivism, of religious authoritarianism, of cultural parochialism. You fear you have forgotten how to rejoin what you have lost. In truth, you have only mesmerized yourselves into thinking that you have forgotten how. You talk to Nature all the time, and She hears you. You talk to Her with your machines, you talk to Her with your electricity. You talk with your thoughtless acts and your caring ones. But you do not stay to listen. You feel guilt at going away from Her, a guilt so great that you want to stay away forever, for fear of what She will say. So you tell yourselves you cannot listen to the stones when they speak, or the water when it laughs. You tell yourselves you cannot hear because you are so afraid of why might be said. You fear that if you remember you are a part of Nature, your "natural" destructive instincts will destroy everything you touch. But it is not so. It is your separation which drives you to violence. You fear that if you take responsibility, if you see that your "unnatural" acts of hydroelectric dams and asphalt are as natural as the extinctions of the dinosaurs, that your guilt will rend your hearts beyond any repair. But returning to Her will heal your pain, and your violence will be shed in a moment. You call Nature cruel and savage, because you fear Her to be so, and that is one mistake. Or you call Nature perfect and holy, and bow down to your images of Her status quo, and that is another error. If you were to finally see that you were a part of Nature, then you would become an agent of Her balance. As a young animal, separated from its mother, kicks and bawls and butts and bites, so your violences against the world have been a sign of your separation. You are afraid to go back, unless it is to the original innocence. It is because you do not trust yourselves to be able to listen to the Voice you love so dearly. You are afraid to go back, because you are certain that punishment is the only answer She can give you for the pain you have caused. But it is not so. Your culture has given you pain, and the only answer that culture has had is to give you more pain, and more pain, until you are tortured into numbness. Music that assaults the senses, isolation from your own communities, drugs that divorce you even further from yourselves -- these are not the answers She has for you. You need such music because you no longer allow yourselves the quiet music of the wilderness, not even when you walk within it. You need the isolation because you feel you can no longer withstand true solitude, facing Spirit. You need the drugs because you feel your pain will destroy you. That, too, is not the way of Nature. We do understand. The responsibility seems fearful and terrible, a heavy thing none could bear. But you, the white race, the race that has stood apart for so long, has within it a unity which will bring together all the ways of the races as one. Not into sameness, but into unity. Not into an erasure of differences, but an embracing of them. You have learned this way because you have seen this way from this separated height, even though you fear to walk upon it. But let your fear go. The Nature you have done violence to needs you to become a part of Her again. The pain of the tortured lands you see is Her yearning for you to return to Her. The loss of animals, of habitats and ecosystems which you see, is the sorrow She feels at Her loss of you. You are not separate, but dear. You are not apart, but forgiven. Go to Her first in your hearts. Feel Her love, and the healing of Her love. Then you will know what to do. CONSTANCE MCDERWIN (OBEHON) There is too much of the tail wagging the dog, these days. The democratic government was truly meant to be a government of the people. But as the tragedy of the Branch Davidian armageddon and other painful incidents shows, those who knew how best to react were not the ones to whom you have given your power. Your government was designed to be your intelligent servant. I say intelligent, because it was never meant to allow you to create acts of madness. Your servant, because it does not own you, you own it. It has "selectively disremembered" this necessary relationship, and is doing whatever it can to keep you from remembering. Or, failing that, it thwarts you when you take your own power back from its hands. It knows that when you realize who is the dog and who is the tail, that its game will be up. One of the best ways to stop the tail wagging you is to be invisible. I don't mean to be illegal; there is plenty of that going on already, and the money it generates is too often irresistible to anyone who does not have your best interests in mind. The way to be invisible is to do the "impossible." Knit your own communities together, and walk the streets clean of drugs. Learn from the small lending groups who find people who are willing to prove their worth by returning the original loan in kind to others. Value differences, if only through recognizing the mental habits of double standards. (Ask yourself simply, "How would I feel if that was done to me?" and you will know where these habits are.) Work small, but work with integrity. Do not allow yourselves to take the easy way out, and do not allow others to harm you as they take the path of least resistance over you. Be prepared for costs you may encounter through the tremendous supports of friends, family, culture, and your honest encounters with the Spirit of the Divine. Act from love. Do not simply think of peace, but feel it as often as you have the opportunity. Be aware of love at every moment you can remember to do so. Allow yourselves joys by focusing on what is whole in your life, instead of what lacks. Muscles can be healed, and the brain repatterned, by focusing on those parts or areas which still work well and allowing them to take on the tasks of those parts which have been damaged or have lost their function. In much the same way the elitism, the paranoia, the insolences, presumptions and disdain of those in power over your lives can all be removed, not by attacks on what is wrong, but by focusing on what is right, and then living there. Revolutions never come from the top down. They come from the bottom up. But this is not the time for a revolution of madness; the world has had its fill of those, and more. It is not the time for a revolution which only changes the players, but not the methods. The revolution of this time is already happening. It is a revolution of turning inward first, healing yourself, and then becoming the real rulers of your lives, through your integrity and your acceptance of your own power. Your power is your will, your creativity, your perception, your intuition and your love. Your integrity is your choice to honor your honesty in such a way as you honor the honesty of others. It is a paradigm shift, a shift of re-evaluation and re-valuation. It means to evoke the honesty of joy, instead of the "honesty" of blame. It means to evoke the power of beauty and wholeness, instead the "power" of noise and greed. You can make the shift by choosing love. Love over fear. Love over separation. Love over obligation and duty. Love over manipulation, and the quick