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(8) 25 Mar 94 02:00:00 Sent: Sat 26 Mar 0:29 By: Adam Sterling To: Glenda Stocks Re: Francesca St: Rcvd Sent In transit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: 11:13 pm Tue Mar 1, 1994 Number : 30 of 41 From: Francesca Thoman Base : Dreams,Pastlives & Reincar To : All Refer #: None Subj: Familiar Spirits 8A Replies: None Stat: Sent Origin : 03-01-94 21:09 ELFDOM, UFOS, AND DREAMS: AN INTERVIEW WITH LALDON HANN, WOODS-ELF OBEHON: Thank you, Laldon, for coming forward, and consenting to speak with us, and giving us your name. LALDON HANN: It is my pleasure. This is an interesting experiment. As the channel has been working with both UFOan and Elfan energies, she can attempt the crossover of information as few others can. And you, Mother Wiccan, had more to do with our kind than you you were aware of then in Bath. O: I know that now! Heavens, you are a more prolific race than I imagined. LH: 'Prolific' is not quite the word. Say rather that we manifest according to need. Need, intent, and permission, I should say. We're here to work with What Is. As What Is changes, so do we change. But we are also not only capable, but willing, to work with human intention, in whichever direction it tends. O: Before we begin, it might be good for our readers to hear a little about who you are. LH: I'm between assignments, as it were, which allows me the free time to speak. Since Human beings are fond of images to speak with, and aren't too comfortable with formless informants, you can imagine me as about six feet tall, with skin that looks like black wood, a narrow frame (rather like the trees I used to take care of), and rather bushy long hair the color of lichen, a pale gray green. Yes, I like that image. Also, white eyes, like moonstones. It isn't anything as I look like to my associates, but it'll do for a working image for our readers now. I said I was between assignments. Now, for nearly all Elfans, their "assignments" are given according to preferences, preferences both of the Elfans and those they protect (which includes "inanimate objects" and other living systems such as stones, stars, and the like.). The assignments are given for life. Note, we do not age as you do. Age for us is not a function of time, it is a function of the attenuation of our creative intention. We "die" when we get tired of what we're doing. We can also "die" when what we are caring for is killed, such as a forest, or a herd or species of animals. (I put "die" in quotes here because we understand more intimately than Human Beings that death is only a change of function and form.) For myself, I am a Woods-elf, the caretaker of a certain wood. I am there to give a sense of "woods-ness" to the trees, to bind them together into their sense of being an interactive organism in separate parts, allowing incomers and outgoers, the animals and people and other entities. Many of my trees have been killed now, which is What Is, so I do not do more than grieve. I am not bitter. But, those trees that have been left have changed their character; or rather, the nature of the place has changed, so it needs another Elf than I to watch over it. A line of trees in an English countryside, dividing one field from another, is a very different entity than a stand of mature woods. O: I'm very sad that this has changed for you. LH: Please understand, it is not the changes which distress us, though it can be a strain. It is not even the unconsciousness with which Human Beings act, though that is a source of distress for the planet Herself. She wants you to be awake, She wants you to participate in Her reality intentionally. But until you give yourselves permission to accept Her as a living being in Her Self again, this seems impossibly far off, and at the same time can happen in an instant. No, it is not the change, nor even the selfish intentions with which you Humans accomplish your mayhem in so many places. It is the lovelessness. Only those who are far from love do not perceive the full consequences of their actions. Love brings you into a sense of the whole. It is wide enough, strong enough, and deep enough to see all sides, to see all realms. Your lovelessness distresses us, both in a personal way (with some of us more than others, true), and functionally, in the nature of the changes you make in What Is. So it is that the UFOans and the Elfans both have sought out those who are tolerant enough to consider taking us on as genuine friends, in however a limited fashion. (Even those "Let's wait for the Space Brothers to fly in next Thursday on the Bald Hill and save us from the consequences of our own actions!" stripe of contactee provide an area of love, an area of common resonance, between Humans and Ufoans.) So, I am waiting for the next area of action to open up for me. This kind of communication itself has its own interest, though it's not on anywhere near a broad a scale as I'm used to acting in, so it's only a sidelight. My forest was originally some 80 acres, with several old hardwoods, near the border between Germany and France. For you, that forest was cleared some fifty or more years ago, but for me, it is still in my present moment. I have just left it. O: So this was done during the Second World War? LH: No, just before. Some for housing, some for crops, some for burning. So it goes. We Elfans were many of us "re-arranged" by that War, and we had to adapt to the changes more quickly than we were used to doing. As we are ourselves agents of both change and stability, we involved ourselves rather willy-nilly into Human affairs (as did the UFOans) more directly than usual in the War, because of the great strain and stress which disturbed so many living systems. We had to act where we could, because so much was being disturbed. Granted, we'd had some warning during the First World War of the scope of unrestrained Human warfare, but you outdid our broadest estimates. It was not only the war itself, but the Reich's attempts to mold the Oldan energies to their short-minded purposes. So you would