The following information has been graciously provided by our friend Norma. It was transmi

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The following information has been graciously provided by our friend Norma. It was transmitted to her from Kuthumi; August 7, 1988 (This transcription came to me early Sunday morning, after I had a very vivid and active dream state during the night on "Empowerment".) EMPOWERMENT Empowerment is the act of reclaiming one's power. It, by definition, means to journey to the inner most depths of one's consciousness and to retrieve the Force that sustains life, and to reclaim this inheritance. It can do nothing but enlighten the individual who seeks and finds it. The power of enlightenment comes from ancient ceremonies of the elders of the elite passing down the information and wisdom of the ages to those who are deemed to be the new initiates of this truth. The power of the initiation is the strengthening of the will power and the belief systems, that one's own consciousness is in tune with an energy force field that supports one's human abilities. When the human psyche joins forces with this incredible Force that supports all knowledge and wisdom, then it is through the human that this Force is able to be put into motion on the manifest plane. The reason that empowerment is so important for New Age individuals today, is because the earth is experiencing its rebirth and proceeding through its own "rite of passage." It is in this "coming of age" that the planet will need to be initialized by the elders. The awakening of humanity is such that many souls are in tune with the energy transformation that the earth is enacting. The higher vibration energy and the forces that are being put into action by this frequency are those which need to be commanded by the initiates and the elders, to assure that harmony and perfection will result in this new birthing process. There must be no room for a birth defect. This cannot be allowed for it is not in the cosmic, divine plan of the universe. Therefore, the degree to which the 144,000 Spiritual Warriors learn their roles and acquire their powers will determine the degree of perfection to which the Beloved Terra will emerge. Everything must move in harmony and perfection. All in the oneness of the spirit must govern the forces that initialize the new life of the earth. Only those who are deemed the strongest and the most worthy in the eyes of the Divine will emerge to the bottom of the pyramid, to lead the new earth to its destiny. Why did I say "bottom" of the pyramid? It is because the new leadership that will emerge will be that leadership which knows how to channel the forces from within the center of the universe, which is within men and women. That is where the power of the future lies. The elders of all ancient civilizations all know this to be true. It is only the tricksters that deceive, and allow others to believe the true power is outside of themselves. The leadership of one or few individuals governing all souls in a harsh and controlling fashion, is indeed one of the past. The true leaders will emulate your Brother, Jesus, who ruled the masses by becoming one of them and guiding them to the use of the powers and force themselves. Bringing forth the good in all humans, and teaching them to be Masters themselves, is what the Beloved destined for all of humankind. That is each soul's birth right, and that is the secret to the path that we each are on. So, therefore, visualize your power at the bottom of the pyramid, and sit among those who you teach. That is the real strength of your tests. Have no ego, only your heart. That will be the measurement of your success. The 144,000 Spiritual Leaders who will be emerging into the new decade will all know this unwritten law, and will triumph in its code. That is a promise, and that is the truth. So Be It! The date of the August 8, 1988 is that of a test of the empowerment for the masses. Presently, there are many more on the path than those who will "graduate" in the learning of the Most High. The energies are such on that date, that one will be able to tap into a multiplier effect of power to continue the manifestation of the exponential effect of the energy. A true Spiritual Warrior does not even have to know of that date in the mind, for that soul will automatically know that each day is a test for the accomplishment of the honor to be counted among the elite. Therefore, the true Spiritual Warriors will all be taking advantage of this high energy day. Those who are informed of this date and experiences, will have the privilege of knowing, on the conscious level, that this intensified experience will be one that will serve many rewards in the future. The saying, "Many are called, but few are chosen" is beginning to manifest itself in this countdown of the selection of the souls. In reality it is a self-selection process, for the free will within humans is what will actually make the determination. We, on the Ascended Masters level, provide every opportunity for advancement in this process to all souls on the beloved planet. It is the souls who ultimately make the choice for their own destinies. The number 144,000 is especially significant for it is the multiplier effect of the twelve. The number twelve has always been one of the most significant numbers known to the earth inhabitants. You have twelve months in the year, there are twelve zodiacal signs and twelve houses which represent the twelve aspects of the human personality. The pyramid's multiplier of the three sides of each wall of the triangle times the four sides of the base of its structure also contains one of the mysteries of the All. Then, there is the significance of the selection of the twelve apostles that Jesus chose to continue His work on the earth plane, after His ascension. It is this latter example that I will focus the remainder of my instruction today, continuing on with the lesson of empowerment to the 144,000. Each of the apostles was selected because he represented one aspect of the human psyche that needed to be developed to reach enlightenment. In order to be one with the spirit, one needs to be in tune with all twelve sides of the personality that strives to become united with God. Peter was the builder, Matthew was the singer of the songs through his messages, Thomas was the doubter, etc. Even Judas played an important role, for if he had not fulfilled the prophesy and betrayed Jesus, the scriptures could not have been fulfilled. The 144,000 Spiritual Warriors who are emerging on the beloved earth today are each representative of one of those Apostles' primary energy fields. The multiplier effect of 12 x 12,000 brings the number to 144,000. That does not mean that each soul can only develop 1/12 of the totality of understanding to reach enlightenment themselves. What it does mean is that instead of 12 separate souls doing the work on the planet, there are now 12,000 souls in each of the categories that are emerging to fulfill the scriptures in this passage of time. Therefore, the original work of the Great Masters is still unfolding in this drama of time and space that you know in this third dimension of existence. They are labeled the Rainbow Warriors, for it is they who will bring the secrets of the Light energy to the masses upon the planet. And it is only this information that will provide the foundation for the rebirth to be perfect. Nothing in this universe is sustained without Light. Nothing that is known to the earth is manifested without the mastery of the spectrum of colors and the vibration of the sound. It is this information that is once again being revealed to the souls, so that they may usher in the cries of the infant who is awaiting the Baptism into the Spirit. For the Spirit is one with the Light and all is in the Oneness of God. I Am Kuthumi, the Father and Teacher of the New Age. I thank you for this opportunity to speak through you on this glorious day of the eve of the exponential. Transmitted through Norma in Albuquerque, NM. Norma has respectfully requested that this information be shared but not published in any printed form. She felt it was important to share with our electronic community via Starseed BBS. Please use and share with discretion. You may print for your personal use, but to excerpt any portions of this for any type of publication or profit would violate the spirit in which it is offered. Thank you. If you have questions about this material please contact Starseed BBS via Fidonet 15/1001, Jami Morgan, Sysop. (505) 822-8268 10 am - 10 pm, in Albuquerque, NM.


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