Annapolis Bay Bridge Sightings EMP REPORT Re Washington Post Sunday, May 15, 1988 Page A-1

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Annapolis Bay Bridge Sightings EMP REPORT Re: Washington Post Sunday, May 15, 1988 Page A-19 by George C. Wilson (Staff Writer) PENTAGON TO CURTAIL ELECTOMAGNETIC TESTS (Environmental Impact Study Required for Experiments Involving a Type of Radiation) SPECIAL REPORT: WFBR 1300 AM - BOB OECHSLER We've been reporting our investigations over the past several weeks into the activities surrounding the Bay Bridge UFO Sightings in Annapolis and our inquiries into the possible interest these UFO's might have in this area. Our theory was that perhaps they may have more than a passing interest in the EMP tests (electromagnetic pulse) that we discovered were being conducted in the area. It was reported that MORE THAN A MILLION FISH WERE KILLED in the Chesapeake Bay during one of these tests early this year. We reported that a suit had been filed in federal court against the government to stop the testing. Discussions with officials at EPA resulted in a plea of ignorance. An official with the Navy indicated that the EMP tests were probably the result of degaussing of ships in the Bay. Today in the Washington Post it was announced that The Defense Department, under a legal agreement reached Friday night, must stop or moderate its electromagnetic pulse experiments at laboratories in Maryland, Virginia, Alabama and New Mexico until the government determines whether the energy is harming people and wildlife. The article goes on to say that electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is one type of radiation generated by nuclear explosions. The Pentagon has been simulating EMP to determine how to protect the circuitry in its planes, tanks and ships from being disabled by it. The Soviet Union, according to duscussions with the Pentagon, is far along on a "zap gun" that would use EMP radiation to kill troops and disable vehicles, and the Pentagon is interested in developing a similar weapon. The Justice Department, representing the Pentagon, reached the agreement this weekend with the Foundation on Economic Trends, an environmental group that sued on the grounds that the experiments were proceeding without the government first assessing their potential harm. The foundation had taken steps to question two employees of a Woodbridge, Virginial laboratory constructing EMP generators, about their environmental concerns and the alleged suppression of documents when the Justice Department suddenly decided to settle the case. The settlement states that the Navy's EMP facilities at Patuxent, Maryland Naval Air Station must be operated at low voltage, not more than one kilovolt per meter, until the environmental risks are assessed. AND the Navy's Empress I EMP simulator in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay may not be operated at all until the impact of its pulses is assessed. The projected Empress II pulse generator can not be built unless the Pentagon first files an environmental impact statement. What impact will this have on UFO activity over these areas? Only time will tell. Bob Oechsler - UFO Reports - WFBR 1300


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