Human Rights What is this garbage we are hearing now from our politicians about Human Righ

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Human Rights: What is this garbage we are hearing now from our politicians about Human Rights? Is our own government really interested in Human rights? What about the right to express our own beliefs? (except if they conflict with their own). What about our right to know about the flying saucers and the dead bodies of the aliens? What about the MJ-12? That group of individuals who for over forty years have kept the truth from the people? We say Russia is bad because they have no morals. What about the morality of this country? Is Cheating and lying to the public for forty years really the OK for the government, but for everyone else it means go to jail if we do it to our government? When is it that the government of the people, and by the people, and for the people is immune to the laws they themselves impose on us? How can this possibly be a democracy when it requires that our elected officials continue to participate in this deception. Every single president since Truman has is guilty of immoral and unlawful activity to suppress the truth about MJ-12, and extraterrestrial life, from every man woman and child in this country. That every one of these men knowingly perpetrated the most deceptive cover-up in the history of our country. That every one of those presidents have no sense of morality. CONFIDENCE What confidence can we have in a government that habitually lies to it's people. Is this the mark of a healthy dictatorship? How can we trust the government in other matters if we cannot be sure they are telling us the truth about flying saucers. Who will we elect to office? Another puppet to have his strings pulled by MJ-12. Will He shift has allegiance from serving the people who elect him, to one of serving the MJ-12. Is it right that so many people should suffer in order to save the egg from smearing the faces of old worn out perverted egos. Is our next president going to learn about the flying saucer cover-up and simply bury his head in the sand also? This great country was founded on the principles of Truth and Justice and liberty for all. How can a government be anything less than totalitarian when it deceives the very people who elect them? Where does it say in our bill of rights, that we agree to allow our government to tell us lies. Where does it say we feel it is OK for the government to lie to it's public and then require the public pay taxes to support the deception? What about National Security. "Baloney"!, Who is judge that determines and authorizes the deception? What is the supreme court then? Why has not the government got a court order from the court that restricts them from telling the public and then forces them to cheat and lie to the people? Isn't that the way our system works? A CHALLENGE Ask your next elected president, Any candidate, what he will do to expose the truth once we elect him into office? What assurance do we have that he will do any different than Regan, or Carter, or Nixon, or any other president who knows about this. Go to your local newspaper and ask what kind of trouble they would get into by raising this issue with any of the political candidates?, then ask yourself what human rights is all about. (Freedom of expression ends at the local newspaper) how many newspapers would press a candidate for answers before they are elected in order to demonstrate the people should place their trust in him? How many newspapers reporters would dare put these thoughts into the simple minds of puppet politicians. You'll most likely find the whole matter will fizzle in the two-faced laughter of news reporters and politicians alike. Doe's it really matter anyway? Does the public at large really care what happens anyway? As long as there is Football and pizza the masses could care less about their own future, much less the one their children will inherit from their ignorance and apathy. Or, is this just another tool Lucifer is using to keep the darkness upon us.


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