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?: ACK FSHADOWS: E: ATCHTOWERS 1: AGREE WITH YOUR POST ABOUT HOW THE ATCHTOWERS DO NOT CARE WHAT 2: ORIENTATION THEY ARE PLACED IN, WHILE THE MAGICIAN BECOMES CONDITIONED TO 3: A FIXED ORIENTATION. HIS HAS BEEN MY EXPERIENCE ALSO. 4: EW PEOPLE USE THEM THIS WAY, BUT THE WATCHTOWERS ARE ACTUALLY 5: RTIFICIAL LEMENTALS CREATED BY THE MAGICIAN TO WATCH AND WARN, AND TO 6: RECORD; THE WATCHTOWERS ARE AN EXTENSION OF THE MAGICIAN'S MIND (BUT 7: THEN, ISN'T EVERYTHING?). 8: F, BEFORE DISMISSING THE ATCHTOWERS, THE MAGICIAN CONCENTRATES ON 9: EACH WATCHER, IT IS POSSIBLE TO 'PLAY' THE MENTAL MOVIE OF ALL THAT THE10: WATCHER EXPERIENCED. UCH WATCHERS CAN BE SET AS GUARDS TO WARN, BY11: TELEPATHY, OF THE APPROACH OF NON HUMAN ENTITIES AND FORCES.12: O YOU SEE THE WATCHTOWERS AS BEING ENTITIES OTHER THAN YOURSELF?********************************************************************************ROM: ERMES HRICE LESSED+++++++++++++++++++++++++++"HAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SAID ABOUT MAN, ALTHOUGH MARVELLOUS, IS LESS SO THAN THIS: THAT MAN HAS BEEN ABLE TO DISCOVER THE DEVINE NATURE AND PRODUCE IT, IT IS ABMIRABLE ABOVE ALL OTHER MARVLES. UR FIRST ANCESTORS(EGYPTIANS), ...INVENTED THE ART OF MAKING GODS. AVING DONE SO THEY ADDED A VERTUE APPROPRIATE TO IT, TAKEN FROM THE WORLD'S NATURE, AND MIXED THESE: SINCE THEY COULD NOT MAKE SOULS, THEY EVOKED THE SOULS OF DEMONS OR ANGELS, AND PUT THEM INTO IMAGES WITH HOLY AND DEVINE RITES, SO THAT THROUGH THESE SOULS THE IDOLS MIGHT HAVE THE POWER OF DOING GOOD AND EVIL.(F THE KIND AND QUALITY OF THESE TERESTRIAL GODS) T CONSISTS..OF HERBS STONES AND AROMAS, WHICH HAVE IN THEM A NATURAL DEVINE POWER. ND IT IS FOR THE FOLLOWING REASON THAT PEOPLE DELIGHT THEM WITH FREQUENT SACRAFICES, WITH HYMS, PRAISES, AND SWEET SOUNDS CONCERTED LIKE THE HARMONY OF THE HEAVENS: HAT THIS HEAVENLY THING, THAT HAS BEEN ATTRACTED INTO THE DOL BY REPEATED HEAVENLY RIGHTS, MAY BEAR JOYOUSLY WITH MEN AND STAY WITH THEM LONG.--FROM THE WORKS OF ERMES HRICE LESSED.******************************************************************************** : ROM: ENT: IKE TEVE, HAVE SOME SERIOUS RESERVATIONS ABOUT UIJA BOARDS. WON'T REPEAT HIS WARNINGS (BUT DO TAKE PRECAUTIONS!), BUT WILL SUGGEST YOU CONSIDER THE MOTIVES OF OF AN ENTITY THAT HAS NOTHING BETTER THAN TO SIT AROUND SENDING MESSAGES ON A UIJA BOARD. : ROM: ENT: AM QUITE WARY OF MYSELF. N ORDER TO USE ONE SAFELY, YOU MUST CAST A CIRCLE, AND USE AN APPROPRIATE BANISHING TECHNIQUE (OR SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THE FORMER). SUALLY, THEY JUST CHANNEL YOUR OWN SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND (WHICH CAN BE BAD ENOUGH!) BUT SOMETIMES, YOU REALLY DO COME INTO CONTACT WITH A BEING FROM THE ETHERIC OR SOMETIMES THE ASTRAL PLANE. NFORTUNATLY, WITHOUT PROPER PROTECTION AND DIRECTION, YOU TEND TO CONTACT THE LOWER LEVELS OF THESE PLANES. HEY ARE THE AREAS WHERE THE NASTIES HANG OUT. OME JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GIVE UP ON TRYING TO CONTINUE THEIR HABITS IN LIFE, AND A FEW WOULD JUST LOVE TO HIJACK SOMEONE'S BODY, AND LIVE AGAIN (SO TO SPEAK). HAT IS WHERE THE REAL DANGERS COME IN. DID WORK WITH ONE PERSON WHO HAD EXACTLY THAT SORT OF PROBLEM. T TOOK NEARLY A YEAR TO STRAITEN HER OUT ENOUGH SO THAT THERE WAS NO LONGER A DANGER OF SUICIDE.F YOU TAKING THE ABOVE PRE-CAUTIONS, PLEASE FORGIVE MY SPIEL! T'S JUST THAT SO PEOPLE GET INTO TROUBLE BY NOT USING THE THINGS PROPERLY.LESSED E,TEVE .