Daemion Mac Moi Tirra #49 @7352 Wed Mar 21 194853 1990 There are many paths, some divergen

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Daemion Mac Moi Tirra #49 @7352 Wed Mar 21 19:48:53 1990 There are many paths, some divergent, some parallel, but all have some points of similarity; all have some validity, whether they are truly ancient ways or neo- pagan reconstructions. All share an attitude of truth- seeking. The Druidic Arts are very ancient though some of the neo- druidic cults, which have sprung up, in the last 300 years, bear only a passing resemblance, to the original. This is to be expected, however, as we Druids have ever been a secretive lot, hoarding our deeper lore like misers not unwilling to share, so much as cautious, with whom we share it for power is a dangerous thing, in the hands of undedicated and perhaps antipathetic users thus our long secrecy. What knowledge we CAN share, however, we DO and such is often helpful our basic beliefs are quite unacceptable, at times, to more modern pagans, who have been raised, for the most part, in Christian households and are, therefore, at a turning point, in their lives trying to be a good Pagan and learn the ways of the Craft yet unable to completely overturn the strange and often warped moral codes they learned, as children. But if one truly desires to walk our path one must walk it straightly, with full honour, for our traditions and ways we have not "adapted" to cater to modern libertarianism there are certain standards which we demand, of students. In all fairness, to the users of this bbs, I am about to explain our feelings about these subjects, so that those who may truly desire to learn our ways may have a clear idea, as to our practices, so that they may decide, for themselves, whether or not they can overcome their early programming sufficiently, to dedicate themselves fully, to such a complex and difficult course. This is not a prospectus, as such no deep secrets will be revealed but it should explain a few things, about our attitudes and motives. Any questions you may have, should be E-mailed as much of this introduction should not be shared, by the younger users, here. The first thing I believe I should explain, is the way Druids perform all rituals. In this day and age especially in a heavily Christianized nation, such as America, it is desirable, in the extreme, to maintain a discrete profile yet our tradition demands some sacrifice, from each seeker and that is FEAR. You must overcome any fear of the Christian Public yet remain discrete, for the most part. We perform all Rituals in the NUDE. Wiccan covens often call this "going Skyclad" but we simply call it NAKED, or NUDE. It means that everyone involved in the ritual, does so, completely naked without clothing, jewelry, or makeup. We do this for several extremely good reasons primary among which, is to be comfortable. Clothing distracts the mind..it restricts the sensitivity of the skin, to the ebb and flow of energy currents, so vital to the work at hand. Second: Since our groups contain both male and female, clothing actually CAUSES sexual tension which can be devastating, to the overall effectiveness, of any ritual. Yes, that's right NAKED bodies cause LESS sexual tension, than ROBED bodies. Why? It should be obvious everyone is WONDERING what you look like, under that ROBE! When everyone is NUDE, on the other hand..it quickly becomes a natural and accepted fact of life, and much less leering and ogling results. It also engenders a sense of togetherness and trust love and sharing serenity and harmony. (when such is needed, it is NEEDED) This brings us to a very important point..our ways are Nature-based, Nature-oriented and you might describe us as a Fertility Cult, if you were ignorant of our true motives, because we are very earthy and sensual it is our faith. Druids have often been mistaken, as being those who worship trees we do not worship trees but we do love and care for the forest and there are certain trees which are "connected" with our Gods special to them, as it were and those trees we honour tho not worship for it is our belief that one may more easily make contact, with a God or Goddess, by using such trees in the ritual of evocation. There are many trees and plants which have special meaning, in this way but the primary varieties are Rowan and Oak with Willow, Elm, Birch, and Poplar being just beneath these two even Holly, which is not a tree at all, but an overgrown bush and especially mistletoe, which is a parasitic and destructive growth, feeding upon the very trees we venerate! The list is long and their uses many it is quite safe to say that EVERY plant and animal, in the forest has a place, in our Craft and our hearts. Before cutting down a WEED we ask permission, from the Gods and if that permission is forthcoming, we still beg the plant, itself, for forgiveness. When we hunt for meat, we ask the Gods and beg forgiveness, as well. Not because we feel what we are doing is WRONG but because we value sentient life.. and never harm or kill ANYTHING needlessly, or without thought. Our powers are based upon solid, proven concepts and are easy to obtain not so easy to control. For this reason, the standard training for a Druid takes around twenty years of serious study and ritual work, before one may truly undertake to learn the Inner Secrets of our Craft. This is not as arrogant or harsh as it sounds, however we have GOOD reasons, for taking students along, so slowly for one thing, by the time you finish the basic training we KNOW you are dedicated, and have the correct attitude. We KNOW you will never abuse the power you have been taught to generate and use. We KNOW you understand the reasons, behind our laws and customs, and believe wholeheartedly, in them for if you stick it out for the entire twenty years you have earned our trust and may be safely entrusted, with the more dangerous portion, of our lore. There are no shortcuts no easy way if it's worth doing at all it's worth doing right and that's the way we feel! The next part of this text is going to be a bit controversial, for you .inasmuch as it deals with details of our ritual work which are not a deep secret but of which you have likely not heard, before. I should warn you, it is NOT for younger pagans (unless they have been raised, in our ways, and therefore are not easily shocked) I will describe a generic Ritual Working..so you may have a better understanding, of what we do..and how we do it. If graphic depiction, of intimate details offends you then you will likely be offended but as a pagan, you should be open-minded enough, to see this for what it really IS a sharing of knowledge. Just because WE do it, this way, does NOT mean that it is the ONLY way it is merely the way WE have always done it for thousands of years and the way we will CONTINUE to do it, forever because it works, so bloody well! If you haven't been made nervous, by all of this, just access the next text file: DRUIDRIT.TXT, which is unaccessable, by any users who are UNDERAGE, according to the archaic and morally warped law, of this land.


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