NAME Eris. Discordia. SYMBOLS Golden Apple with a K on it. (which stands for the latin wor

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NAME: Eris. Discordia. SYMBOLS: Golden Apple with a K on it. (which stands for the latin word `for the prettyist.) USUAL IMAGE: Depends on the person seeing Her. HOLY BOOKS: the Principia Discordia. Cosmic Trigger. Illuminatus! How I Found The Goddess, And What I Did To Her After I Found Her. Alice In Wonder Land. Some of the films of the Marks Brothers. HOLY DAYS: May the 23ed (also the birthday of St.Harpo).Moosemass (not sure just what day this falls on.). April 1st. PLACE OF WORSHIP: The right hemispere of you brain. MAJOR TABOOS: No Dogma really, just a very few light Catmas. RELATIVES: Acording to standard Greek myth she was the daughter of Mars/Aries. and she had a brother called MOMUS who was the god of cynicism, and clowns, which I guess would make him the patron god of BBS's. FORM OF WORSHIP: Spreding good Chaos, eating a hotdog without a bun every Friday. (this is because of the taboos of other deities meat of pork, no meat of beef, no meat on Fridays.) looking for 23's. opening minds. (It's an ill wind that blows no minds. old Discordian saying.) SYNODEITIES: COYOTE (Native American). BROTHER RABBIT (African). LOKI (Norse). MONKEY GOD (Hindu). Q (Star Trek). NOTE: When asked how things had been going for him of late Lord Raven- hurst one of the founders of Discordism said "You know, if I had realized that all of this was going to come true, I would have


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