Daemion Mac Moi Tirra #49 @7352 Wed Mar 21 195103 1990 This text describes a +quot;generic

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Daemion Mac Moi Tirra #49 @7352 Wed Mar 21 19:51:03 1990 This text describes a "generic" ritual process, according to normal Druidic Arts. The first step in any ritual, is CLEANSING. Everyone involved in the coming ritual, is ritually bathed, by the Druids in charge of the ceremony, then annointed with oil, and placed at their appointed position, within the circle. All exchange the appropriate greetings, and then the circle is formed, the Gods are invoked, and the purpose for the ritual is propounded. Once all have the proper thoughtform developed, a female member of the group ascends to the altar, and emotional energy is generated, through the generation of sexual passion. Each male member of the group kneels before the altar, one at a time, and orally stimulates the Altar Maiden, until each has generated at least two orgasms, the energy of which is diverted into the thoughtform. This process is repeated, until every female in the group has donated energy, to the task at hand. When the thoughtform is thoroughly imbued, with female energy, each male member of the group will take his place, upon the Altar, and be orally stimulated, in like fashion, also diverting the resultant energy into the thoughtform. Once the thoughtform is completely energized, the Druids in charge of the ceremony will free it, and direct its path, to accomplish the group's purpose. Afterward, the Gods are thanked, for their presence, and the circle is opened, again. Normally, everyone decends upon the showers, at this point, and then gathers around the fire, for drinks and snacks, spending much of the rest of the night, in discussion and song.


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