UDATE TO N.E. OHIO UFO FLAP On Saturday, April 2, 1988 at about 315 P.M., Eastern Time, a

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UDATE TO N.E. OHIO UFO FLAP: On Saturday, April 2, 1988 at about 3:15 P.M., Eastern Time, a flat black helicopter was reported to fly at tree-top level over the N.E. Ohio home of one of the witnesses whose prior sighting has been filed with MUFON by Dale B. Wedge an d Rick Dell'Aquila, and recounted on Paranet (see LAKERIEn.UFO). The helicopter was observed by at least 5 individuals from three separate residences in the neighborhood, and was in sight for 2-3 minutes. The unmarked and unlit helicopter had a military appearance as it ap proached slowly from the west, making a loud sound peculiarly similar to that made by a small airplane rather than a helicopter. The appare ntly windowless craft was observed to fly eastward, before turning to the south and disappearing over a line of trees. It apparently caused "snow" on a television screen. The investigation of the continuing series of UFO events in this area continues and updates will be provide d to MUFON and Paranet as they become available. --Rick Dell'Aquila


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