THE ELEMENTS Air Fire Water Earth Akasha Characteristics Transparent, light Force of motio

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THE ELEMENTS Air Fire Water Earth Akasha Characteristics Transparent, light Force of motion Clear, Heavy Massive Essence Reflective Animator Reflective, Insula. Insulator Multi dimensional Insulator Weightless Absorptive Resists motion Transformative Compressible & Radiative Non-compressible non compres/Expand Compr/Expandable Expandable Compr/Expandable Expandable Endurance Endurance, mobile Moveable, Mutable Non-mutable Smooth flowing Stable, solid Highly mutable Malleable Storable Malleable/mutable Non-mutable malleable, balanced, Male, Penetrating Male,Penetrating Female,Receptive Receptive-to water Transcends E,A,F,W Mediator Evaporates water Mediator Female yet immanent Reacts to Energy for movement by Carries Fire Renews and Carries Fire air Air & Earth nourishes Non-local Essence Logos, switching Power, force Act of choosing Underlying Underlying, mechanism prime mover Intuitive Stability connecting all Energy Flow Crown down Spine behind Front to heart Base of spine up Non local heart to hands with love energy Feeling Free Enthusiastic, Love Centeredness Ecstasy & Bliss energized Correspondences Direction East South West North Center Direction of view Outward Forward/Future Inward To past Holistic Part of Person Mind Will, lifeforce Emotions,intuition Body Spirit (spirit) Consciousness Intelligence Will Wisdom Memory Enlightenment Physical action Thinking Asserting will Making love Sleep, experiencing Breaking barriers Partying, unity Spiritual aspect Enlightenment Life-force Compassion Serenity/beingness Om tat sat Colors Clear/White/Blue Red/Yellow Silver/blue/purple Green/gold/brown Ultraviolet Time Dawn Noon Sunset Night Now and all time Season Spring Summer Fall Winter Kalpas Astrological Libra, Aq., Gemini Ares,Leo,Sagitar. Cancer,Scorp,Pices Capr.,Taurus, Virgo 3,7,11 House Mercury Tarot Swords (esp. Queen) Rods Cups Disks Physical state Gas Plasma/Energy Liquid Solid Singularity Spirits Sylph Salamander Undine Gnome Demigods,God(ess)s Deities Zeus, Urania, Ares, Hestia, Poseidon, Aphrodite Gaia, Pan, Hera Isis, Buddha, Ahura Athena, Aradia Brigid, Hermes Tiamat,Isis Demeter, Rhiannon Mazda, Quan Yin, True Thoth, Pele, Vulcan,Agni Adonis, Dionysus will, Zeus, Hera Power Animals Eagle/hawk Dragon, lion Fish, seal Buffalo, stag Any Otter Symbol Circle Triangle Crescent Square Infinity Sign, white egg, equal arm cross Tools Incense Red Candle Chalice Pentagram Wand, Athame, Crystal cauldron, ankh Incense/Odor Sandlewood/mellow Frankincense/spicy Rose/flowery Musk/Goaty/earthy Combination incense Feeling cool & fresh Warm Tingles like spray Rigidity, Centered Taste Salty Bitter Image Billowing clouds Erupt. Volcano Waterfall Mountain/landscape Blue-white light plants & animals Word of Power YOD-EH-VAV-HE ADNI(add dough nay) AHIA (Aiy Hey Yeh) AGLA (ah gal lah) OM Kabbalistic action Movement Expansion Contraction Stability Underlying essence Wind Spirit Eurus Notus Zephyrus Borus Tornado of power manifesting deities Bija Yam (Yaungg) Ram (Raumgg) VAM (Vaungg) Lam (Laung) Hum (Haumgg)/Om Affirmation I am intelligent I am powerful I am creative I am strong, I am balanced & intuitive centered & know I am all Posture Arms raised Arms above head Arms extended Arms extended back straight Parallel forming triangle palms up palms down arms sweep then at side Virtues Intelligence, Courage, Love, compassion Centeredness Beyond practical, joy enthusiasm, receptivity,flexib. Patience, truth willpower forgiveness thorough, dependable Vices Impulsive,frivolous Anger, jealousy Indifference, Dullness, laziness Beyond boasting, hatred, bullying depression inconsiderateness easily fooled unstable hang-ups Chakra Heart behind waste Behind sex organ Base Crown/third eye Other Quick response Brigid Networking communicative linking people into social unit active Dawn, day, drive heat, yellow plants expression of DNA Benevolent dictator Purple Billowing clouds C:\WP\ELEMENT1


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