Date 02-15-89 1614 To All Subj Earthdream EARTHDREAM I feel earth drums deep in the mounta

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Date: 02-15-89 16:14 From: Jeff Bordeaux To: All Subj: Earthdream EARTHDREAM - I feel earth drums deep in the mountain's feet; Compelling rhythm driving from the core. I quicken to the flow of molten heat, and sing with earth song felt in granite's roar. - And overhead, elusive secrets heard in rushing air, bright lightning's stormy ring. The wisdom of the dragon, cloud and bird I hear in wind, and see in eagle's wing. - A roaring flame will dance and show it's gaze and speak with firey language, spark and smoke. My needful spirit feeds upon this blaze and feeds the source with rowan, ash and oak. - The swelling ocean, graced with moon's soft kiss will heal and bathe the heart within it's wake. The clear blue source of flowing feeling's bliss is found in winding stream, dark pool and lake. - This dream surrounds and makes our spirits one. Learn from the Earth, her smile, her forests green; To watch and listen, feel the visions come, to find the center, find the worlds between. - -- J.A.B. 15 Feb 89 --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: InterVisioN "The ParaNormal Connection" 603-547-6485 HST (1:132/123)


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