and costly paths. When you are whole, you will only allow whole people to run the government. And so they will. MARK TWAIN For those of you who are familiar with my writings -- and I am quite pleased still that there are some few who are -- you may remember that I had some distinct disagreements with the way Heaven was supposed to have been managed. From putting my own disagreeable words into the mouth of the Devil to recounting the tale of the hapless Captain Stormfield, I've railed against limited notions of Heaven, and any other limited notions, for quite a long time. I haven't stopped, but I've got more space to do it in now. Heaven is a much broader, much less judgmental place that we were ever led to believe. Judgment isn't even a property of the Other Place, which can only offer us helpless remorse until we're ready to try another life in hopes to remember while we're busy forgetting. No, the kind of bitter judgment which we lay like stinging slime on ourselves and others, most properly lies as a dubiously awesome creation of man in his present habitat, the planet Earth. But rest assured. The only one your judgments of yourself matters to up here is you. The frozen images, like wax museum manikins, of the horrible things you have done and said, or the things you meant to do and didn't, or did and hadn't meant to do, all melt away into nothing in the warmth of this place. All the little belligerences are quieted with peaceful comfort. All the unsaid things are understood. You can take it from me: for all my voluble tendencies, there was much I left unsaid. Some, because I did not understand what I knew; some, because I did not see far enough to know what I knew. Many, alas, because I did not permit myself to know what I knew I knew. But that does not matter in the same way now. Indeed, being dead is quite refreshing. I cannot begin to communicate with you the sense of space, and spaciousness; the sense of free movement and tremendous creativity we have here. I do not list these positive attributes to make you want to dissociate yourself from your lives, but to engage you within them. You can do it if you remember: you're living in Heaven right now. Not that the Earth is Heaven, but that you live there now just the same. Like a child absorbed in a book, your attention is so close on the words of your own little tale that you don't notice the Spring weather all around. You look up from time to time from your dramas or horror-stories when you dream away you sleeping nights, or when you let your consciousness stretch its cramped and tired inner limbs by allowing yourselves a little peace or a little joy. But it's Spring all the same. Scientists find it hard to believe that random events, such as the throws of yarrow sticks or bones, or even the carefully considered laying of cards, have meaning. Yet they are perfectly prepared to swallow whole the notion that all life, indeed all our existence, with its complexity, artistry, and beauty, came up out of those same random processes -- indeed, that life depends on them. If they had my perspective, they would no immediately it is not true. There is such care and artistry in the manifestation of Creation that, were we to be able to see it, we would only be able to stand there open-mouthed in wonder at the magic of it all. The eggs would burn on the skillet, the sheets would go unwashed, and the dog would chew a hole in the door, waiting to go out. Given the painful terror and tumult of your world at this time, telling you that the world is built on magic seems a cruel thing to say, but I do not intend cruelty. But there is a tendency for us to expect magic to look a certain way, and to be disappointed when we find it is not so. My own bleak depressions were rooted in this disappointment, and in my impatience. (I've learned a few things from this impatient disappointment, not the least of which is that the value of what you create often has very little to do with how you feel about the end results, the created thing itself.) You folks have done a tremendous, powerful amount of work. You've learned that anger is fuel, and not simply incendiary. You've learned that grief is the only thing that melts the things that hold you frozen in place. That fear grows until it is too huge for the mind to grasp, so the human heart must cry out, "Enough!", and it will be heard. All these things are magic. That magic runs riot on your world, ungoverned because it is unrecognized, makes it no less something of powerful beauty and mystery. Your best and greatest magic has been, and always will be, your power to choose. If you cannot apparently choose what the circumstances of your lives are now, you can choose how you perceive them. You have far more control over your own reactions to events than you generally allow. If you remember you're in Heaven at the moment, you won't feel quite as lonely. There are angels enough to talk with! If you realize that magic is mostly a matter of choice, you'll begin doing it immediately. And if you remember how damned big everything really is, you'll feel less sure there's no room in it for you. RACHEL CARSON Already now you need to look forward, and in the looking forward, pull yourselves out of despair. You need to see ahead to the consequences of what has been, and see beyond them into their repair. Life is your strong ally; it has always been. In understanding the interconnections of DDT and peregrine falcons, you learned to look for the causes of acid rain and the deteriorating ozone. You need to look a little further still, to the chemical, molecular, systemic and ecological connectedness of the planet. The solutions will evolve as your perspective widens. The solutions will present themselves as you dream what might be. But do not dream nightmares. Dream healing instead. Do not focus on death and loss, but study with meticulous care those systems which do work, which do bear fruit in dynamic balances of one system with another. For the animals, there have always been simple cycles, of flood and ebb, of trial and survivor. But with us, with humans, love can be added, adding in a note so deep and real that it must enrich the symphony of Life, of your lives in Nature and Nature in your lives, in ways you cannot even imagine now. You stand humbly at the feet of the massive, interlocking ecological systems you are only beginning to understand, and realize you cannot reproduce them. It is this sense of failure, perhaps, which has made so many of you choose to keep things static, as they always have been before. And there is immense wisdom in this humility. Children can break things they cannot build themselves, and often will. But if the natural world ceases to be a puzzle, a conundrum, and instead becomes a source of your sense of self and a place to give your love, then you will stand patiently, and learn. Your curiosity will reach ahead, leap ahead, and point the way. ... From "Spirit Speaks" magazine -- Obehon and Francesca ___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12 --- GEcho 1.02+ * Origin: AWARENET INTERNATIONAL 1-303-377-1963 Denver,Co (111:111/0)


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