perhaps be angry if I were to tell you that there were elves working with Hitler and his cronies. Not to add to the harm, I might add. That is abhorrent to us as it is to you, perhaps more so. We helped a few Human Beings escape the Holocausts, though we helped others get captured. It had to do with their intent. O: So if a double agent wanted to get captured, you would help that happen, you mean? LH: That was some of what we did. Some of us are not interested in the affairs of Human Beings at all, and see humans as a nuisance at best. But others of us find Human Beings interesting, and some more interesting than others. O: Why? And who? LH: You might be surprised by some of our answers, because we do not work according to logic. We help children, certainly. It's easier to help those who are willing to have conversations with us. We help gardeners, bricklayers, craftspeople of all kinds. We help animal photographers; we also help car mechanics. We gave you Human Beings your Iron Age because we found that metal at once too malleable, and too unyielding. Iron does not care how it is used, so it is too malleable. Iron does not change state [its own effect of other consciousness] the way other metals do, like copper especially, and also silver and gold. That was one of the reasons why those three metals were so valued in your earlier ages when you had more native wisdom. Electrum was especially valued, the natural alloy of gold and silver. A proper alloy of gold, copper and silver could have very excellent properties in terms of their effects on the Human nervous, physical, and psychic systems. The copper would change its state into a healing vibration; the silver would change its state into a psychic vibration, and the gold would bind or fix the two into a whole symphony of effects. But you know, Mother Wiccan, that this kind of knowledge was lost when the sorcerers of the Wise were killed. O: Yes. The smiths who worked iron were kept. LH: But their craft was turned to war. Human Beings do tend to broadcast the effects of their actions without counting the consequences, don't they? O: Yes. Is that what you are here to speak about? The limitations of Human actions? LH: Only peripherally, though there is so much to discuss! First, your UFOs. Yes, most of the experiences you Human Beings have with UFO occupants are actually in Out Of Body states -- extended dreams, if you will. I'm not saying all, but most. In dreams, you are used to allowing a greater reality to be presented, with shifts of personality, time, place, and other factors, which would unseat your sanity if you were to experience them in full consciousness at this time. I will not digress too much into that except to say that your waking world could be as malleable as your dreams. In other words, it is for an instance Humanly possible to change your personalities, yes? You call it an illness, now: multiple personality disorder. But it isn't a disorder at all, it's a different order. UFOs and their "drivers" (because there are most definitely real beings in them) are not of our Elfan realm, but they often use the old pathways to get into the Terran Human sphere of influence. From their point of view, Earth is more like a layer of water of a certain exact temperature in an ocean of thousands of temperatures. They "swim" through these layers of reality until they come to one they recognize. Now, many of the UFOans have linked with Human Beings intentionally, in friendship. There is a consonance of minds, because there is a similarity of, for lack of better word, intention. If you are one of those who are joined in such a state of friendship, it is not that you and your UFO "partner" intend to do the same things, but that you generally do them the same way, for the same reasons. There is often a consonance of character. O: I gather that this kind of influence has been going on for thousands of years. LH: Yes, it varies in intensity and clarity, but there has been a connection both to the Elfan and UFOan realms for as long as Human Beings have been human. Which is a long time. O: So why isn't the world a better place? Surely your wisdom and insight, and the UFOans' larger perspective, would help us? LH: It has and it is. Only your worst nightmares could begin to describe the reality you might otherwise have. I say our help "has" assisted you because we Elfans aren't much considered worth talking to by the generality now. This does not bother us; in our own times of relative visibility, we could be very choosy about whom we would speak with also. But we have a lot of wisdom, waiting to be offered. And come to that, the world has been better than it is now, much better. Just, not lately. So the UFOans stepped in. They have a much greater affiliation with technology in the "nuts and bolts" form (though they use neither) than we do. Elves, fairies, devas, sprites, and the like, tend to work with living systems, like trees, forests, whales, microbes. A lot of the present-day Human technology is a great discomfort for us. Not necessarily because we are anti-technological, but because we can see the intention behind the created technology as clearly as you Human Beings what color the thing is painted. It's like working with chartreuse and puce stripes. Hurts the inner eyes. So much of your technology is so unconsciously birthed that is is dead. Not that it does not respond to your intentions, no. But the consciousness of the things which you create is tremendously limited because it was created with such a limited understanding of effects. That's why some of us have gritted our teeth and started working with some of you in technology. It is a delicate balance. We do not on the one hand want to aid you in the depraved purposes you have found for your technology. But on the other hand, people who work and concentrate on technology can spontaneously enter into altered states of consciousness. So we can "find" them more easily (they become more visible to us), and so we can work with these. At this time, it is only subtle effects that we can produce. And sometimes the