******************************************************************************** : BOUT 6 MONTHS AGO BROKE A RULE OF MAGIC PRACTICE. HE RULE IS THIS: EVER DO A WORK OF MAGIC WITHOUT CLEAR INTENT AND PURPOSE. WAS BOARD. HAD JUST BOUGHT SOME NEW INCENSE, AND HAD THE HOUSE TO MYSELF. DECIDED TO DO A WORK, AT LEAST TO CAST THE CIRCLE AND LIGHT THE INCENSE. HEN THE CIRCLE WAS SET AND THE WATCHTOWERS SUMMONED, THOUGHT SAW SOMETHING, OUT OF THE CORNER OF MY EYE, FLITTING ABOUT THE CIRCLE. DID NOT CATCH IT IN FULL VISION. UDDENLY, GOT DEPRESSED, FOR NO REASON SDDENLY FELT THAT ALL MAGIC WAS FUTILE, BEGAN TO DESIRE TO BREAK THE CIRCLE. BROKE THE CIRCLE. USUALLY KEEP MY ALTAR SET UP ALL THE TIME, BUT SUDDENLY HAD AN OVERWHELMING URGE TO PUT ALL MY TOOLS INTO THE TRASH AND HAVE DONE WITH THIS NONSENSE. HE COMPULSHION WAS ALIEN AND STRONG. RESISTED IT. HEN THE SUGGESTION TO BEGIN KILLING THE PEOPLE IN MY BUILDING BEGAN. BEGAN HAVING PICTURES IN MY HEAD UNLIKE THE IMAGES USUALLY HAVE, ABOUT SETTING FIRES AND USING AN AX. HAT FINALLY ALARMED ME MOST WAS A SUGGESTION TO HURT MY DAUGHTER. SNAPPED MY HEAD AROUND, JUST THEN, SUDDENLY, AND CAUGHT SIGHT OF THE LEMENTAL CROUCHING IN THE CORNER. T WAS A GLOWING BIPOD BEASTIE WITH RUDIMENTRY WINGS. KNEW THEN WHAT WAS HAPPENING. DREW AND POINTED MY ATHAME, CALLING UPON THE DARK ODDESS WHO PROTECTS CHILDREN AND KEEPS THE DARK ELEMENTAL KINGDOMS IN CHECK. HIT THE MONSTER WITH A BLAST OF ENERGY AND BANNISHED IT. BELIEVE THAT IT PROBABLY WENT BACK TO WHERE IT CAME FROM. KNOW FROM THE LACK OF "PSYCHIC MPRINT" THAT IT WAS NOT SENT TO ME BY ANYONE. T WAS HOMING IN ON MY LACK OF INTENT, A WEAKNESS, AND WAS GOING TO FEED OFF OF ANY NEGATIVE ENERGY IT COULD GET OUT OF ME. TS SUGGESTIONS STRONG,BUT MY PERSONAL SHIELD, AND THE SHIELD OF THE WATCHTOWERS, ATTENUATED IT SO MUCH THAT IT HIT ME WITH ONLY 1/10 OF THE FORCE IT COULD HAVE IF WAS NOT SO PROTECTED. LSO, AM A VERY MORAL PERSON,AND A PSYCHOTHERAPIST, SO AM QUITE AWARE OF WHAT MY FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS ARE AND ARE NOT.AN YOU IMAGIN WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO EMMISIS ARRIOR [14 YEAR OLD ASPIRING MAGICIAN] IN THE SAME SITUATION? THINK THIS HAPPENS TO OTHER PEOPLE.O YOU REMEMBER ON ? E RELATED TO THE POLICE A SIMILAR STORY OF SUGGESTION AND OVERWHELMING RGES.T STILL SCARES ME TO REMEMBER.******************************************************************************** :ROM: ARCUS O: LL SG #333, 27-EB-89 19:07UBJECT: - A DESCRIPT E IS A DESCRIPTION OF THE LIGE, SO SOMEONE CAN TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE (ME AND A "COLLEAGE" HAVE DAILY DISCUSSIONS I.E. FIGHTS, OVER EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE) 1) THINK THEY ARE FOREST "ELEMENTALS", MUCH LIKE PEOPLE, OR ESSENCES, BUT RELATED DIRECTLY TO (SLYPHS, GNOMES, ECT.) 2) E THINKS THEY ARE "DRUIDS" IN A "GAURDIAN" MODE OF LIFE, JUST PROTECTING AND GUARDING THE FORESTS. 