ENOCSYS (C) 1991 ORDO ARGENTUM ASTRUM P.O.BOX 944 CHEWELAH, WA. 99109 Written by Anthra-An

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ENOCSYS (C) 1991 ORDO ARGENTUM ASTRUM P.O.BOX 944 CHEWELAH, WA. 99109 Written by: Anthra-Andromda (Jim Stewart) Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Enocsys is a copyrighted IBM-PC program (C) 1991. All rights reserved. No warranty is made, express or implied, as to the useability or suitability of this program. The author and the Order are in no way responsible for any effect of which this program is the cause. INTRODUCTION Enocsys is a graphically interfaced program used to determine the names of gods, kerubs, angels, intelligences, spirits, etc. which are associated with the 'Enochian Tablets'. The program displays a graphic image of each individual tablet in full color. Along side the tablet is displayed the names associated with the selected area of the tablet. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS The requirements of the 'host' system are reasonably small. The system should have at least 512K of RAM, an EGA display, and a mouse. A hard disk is recommended. USING ENOCSYS Installation. To install the program, simply unpack the 'ZIP' file. Place all files on the distribution disk (file) in the same directory. Running the program. To run ENOCSYS; make the directory where the program and its files the default. Type . When the system is ready to run it will display a color full screen image of the 'BLACK CROSS'. Press any any key to continue. There is only one menu to choose from (simple). Move the mouse pointer to the menu header (Enochian) and click the left key(or type 'ALT-E'). The menu will be displayed. After the menu is displayed the up/down arrow keys and the enter key on your keyboard also may be used. Analyze. This option allows you to enter any word, which will be processed according to the 'Enochian Gematria'. The result is the numerical equivalent of the word. Select. This option allows you to select one of the four (4) Enochian Tablets. When selected a dialog box will appear with the possible selections. Point with the mouse to the selection and press the left mouse key. Possible selections are; "AIR", "WATER", "FIRE", "EARTH", and "NONE". Dictionary. This option allows you to find Enochian words in the 'built-in' dictionary, either by 'string' (the word) or number. The result of this operation is the word(s) a probable English translation and the gematric value. NOTE: during a 'string' search, the system will find ALL occurrences of the 'string', either as a single word or part of a word. During a 'number' search the system finds ALL occurrences of the number. Registration. Selecting this will display the registration window. The 'R' option in the window allows you to enter your 'registered' name (this is required for correct 'registered' operation). Exit. Clicking on this will exit the system. SELECTING SPIRITS. By pointing to the square of interest and 'clicking' on the left mouse button, the corresponding "spirit" name, along with all other associated names will appear in the list to the right of the tablet image. Some of the names will have a colored [*] to the right. This indicates that there is more than one possibility for the given name. By clicking on the line that has a [*] a window will open with the possible choices. Point to the one desired and click. When selecting a spirit, the gematric value will also appear on the screen, this may be useful in determining the correct spirit for any given operation. MISC. STUFF. Registration. Is not required! But, registering will remove the 'Registration' window on start-up and the 'unregistered' string in the registration window. However, there is no other difference in operation. I would like it if you sent me $25.00. To help offset development cost (mostly electricity usage). If you do register you will receive any updates and revisions to the program as well as notices of other magical software products. Help. Limited help is available on each of the 'main menu' options by pressing the 'F1' key. Suggestions. If you (the user) have any suggestions about how we can make this program better/ more useful, or ideas for future software releases (other products) we would like to hear them. BUGS The program doesn't work with 'himem.sys'. Not sure why at this time. All other known bugs have been removed. Our address. You will see our mailing address in the registration window. And here (see form below); Jim Stewart P.O.Box 944 Chewelah, WA. 99109 or Ordo Argentum Astrum P.O.Box 251 Loon Lake, WA. 99148 We may also be contacted at: ORDO ARGENTUM ASTRUM BBS (509)935-4763 From 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Pacific time FidoNet address: 1:346/13 PODnet address: 93:9330/3 Love is the law, love under will. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (REGISTRATION FORM) NAME:________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________________ CITY/STATE:_________________________________________________ ZIP:____________ Where you got the program:___________________________________________________ Comments:____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________


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