MISCELLANEOUS RAVINGS Now we finally have the HOT WORD on the glorious 1987 convention of

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MISCELLANEOUS RAVINGS: Now we finally have the HOT WORD on the glorious 1987 convention of the National UFO Conference (NUFOC), hosted by famed author and lecturer Bill Moore, with an assist from your "Smear" editor, who is Permanent Chairman of the NUFOC. The affair will be held on the weekend of June 12-14, at the Burbank (CA) Hilton Hotel, which is adjacent to the Burbank Airport, a major airport facility. There is no conflict with the MUFON convention, which will be held in Washington, DC, two weeks later. Riley Crabb, former director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF) has written a soft-cover booklet called "Sky Crash: The Best UFO Story in Years". This booklet is a rambling but very favorable review of the recent book "Sky Crash" (or "Sky Trash" as we call it), about an alleged UFO incident near an air base in England that occurred in late 1980. Crabb begins his commentary with a quote from "Saucer Smear", Vol. 32, No. 4, in which we printed a wild rumor we had heard from a Washington, DC source, to the effect that "Star Wars" is secretly a joint US-Russian effort to repel invaders from other planets. The above-mentioned Rendlesham Forest (England) incident was given in "Smear" as one incident that convince the US and Russia to cooperate with each other. Crabb calls this "Smear" story "a piece of government dis-information deliberately leaked to the editor of a saucer zine widely read among flying saucer researchers." Crabb may well be correct about the lack of truth in our "Star Wars" editorial, but he deliberately passes up our long editorial in the following issues of "Smear" (Vol. 32, No. 5) in which we, in painstaking detail, picked apart the Rendlesham story and showed that it was a minor event built into something very mysterious by money-hungry British UFO researchers. Crabb unfortunately suffers from a sever case of the Will to Believe. He picks out the evidence that tends to confirm his preconceived ideas, and ignores all evidence that does not. Pity! Crabb can be reached at 2/16 Tamariki Avenue, Orewa, Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand. We plan to drop by the next time we are in the neighborhood. We seldom discuss (ugh!) flying saucer -sightings- in "Smear", as there are so many newsletters that do this. We prefer to stick to the Dark Underbelly of UFO research, namely feuds, gossip, etc., plus a bit of satire and Sick Humor on the side. However, a UFO incident over Alaska last Nov. 18th has generated so much interest from the media, not to mention the ufological "hard core", that we cannot let it pass without comment. As many of you know, the pilot of a Japan Air Lines cargo jet had a series of sightings that evening, lasting almost an hour altogether, from dusk until about 7 PM. According to the version in the Jan. 26th issue of "People" Magazine, the pilot, Capt. Kenju Terauchi, saw two columns of light which at one point came to within 500 to 1000 feet of his plane. They were "two dark cylinders with row after row of spinning amber lights, one row spinning in one direction, the next on the opposite. They were incredibly bright but cast no shadow." Most of the sighting, however, was of one white light at a much greater distance. Whereas the plane's flight crew saw this whit light, strangely, -only- Capt. Terauchi witnessed the closer encounters! Later investigation brought forth radar confirmation, but it was somewhat dubious. We hate to always throw cold water on incidents that fill our readers with New Hope, as this one has. But, in spite of Capt. Terauchi's 19 years of experience as a pilot, the photo of him in People, taken as he explained his sighting to the press, makes him -look- like a raving nut! Worse, the same pilot had a second, more doubtful UFO experience just a few weeks later, on Jan. 11 of this year. Might not he, like many of our non-subscribers, be thrown off Objectivity by an understandable but unfortunate Will to Believe? In spite of all the above, arch-skeptic Phil Klass of CSICOP has put out a press release stating that Capt. Terauchi -did indeed- see an extraterrestrial object! Klass favors Jupiter, possibly with an assist from Mars - both of which were visible and bright over Alaska on the evening of Nov. 18th. But what about the row after row of spinning lights? For us here at "Smear", one -picture- is worth a thousands words! (We don't dare steal a photograph from a mass-media source like People, but -do- try to find this picture and see it for yourselves!)


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