3) HEY WILL WHISPER TO ANYONE WHO INVITES THEM TO (MEDITATING ON AN OAK, OR PINE, OR CEDAR.... FILLING YOUR MIND WITH ASPECT OF NATURE) AND SPEAK IN WINDLIKE WHISPERS. 4) HEY WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY HELPING OF THE FOREST REPLANTING TREES FROM AREAS WERE THEY MIGHT BE ENDANGERED, PLANTING AND PRUNING TREES, "GIVING" COMPOST (LEAF CLIPPINGS, GRASS CUTTINGS) TO THE FOREST, ECT... 5) HEY ARE NEUTRAL IN A SENSE, THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU UNLESS YOU DO A TURN FOR THEM, AND WILL NOT HINDER YOU UNLESS YOU DO LIKEWISE 6) HEY CAN PARTY. O F ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS.... .S.- #6- SLIGHTLY INVITED THEM TO A PARTY WERE QUITE A FEW PEOPLE, WITHOUT BEING TOLD HAD "BROUGHT THEM", KEPT TELLING ME THEY HEARD DANCING AND SINGNING... WHILE WE WERE WATCHING "HE ALL", AND LISTENING TO MUSIC.--- UICK V2.03 * RIGIN: AKER TREET RREGULAR * T ALTON EACH (1:366/222)******************************************************************************** .*************SUMMONING**************ROM: ARCUS O: LL SG #618, 17-PR-89 21:41UBJECT: N THE SH*T... .K. BEFORE START ( ) : 1) SUMMONED IN IGNORANCE QUITE A NASTY ENTITY 2) HAVE A TALENT FOR COMPELLING SPIRITS , AND GOT A FEW PISSED AT ME. 3) AM NOW HAVING TO DEAL WITH SAID ENTITY. N SCHOOL COULDN'T WRITE LATER ON IN THE DAY... JUST AFTERMY "MAGICKAL" DISCUSSION WITH A FRIEND AT LUNCH... WHILSTWRITING A NOTE TO A GIRL MY HAND SHOOK LIKE HAD EATENENOUGH SPEED TO KILL A HORSE... AND HAD A HARD TIME"MOVING" MY HAND WITH THE WORDS WANTED TO WRITE,PERIODICLETTERS BUTTING IN, HEN SLIPPED INTO AUTOMATIC WRITING... "ASTER RUNS THE BLACKENED DEMON, FASTER SWIMS THE VILEFISH... AM THE MIDNIGHT RUNNER, AM HERE TO DESTROYYOUR THOUGHTS..." AND HERE ARE A FEW 'S: 1)S IT ME? 2) M IN SOME DEEP SH*T? 3) WHAT CAN DO TO WARD IT?--- UICK V2.03 * RIGIN: AKER TREET RREGULAR * T ALTON EACH (1:366/222)***************************************ROM: ORDECAI HAPIRO O: ARCUS SG #657, 22-PR-89 16:59UBJECT: E: N THE SH*T...N SOME SENSE EVERYTHING IS YOU (OR IS IT ME?), BUT THEN THE PERSPECTIVE OFWARDING OFF OBSESSION BY AN 'ENTITY' BECOMES ONE OF ESTABLISHING ASELF-DISCIPLINE. N THIS RESPECT FIND THAT REGULAR BANISHING (ESPECIALLY ONRISING AND BEFORE RETIRING) AND PERFORMANCE OF AS MANY OF THE IBER ESHADORATIONS AS CAN, WILL HELP ME GREATLY IN MAINTAINING SOME PEACEFUL CENTERIN THE HURRICANE OF ASTRAL MANIFESTATION. HE KEY THINK IS GETTING BEYONDFEAR. KNOW OF NO CASE OF INSANITY, SUICIDE, OR DISEASE 'CAUSED' BY OCCULTEXPERIENCE WHICH DID NOT INVOLVE AT BOTTOM INTENSE FEAR ON THE PART OF THE'VICTIM'. F ALL ELSE FAILS, LET THE DEMON RIP YOU APART AND EAT YOU, ACCEPTTHE FACT THAT LIFE IS DEATH, STEP ON THE TIGER'S TAIL, IT WILL NOT BITE! * RIGIN: HELEMAET - AIL RIS! * (415) 548-0163 (PUS 1:161/93)*************************************** ROM:ORD HRISTOPHER - 14 UBJ:ISSING FF NTITIES ATE:23 PR 89 IME:9:32 AM T IS THIS KIND OF THING THAT UPSETS ME ABOUT EO-AGANISM OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT..OUNDS LIKE THIS GUY IS ALONE IN THE WORLD OR SOMETHING- OBVOIUSLY HE IS GIVING HIS POWER AWAY TO SAID ENTITY AND SAID ENTITY IS FEEDING YUMMIES OFF THE POOR FRIGHTENED PERSON. T IS THESE KINDS OF QUESTIONS THAT HOLD THE ANSWERS WITHIN