BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ESOTERIC SIDE OF MUSIC This bibliography that deals with the hidden side o

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BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ESOTERIC SIDE OF MUSIC This bibliography that deals with the hidden side of music is and can only be partial in nature since the author is not fluent enough in French and doesn't know German or other languages necessary to be able to survey books from other countries dealing with the topic. The phrase "buyer beware" applies to books in this genre. Books dealt with here cover the following: music therapy and the hidden effects of music,the "occult" side of aspects of music theory,inspired commentary about the history of music,information about discographies of music that is elevating in its effect and applications of music outside of therapy. Since some of these books cover several topics mentioned above the author decided it best to dispense breaking the listing into several catagories. A couple of quick observations here might be of some value to the readers of this bibliography.(Please take them with the appropriate skepticism until you have verified or disproved them in the light of your meditation and life experience) I.The quality of the response to music is proportional to the following factors:the capacity to concentrate focusing on the melody and treatment of tones and aspects of them (overtones etc), lack of distractions in enviroment,high quality sound reproduction equipment (CDs,graphic equalizer etc) II.Music's main use esoterically is to facilitate purification of centers and the personality vechiles as well as to aid in the alignment of the personality to the soul. III.Melody is the most important part of music and has the most profound effects on the WHOLE ORGANISM. IV.Electronic music is "dead" lifeless in terms of the positive effects it produces. V.The use of scales combined with overtones vocally under alignment can and does have a powerful impact on the centers and different bodies when "chanting" Om and mantrams. VI.The effects of music can be synergistically enhanced when combined with movement,ritual and color. VII.Rythmn has its effects physically and etherically. VIII. There is a parallel with homapathy if music is used "therapically";for instance,music that deals with depression in its lyrics melody etc (not all music of that type for example) can and does purify that state from the sufferer who is listening to it. IX. Stringed instruments,percussion instruments,woodwinds, have different types of effects on different energy fields of an individual listening to them. - 2 - BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE ESOTERIC SIDE OF MUSIC 1.JOSCELYN GODWIN: "Harmonies of Heaven and Earth",folks if you buy one book on the topic this is the one it is the most comprehensive indepth treatment of the esoteric side of music this author has ever read.This book covers several topics mentioned above. 2.JOSCELYN GODWIN: "Music,Mysticism & Magic:a Sourcebook" an edited collection of essays,articles,excerpts from books on the topic spanning a millennium and several esoteric traditions. 3.HANS KEYSER: "Akroasis" deals with esoteric side of music theory. 4.D.P.WALKER: "Spiritual and Demonic Magic from Ficinio to Campanella" 5.RUDOLF STEINER: "Eurhythmy as Visible Music" 6.RUDOLF STEINER: "Music and the Art of Tone" 7.LIONEL STEBBING: "Music: It's Occult Basis and Healing Value" a series of essays and some lectures from Rudolf Steiner dealing with the topic. 8.LIONEL STEBBING:"Music Therapy" a series of essays that deal with the topic. 9.SHIRLEY WINSTON:"Music as the Bridge" a collation of readings and parts of readings from Edger Cayce. 10.PETER HAMEL: "THROUGH MUSIC TO THE SELF" covers several topics music history,theory and exercises to apply music as an aid to alignment in meditation. 11.MANLEY PALMER HALL: "The Therapeutic Value of Music" a commentary on the topic based on usuage of music in Ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures. 12.GEOFFRY HODSON: "Music Forms:Superphysical Effects of Music Clairvoyantly Observed" 13.HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN: "Music" 14.HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN: "The Mysticism of Sound" both books deal with the topic from a Sufi perspective. 15.ERNEST G. McCLAIN: "The Pythagorean Plato" an excellent examination of Plato's works from the standpoint of music theory and intervals and the relationships between them.This treatment is based upon the fact that the Greek alphabet has a one to one correspondence with numbers.(that and the fact some of the vocabulary deals with altered states of consciousness are 2 outstanding characteristics of Sacred Languages) - 3 - BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE ESOTERIC SIDE OF MUSIC 16.ERNEST G. McCLAIN: "The Myth of Invariance: The Origin of the Gods,Mathematics,and Music From the Rig Veda to Plato" 17.RANDELL McCLELLAN: "The Healing Forces of Music,History Theory and Practice" This book is the single best book this author has ever read on Music Therapy. 18.HARRY PARTCH: "Genesis of a New Music" The most innovative approach to music this author has ever read,a seminal book.It deals with an approach involving different tonalities (quarter tones, third tones etc) in composing music.The author was very alienated and eccentric to say the least. 19.RUDOLPH BALLENTINE M.D.: "The Science of Breath" an excellent treatment of the topic. 20.HELEN BONNEY: "Music and Your Mind:Listening with a New Consciousness" a music therapy perspective. 21.JOHN BLOFELD: "Mantrams:Sacred Words Of Power" one of the best treatments of the topic this author has ever read. 22.JOHN DIAMOND M.D.: "Life Energy in Music:Notes on Music and Sound" 23.HANS JENNY: "Cymatics" a scientific approach through physics that EMPIRICALLY VERIFIES the effects of sound on different types of matter. 24.MAX HEINDEL: "The Musical Scale and Scheme of Evolution" a good attempt to deal with higher correspondences of the scale and other aspects of music theory (basic). 25.DANE RUDYHAR: "The Magic of Tone and Art of Music" 26.HAL A. LINGERMAN: "The Healing Energies of Music" contains an excellent discography as well as quotes from different sources on the healing effects of music etc (the discography is very incomplete unfortunately) 27.CYRIL SCOTT: "Music: Its Secret Influence throughout the Ages" the author overstates his case but at least some of the observations are accurate in lieu of this author's inner experience and outter studies. 28.ROLAND HUNT: "Fragrant and Radiant Healing Symphony" a very interesting unique attempt (to the best of this author's knowledge) to correlate the musical scales to fragrances. 29.CORINNE HELINE: "COLOR AND MUSIC IN THE NEW AGE" an interesting attempt to correlate color with music. - 4 - BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE ESOTERIC SIDE OF MUSIC 30.CORRINE HELINE: "Beethovan's Nine Symphonies and Nine Spiritual Mysteries" a fascinating correlation partially accurate. 31.ARTHUR ABELL: "TALKS WITH GREAT COMPOSERS" This book deals with many Western Classical composers describing the spiritual nature and source of their "inspiration". 32.WINFRED MELLIORS: "Bach and the Dance of God" the material deals with a mystical approach to Bach combined with a study of his style from the standpoint of music theory. 33.WINFRED MELLIORS: "Beethovan and the Voice of God" the material also has a mystical approach to Beethovan combined with a study of his style from the standpoint of music theory. 34.WINFRED MELLIORS: "Caliban Reborn" a basic esoteric perspective on the evolution of popular and folk music for several centuries culminating with the mid 60's. 35.JOSCELYN GODWIN editor: "Cosmic Music" a series of essays by several musicalogists on the spiritual dimensions of music. 36. R.J. STEWART " The Spiritual Dimension of Music insight into the hermetic and kabbalistic perspectives on the scale,tones and the nature of music.This commpliments "Harmonies of Heaven and Earth" plus it has some PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS ABOUT USE OF MUSIC. 37. LAMA GOVINDA " Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism" gives a survey and discussion on Eastern Music Theory. 38. KAY GARDNER " Sounding the Inner Landscape" this book is well researched and contains some insight even though that is marred by a "lesbian perspective".


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