discomfort of our nearness which some Human Beings feel when they become peripherally aware of us is not understood, and many drown the discomfort away with alcohol or other drugs. So we are not always successful. But your culture has been against us for so long, it's almost gotten to the point of forgetting what it was against in the first place. You've put "Satan" out there to be hated, not quite remembering (emotionally, as this is clear in your intellectual climate) that the hated "Satan" was the old ways, the ways which included us. Ways which were threatening to that part of you which wanted this dead, amoral technology. Ways which were threatening to that part of Humanity which wanted to ignore the consequences of actions upon the whole. As I said above, I'm not bitter. There were long and deep discussions about it all, even before your time, Mother Wiccan, between the wise of your world and the wise of ours. In some respects, the consequences of the choice towards using this dead technology were graver than we imagined. That's why some of us have had to scramble! (Our anxiety is some of what is actually fueling the hyper-ecological groups such as Earth First!, though that was not our intention. But once you Humans get an idea in your heads, your explore it very, very thoroughly. We can't always keep up.) UFOans get around this whole difficulty of "dead," amoral technology by "growing" their ships and other technologies in living force-fields. They are very, very intentional with their technology, because they can "see" as many levels of reality as we do, though a little differently. They are automatically aware of far more consequences, far more effects, that you Human Beings generally are. They, too, have worked with us to varying degrees over time, some more, and some less. In your time, Mother Obehon, there was a withdrawing of the UFOans' interest both from Human and Elfan affairs. Just prior to your century (the 16th), and a few centuries after, there was more intense UFOan interest. In your time, the Elves were very interested in what was going on! But now, in this 20th and almost 21st century, there is a huge amount of interest from the Elfan, Ufoan, and Dream realms. O: Yes. I knew you would get to that! What are the Dream realms, then, and how are they affecting Human Beings now? LH: I need a few analogies here. The Dream Realms are like space, or the air, but a living space, a living air. They are the "ocean" of "temperatures" I spoke of earlier. Dreams really are the substances of which physical reality is made, actually. It is not, "We are such stuff of which Dreams are made," as, "Dreams are the stuff out of which we are made." This is why changing your beliefs about your reality can have so much effect. Realities are "tried out" in dreams, whether the waking dreams of intentional meditation, or the dreams of your deeper physical sleep. As it is the medium through which Reality is experienced, it is also the "backstage" of the multiplex theater which you call reality. You may imagine this theater as though there were a hundred thousand stages all circled around a common center, with their backs to one another, and the backstage being the common ground. Those Human Beings, as well as Elves, who can either "drop character" enough (through altered states) or who are already working as the stage crew (discarnates, angels, many elves, never-incarnated beings, and the like) can slip from one stage into another. True, you have to know what the nature of the play on the other stage is, and that can be difficult. Within the context of the analogy, that is what accounts for some of the "weirdness," especially in UFO encounters. It's information from another illusion trying to communicate itself through your local illusion, as it were. So there is often distortion. But, the same way a stirring, emotional scene in a play can communicate its emotional content whatever the props and trappings, the setting, or the actors, so information with high emotional content can get through from one stage to another. In a sense, the emotional content itself allows the suspension of disbelief necessary to allow an "out of place actor" or action to fit into the ongoing play. This is one of the reasons why incidents of "angelic help" and such occur, as well as some of the UFO contacts. Indeed, some of the UFO contacts appear to generate real terror, not because that is the intention of those UFOans who are contacting the Human Being, but because you are so used to emotional content being necessary for such information to translate from one play to another, that Human Beings are quite capable of inventing the emotional content inappropriately. O: In other words, this contact between realities often works when you're scared, or in dire straits of some kind. So you believe that you have to generate the fear or anxiety in order for these experiences to occur. LH: Exactly, though not universally. There are those, both in the UFOan realm and in the Elfan realm, who are attached to the effects of human terror. In other words, some of the UFOans have an even more limited set of "belief" parameters than Human Beings, and have to use Human terror to step outside of those beliefs. They do not understand the consequences of their actions in Human terms, which is what makes the situation so difficult. But the "stage hands" are aware of the situation. O: So when we put this all together, how do these three realms relate, UfOans, Elfans, and the Realm of Dreams? LH: In dreams you practice new realities, and give flexibility to your own. We Elfans, and the UFOans, work with you, within the flexible Dream Realities as well as in your physical reality, to engender the desired effects. UFOans are separate beings from ourselves; they are often (though not exclusively) of extraterrestrial origin, while we are children of the Earth's Dream. (Yes, your planet Dreams, too. She is Dreaming very daringly now, attempting a Great Magic.) But both UfOans and ourselves communicate with the Human realm in similar ways, and so often "feel" very similar