THEMSELVES, SAVE SOME TIME FOR SOME RE-GROUNDING AND CENTERING. UT AS FOR THE PROBLEM, SINCE THE MESSAGE WAS UPLOADED DON'T KNOW IF MY REPLY CAN BE NETWORKED OVER SOMEHOW OR NOT? HERE ARE SEVERAL OPTIONS THIS INDIVIDUAL HAS: 1)LEAR THE ENERGY (USING WHITE LIGHT, SMUDGESTICKS, ETC.) 2)ISPELL OR EXORCISE THE ENTITY IF #1 DOESN'T WORK (ARCHANGELS EXCELL IN REMOVING BEINGS FROM YOUR SPACE AND ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO THE SINCERE..TRY ICHAEL- THERE ARE PLEAS FOR HELP THAT CAN GIVE YOU (DECREES/CHANTS) BUT USUALLY ALLOW PEOPLE TO USE THEIR OWN WORDS. 3)ESTROY OR OTHERWISE BANISH SAID ENTITY, THIS WOULD BE THE LEAST FAVORABLE OPTION IF YOU BELIEVE IN KARMA, BUT THEN AGAIN, SOME PEOPLE JUST WON'T LEAVE YOU ALONE, EH? GAIN YOU MUST KNOW YOUR OWN POWER AND LIMITATION(S) IF ANY.  AM SURE ANY BASIC MAGICK BOOK WILL CERTAINLY TELL YOU "DON'T SCREW AROUND" AND WISELY SO. F ONE GETS THEMSELF INTO A FIX, THEY HAVE THE MEANS TO GET OUT OF IT, OR SHOULD KNOW SOMEONE THAT CAN FOR A SMALL FEE..YUCK YUCK!  H, ANOTHER VIEWPOINT, WHY DOESN'T THE GUY JUST LET HIS ENTITY WRITE SOME STUFF AND GET WHAT HE WANTS TO SAY OVER WITH, ONCE THERE IS AN UNDERSTANDING PERHAPS IT WILL GO AWAY, UNLESS IT'S JUST AN EARTH-BOUND WASTING TIME. ORD HRISTOPHER FROM ACIFICA/*****************************************************SOS5**********************ROM: OHN HAMPLIN O: ARCUS SG #696, 21-PR-89 06:26UBJECT: E: N THE SH*T... AN EXORCIST/RITUAL MAGICIAN TO HELP YOU SEND THE WHATEVERBACK WHERE IT CAME FROM. NFORTUNATELY DO NOT KNOW OF A LODGE IN YOUR AREAOR WOULD SEND REFERRAL MESSAGE TO GET YOU HELP FROM ONE OF THE ITHRAICPRIESTS.*************************************************SOS6***************************ROM: MMOND HADOWCRAFT O: ARCUS SG #710, 19-PR-89 13:12UBJECT: E: N THE SH*T... DON'T KNOW ABOUT OTHERS BUT WHEN 'M FACED WITH AN ENTITY SUCH AS YOURS EITHER BANISH IT IF IT IS EXTERNAL TO MY BEING OR INTEGRATE IT IT ISINTERNAL TO MY BEING. F CREATED IT WANT IT BACK. T'S DIDN'T CREATE IT WANT TO PEACEFULLY SEND IT ON ITS WAY. ********************************************************SOS7********************ROM: IHASA O: ARCUS SG #713, 20-PR-89 18:06UBJECT: E: N HE H*T...IRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: PPROACH THIS WITH CALM RATIONALITY( KNOW THAT MAY NOT SEEM AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS).N MY EXPERIENCE, WHAT YOU DESCRIBE IS NOT THAT UNUSUAL INYOUNGER (TEEN TO EARLY 20'S) PRACTITIONERS. T IS EMINENTLYSURVIVABLE, IF YOU KEEP YOUR HEAD. HERE ARE USUALLY TWOCOMPONENTS TO SUCH A PROBLEM: INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL. HEEXTERNAL IS USUALLY THE EASIER OF THE TWO - STANDARDDISMISSALS OR BANISHMENTS SHOULD TAKE CARE OF IT, UNLESSYOU DID SOMETHING LIKE FED IT YOUR OWN BLOOD (DON'T LAUGH, HAD TO HELP SOMEONE OUT OF ONE ONCE!).HE INTERNAL PART IS A LITTLE TRICKIER. T IS VERY MUCH LIKEA COMPUTER VIRUS, RUNNING AROUND IN YOUR PSYCHE, LOOKING ATALL THE LITTLE NOOKS AND CRANNIES OF YOUR MIND TO FINDPLACES TO ANCHOR ITS HOOKS. O ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES, YOUHAVE ACQUIRED A RATHER COLORFUL COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR WHICHIS ANCHORED IN UNRESOLVED ADOLESCENT CONFLICTS. HE GOODNEWS IS THAT