Date 02-19-89 1741 To All Subj Talking to the Olige (elves) EID1029 8d201253 Quick poem o

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Date: 02-19-89 17:41 From: Marcus To: All Subj: Talking to the Olige (elves) EID:1029 8d201253 Quick poem on how to listen to the olige (elves)....: ELF Wilst I think, And sit and dream within the forest, soft footfall comes up behind me, as I think. A soft cool hand touches my shoulder and whispers like the wind enter my ear. Her perfume preceeds her words, her intentions reflected , in the calming mist. Like dust, sleep overcomes me, as soft secrets fill my thoughts, the hand releases its elfin grip, And I drift into sleep... --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: Baker Street Irregular * Ft Walton Beach FL (1:366/222)


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