to Human Beings who encounter us. O: Can we Human Beings shape our dreams in accord with healing the planet? LH: Of absolute certainty. And this is our next topic, "Earth Healing," for the next newsletter. My pleasure to speak with you all! O: Ours, too. Thank you, Laldon Hann! Obehon READER'S QUESTION: "WHAT DOES MOZART HAVE TO SAY ON 'THE ARTISTIC QUANDARY?'" Gott in Himmel, this is a big contrast, one topic to another! And yet not so very huge, as so many think of me as a mischievous Elf myself. Yes, this is Mozart, or a fragment of his World View, if you prefer. I prefer to go where I will, even if it means startling some by coming back personally in all my little glory. It is true that nearly all of us take on and take off with personalities as freely as we did our coats and galoshes, but our world views are like our underwear. We have to scrape off a few more layers, and be among friends, to display them. But the results of such vulnerability can be much more delightful than just playing with the overcoats. In short, being in my own World View I own the whole museum (refer to Jane Roberts [for her analogy of the worldview as a museum of living pictures]). I can visit one gallery or another, and realize which one of me painted which picture, and why. It's grand fun, and I wouldn't have missed it for dying. Obehon and her Circle have been making me most welcome (with only English Tea and Cakes, never mind any dirty little thoughts that mud their ways through any of your grubby minds). So at the risk of mooning you with my sentimentality, I'll show you my underwear, and hope it all came out white in the wash. Now, not to put too much giggle into the glissandos, but artits (oops, artists) are always in a quandary. Else why do we overreact so? We are never able to write what we see in our minds and hearts, and the grief of that drives us all a little mad. You will never find an artist who is really pleased with his or her work, and if you do, it's because they have the genuine humility enough to realize that what they've gotten was a gift, and that they've only stayed still long enough to "get" it delivered. So we're always short of our own desires, whatever the public thinks. The public, too, is a fickle bastard bitch. Most of the time it has no idea what it wants, so it depends on us to tell it. When it catches on that that is what is happening, it huffs up its dignity and blames us for its own confusion between its cranial and nether regions. No respect! When the public is your lover, she's sweet indeed. But when you step outside what she wants, she can shit all over you, and be proud of it. Of course I'm not bitter, either. (Yes, I've been listening to a little of the above discussion. The two articles have been conveniently written in the same afternoon, which lets me get a better grab on them than I might otherwise.) There is so much real healing here in Heaven that bitterness can be forgotten by anyone who hasn't gotten an addiction to it. But I would say, for the purposes of answering the question, that the artist's greatest quandary is Love. It certainly was mine. I don't mean my childish pranks and scatologies with words. I mean the quandary of Doing our Love for the love of several loves and lovers. My father was one of my loves and lovers. (No, of course, not THAT way.) Your delightful movie of "Amadeus" was right in showing his great effect on me. It was he for whom I wrote my music, whether I willed or no, because I loved him. My love was also for the fame, the play, the color and noise of public attention, so because I loved him I pursued that love with him. My soul's real love was music, and I loved him for that. He taught me to see music the way I would see a sunrise or a flower, visibly, literally, not in any words, but by demanding that I see it with the same intensity with which he gave me permission to see it. So here was I, this gentle elf, caught in a hold so relentless, and yet so cushioned with beauty, with longing, and with the power of my own creativity, that those times when I tried to escape the trap, it was as though my own soul, my music, worked against me. My disastrous solo tour in England is an example, when I tried to cut free of my father's visions. I could not. I failed there, using up money like piss. I had to return to him, out of the several loves, out of the several debts I felt my love owed him, when in reality I owed him nothing at all. Even if all he gave me, my training, my concert tours, the very structure of my life, was not a gift, it would never have been his to ask me to owe him a return. I've learned this now. I wanted to learn it then, but I did not know how. His love was too precious, and too dearly bought. My wife, many believe, was a simpleton, and helped destroy me. Ah, well. We can always see our own ass in a mirror, if we look behind us at the right time. She was one whose love did not cost me the same coin I had already spent, so I took healing pleasure with her. That was why. The artistic quandary of the artist facing his patrons and his public? It is simple. As long as you think creativity is separate from life, then it is a quandary. What I am saying is, that as long as you think that being creative is special and holy and wonderful, instead of merely a part of the human condition, then you can get huffy about my scatological play. Then you can feel sorry for me when I had to do what the patron wanted, and depend on him for my livelihood. Actually, these cultural limitations on creativity are are but interim measures. You do not believe it yet, but there is another world in the making. This world sees beauty as normal, so it will be full of beauty. This world to come sees creativity as nothing separate from itself, so it will be constantly creative. There will be no quandary, because horns of dilemmas must be separate. When there's only the one horn of undivided intention, it's not so difficult to figure where it may go! Playfully yours, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ... 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