THIS CAN BE TREATED IN MUCH THE SAME WAY AS APHOBIA OR A COMPULSION. HE BAD NEWS IS THAT YOU WILL MOSTLIKELY NEED HELP - SUCH TREATMENT IS AWKWARD AND OFTENINNEFECTIVE WHEN SELF-ADMINISTERED. F APPROACHED AS SIMPLESYMPTOM REMOVAL, ANY GOOD PRACTITIONER OF OR YPNO-THERAPY CAN HANDLE IT QUICKLY AND (RELATIVELY) EASILY. FYOU WERE IN OLORADO OR ALIFORNIA COULD RECOMMEND SOMEPEOPLE TO SEE (FOR BOTH PARTS OF THE PROBLEM!), BUT DON'TREALLY KNOW ANYBODY OUT YOUR WAY. F YOU KNOW ANY GOOD MAGI OR / IN YOUR AREA, THEY MAY HAVE DEALTWITH SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE (OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS),AND BE ABLE TO HELP YOU MORE DIRECTLY.OST OF ALL, IN THE IMMOR(T)AL WORDS OF OUGLAS DAMS:' !NE OTHER SMALL POINT: AFTER YOU DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM YOUWILL BE MORE THAN USUALLY VULNERABLE IN THE AGICKAL ARENA. STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU FIND A PASSIVE GROUNDING FORYOURSELF AND LAY OFF ANY WORKINGS FOR AT LEAST 60 DAYS.EEP US POSTED! IHASA <-:********************************************************************************ROM: HE LCHEMIST O: MMOND HADOWCRAFT SG #716, 22-PR-89 00:31UBJECT: E: N THE SH*T...OULD NOT A BANISHING RITUAL BE ONLY RELATIVE TO THE CIRCUMSTANCES IN WHICHTHE ENTITY WAS SUMMONED? HAVE HAD A COUPLE OF EXPERIENCED WITH THEINTEGRATION, BUT THIS ONE SOUNDS TOO AUTONOMOUS.******************************************************************************** : EVIDENCE FOR IRE LEMENTAL ACTIVITY. MARY REESER: A Case Study in Spontaneous Human Combustion ---------------------------- The 1951 death of Mrs. Mary Reeser of St. Petersburg, FL, who was found reduced to ashes in a practically undamaged apartment, was a landmark case of spontaneous human combustion because it was the first instance where every possible tool of modern scientific investigation was used to determine the cause of this mysterious phenomenon. Yet despite the efforts of the FBI, fire officials, arson experts, and pathologists, a year after the incident Detective Cass Burgess of the St. Petersburg police commented as follows: Our investigation has turned up nothing that could be singled out as proving, beyond a doubt, what actually happened. The case is still open. We are still as far from establishing any logical cause for the death as we were when we first entered Mrs. Reeser's apartment. And Dr. Wilton M. Krogman, a physical anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine and a world-renowned expert on the effects of fire on the human body, finally gave up trying to figure out what happened. Dr. Krogman said: I regard it as the most amazing thing I have ever seen. As I review it, the short hairs on my neck bristle with vague fear. Were I living in the Middle Ages, I'd mutter something about Black Magic. Here are the details of the case: Mrs. Mary Hardy Reeser, an agreeable, motherly widow of 67, was living in St. Petersburg, Florida, to be near her son, Dr. Richard Reeser. On the evening of July 1, 1951, she had remained in her son's home with one of her grandchildren while the rest of the family went to the beach. When they returned, they found that Mrs. Reeser had already left for her own apartment. The younger Mrs. Reeser drove to her mother-in-law's to see if everything was all right. According to her testimony, there was nothing in Mrs. Reeser's appearance or demeanor to cause any alarm. Dr. Reeser visited his mother later that evening. She was mildly depressed over the fact that she had not heard from two friends who were supposed to rent an apartment for her in anticipation of a return trip to Columbia, PA, formerly her hometown. His mother told him that she wished to retire early and would take two sleeping pills to ensure a good night's rest. Dr. Reeser left at about 8:30 PM and returned to his home. The last person to see Mrs. Reeser alive was her landlady, Mrs. Pansy M. Carpenter, who lived in another apartment in the four-unit building (the two units between them were unoccupied). Mrs. Carpenter saw Mrs. Reeser briefly at about 9 PM. She was wearing her nightgown, a housecoat, and black satin slippers and was lounging in a comfortable chair smoking a cigarette. The bed covers had been turned back. Mrs. Reeser's last night was a typical summer night in Florida: the sky was overcast with occasional flashes of heat lightning in the distance. When Mrs. Carpenter woke up Monday morning at 5AM, she noticed a slight odor of smoke but was not alarmed, since she attributed the smell to a water pump in the garage that had been overheating lately. She got up, turned off the pump, and settled back into bed. When she got up an hour later to collect her newspaper outside, she no longer smelled any smoke. At 8AM a telegram arrived for Mrs. Reeser. Mrs. Carpenter signed the receipt and went to her tenant's apartment to bring her the telegram. The doorknob, when she placed her hand on it, was hot. Alarmed, she stepped back and shouted for help. Two painters working across the street ran over. One of them opened the door; as he entered, he felt a blast of hot air. Thinking of rescuing Mrs. Reeser, he frantically looked around but saw no signs of her. The bed was empty. There was some smoke, but the only fire was a small flame on a wooden beam, over a partition separating the living room and kitchenette. The firemen arrived, put out the small flame with a hand pump. and tore away part of the partition. When Assistant Fire Chief S. O. Griffith began his inspection of the premises, he could not believe his eyes. In the middle of the floor there was a charred area roughly four feet in diameter, inside of which he found a number of blackened chair springs and the ghastly remains of a human body, consisting of a charred liver attached to a piece of the spine, a shrunken skull, one foot still wearing a black satin slipper, and a small pile of ashes. Coroner Edward T. Silk arrived to examine the body and survey the apartment. Although deeply puzzled, he decided the death was accidental and authorized the removal of the remains. The scooped-up ashes, the tiny shrunken head, and the slipper-encased foot were taken by ambulance to a local hospital. The ensuing investigation included police and fire officials as well as arson experts. The facts that confronted them seemed inexplicable considering the great heat necessary to account for Mrs. Reeser's incinerated body. Little of the furniture, other than the chair and the end table next to it, was badly damaged, but the apartment had suffered some peculiar effects. The ceiling, draperies and walls, from a point exactly four feet above the floor, were coated with a smelly, oily soot. Below this four foot mark there was none. The wall paint adjacent to the chair was faintly browned, but the carpet where the chair had rested was not even burned through. A wall mirror 10 feet away had cracked, probably from heat. On a dressing table 12 feet away, two pink wax candles had puddled, but their wicks lay undamaged in their holders. Plastic wall outlets above the four foot mark were melted, but the fuses were not blown and the current was on. The baseboard electrical outlets were undamaged. An electric clock plugged into one of the outlets had stopped at precisely 4:20, but the same clock ran perfectly when plugged into one of the baseboard outlets. Newspapers nearby on a table and draperies and linens on the daybed close at hand - all flammable - were not damaged. And though the painters and Mrs. Carpenter had felt a wave of heat when they opened the door, no one had noted smoke or burning odor and there were no embers or flames in the ashes. Faced with such a mystery, the St. Petersburg authorities called in the FBI. Laboratory findings showed that Mrs. Reeser's estimated weight of 175 lbs. had been reduced to a total of _less than 10 lbs._, including the foot and shrunken head. The final report concluded that no known chemical agents or other accelerants had been involved in starting the fire. Dr. Krogman has burned cadavers with gasoline, oil, wood, and all kinds of other agents. He has experimented with bones encases in flesh or stripped, both moist and dry. His tests have utilized combustion apparatus ranging from outdoor pyres to the most modern pressurized crematorium equipment. He has demonstrated conclusively that it takes extraordinary heat to consume a body, and that only at over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit would bone become volatile enough to lose its shape and leave only ashes. "These are very great heats", he said, "that would sear, char, scorch or otherwise mar or effect anything and everything within a considerable radius." Another mystery was the slippered left foot, which Mrs. Reeser, having been in some discomfort, was in the habit of propping up on a stool. The foot was left unburned, apparently because it was outside the mysterious four-foot radius of incineration. Perhaps strangest of all, and unique to this case of SHC, was the shrunken skull. Dr. Krogman commented: ...the head is not left complete in ordinary burning cases. Certainly it does NOT shrivel or symmetrically reduce to a smaller size. In presence of heat sufficient to destroy soft tissues, the skull would literally explode in many pieces. I...have never known any exception to this rule. ______________________________________________________________________________ SEE: Michael Harrison, "Fire From Heaven" Vincent Gaddis, "Mysterious Fires and Lights" Francis Hitching, "The Mysterious World: An Atlas of the Unexplained" Frank Edwards, "Stranger than Science" Reader's Digest, "Mysteries of the Unexplained"


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