#+]%%+f ! )19AI DREAMLEAPING If you have ever wanted to get rid of nightmares,

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#&]%%+f ! )19AI DREAMLEAPING If you have ever wanted to get rid of nightmares, or just take a vacation from ordinary life, this book is for you. Telepathic dreaming, or dreamleaping as I call it, is a very easy process to do and can be fun if you do it right. First, I must give you a rule that comes into play in dreams, it is known as the law of threefold. "ONCE GIVEN, THRICE RECEIVED." This rule must be followed verbatim. It is a warning, really. It means that if you wish to enter someone's dream and cause them to have nightmares, then be prepared to receive threefold of that. The same goes with good dreams... got it? Good. Now, to get on with the lessons. SLEEPING When you normally fall asleep, you don't have a care in the world about what your dreams will be like. Well, after you read this book, you will know how to do things that, pardon the pun, you never dreamed that you could do. The first lesson is sleeping correctly. For this lesson, you may wish to get a relaxation tape with the sounds of the ocean on it to improve your luck in doing this correctly. Lie down in your bed, on your back with your palms downward and at your side. Now, (with or without the tape), close your eyes and visualize yourself lying on a warm sunny beach with your feet toward the water. As you visualize each wave sliding up to the shore, make the waves flow over your feet. Then your legs. Torso, arms, and neck follow. Next, the final wave will slide over your head, (don't worry, you won't drown in your sleep), and the ocean will pull you away from the shore. This may be a shock at first, but I find it very comfortable. Now just float in under the water until you know that you are asleep. I suggest practicing this lesson for a week, or until the sensations that you experience no longer shock you. The rest of the course is a roller-coaster ride of exitement, so you should feel as comfortable as possible. DREAMING We won't go into dreamleaping right now because you still need to learn how to set up landscapes, people, and other "props" to make your own dreams more enjoyable. Please do not skip ahead to dreamleaping right now, because your own dreams are your "proving ground" for dream control. Go ahead and fall asleep using lesson one, then imagine your feet settling on the ocean floor and the water draining into a hole in front of you. You are now in your own dreamscape. Point your finger at the hole and make a gigantic oak tree fill it up. Turn, and make more trees pop up everywhere. You're doing fine now, so go ahead and change the trees into anything you want. Make a flock of birds fly overhead. Anything. Practice this lesson for a week as well. THE DREAM BODY Each of these lessons build on each other to make you a virtual dream master, so go through lessons one and two. Once you have done this lesson, you will probably never have to repeat it unless you become bored with one body and want to try another. Visualize a ball of light floating directly in front of you. Now, see a skeleton standing behind it and make the ball of light set itself into the brow chakra of the skeleton. Make a mental image of what you want your dream body to look like in the energy ball, then have the ball explode all over the skeleton. See the organs and muscles take shape and streach into position on the skeleton's frame. See the skin and hair grow to match the image that you wanted. Now, as the eyes fill the sockets, stare directly into them and make your point-of-view change to where you are looking at your old dream body. There, you just built a human from the ground up without any difficulty. One last thing, you have absolute control over what your new body does, so you don't have to fear "possession." Also, you need to dress yourself... you don't want to dreamleap naked, do you? THE BUILDING In this chapter, I will begin by saying that you only need to do this exersise twice; once for good dreams, and once for nightmares. On the ground in front of you, (you are in the dreamscape right now, aren't you?), visualize a pin sticking out of the ground. Now, make that pin grow until it is as tall as a skyscraper. Next, widen and change it until it IS a skyscraper. This is your "dreamkeeper" building. It is a good idea to make the "good" building first, so have the first building painted white or some other bright color. Enter the building, and you will see that the rooms are painted bright blue, and each has a ladder or a set of stairs leading to the next higher level. these walls will act as a canvas from now on to create preset dreamscapes that you can use over and over again. Plus, when you leave the building, it will transform into a small pin again and you will poke it into your dream clothing for use in other people's dreams... but I'll talk about that later. Now, visualize a paintbrush and palette in your hand and paint a dreamscape picture on a blank wall. If you can't paint in real life, don't worry... YOU ARE THE REMBRANT OF YOUR DREAMS!!!! Next comes the 3-D part. Make the finished painting "come to life" and walk into it. If you turn around, you can see the doorway back into the building. But, you can now move around into this new "world" and subconciously fill in all of the details and conciously control what happens. When you bring others into the building, they will not remember about the building itself, only that their dream "shifted" into the scene that you created. The next step is to leave and store the "good" building. Never paint a nightmare dreamscape in the good building, and vise-versa. Just create a black colored building with black inner walls and play with it like you did with this one. This, too, will be stored for future reference. FALLING Nearly everyone has had that dreaded dream of falling at some point in their lives. Modern dream dictionaries say that this means that you feel that you have lost control of something in your life, and the tried-and-true method of escaping this dream is to say to yourself: "I'm not falling, I'm safe on the ground." Well, I believe that this method may be useful in stopping the "symptom", but not the "problem." The next time you have this dream, just tell yourself: "I am in control of my dreams...", and make a hanglider harness appear on yourself. You may experience some fright when you realize that you are now tied up and STILL falling, but just finish the job by saying: "... and my LIFE!" At the word LIFE, make the wings of the glider appear. There now, you are not falling, but hangliding. (Isn't this fun?) Now, just hanglide yourself over a clear blue lake, and then fly in a "holding pattern" above it. Tell yourself to use the lake like a television set and show you what part of your life that you have lost control of. After you recognize the problem, land beside the lake and wake up. You now KNOW what the problem is, so you can set forth in abating it. THE TELEPHONE LINES I was teaching a friend of mine how to dreamleap, and the telephone lines were the only close example that I could come to in order to describe how to do it. Say that you call your cousin, Phil, from your house. You can do so because you have his phone number, but you can't call your favorite movie star because you don't have his number. The same is true in dreamleaping... you can't enter the dreams of someone that you have never personally met. Personally means that you establish some sort of physical contact with this person to form a silver string between you. (Aha! That last line caught some astral projectionist's attention, I bet.) Yes, the same idea of a silver string that is used in astral projection is used in dreamleaping... with a twist. The more contact you get with this person, the stronger the string. The strongest string possible is created in the womb, between a mother and her child, and a husband-wife cable comes in at a close second. Now, once you fall asleep, make the sky open up a bit and allow the silver cord of some particular person (cousin Phil) to hang down in front of you. Reach out with your left hand and grab the string. Next, put your right hand on the rope with the hands touching and concentrate on the face of the person that you want to "contact" and think the number ninty-nine. Begin climbing hand over hand up the rope while seeing the person's face and counting down... ninty-eight... ninty-seven... ninty-six; and so forth until you reach zero. YOU ARE NO LONGER IN YOUR DREAM, BUT SOMEONE ELSE'S!!!!! Okay... now you're in the meat of the action! Pull out your good needle first... and that leads us onto the next chapter. GOOD DREAM CREATION Good dream creation is basically a favor that you do for someone that is somewhat troubled by nightmares, but Chapter nine will deal with the actual obliteration of nightmares. These good dreams only give the dreamer a small rest period, instead of destroying the nightmare. Another good use for this is to promote an idea or yourself to a new boss after you have met them personally. The concept was briefly touched on in the chapter on the buildings. Now that you are no longer in your own dreams, grab cousin Phil, (or whoever), and pull the good pin out of your dreamclothing. Drop the pin, and make the building grow to its finished stage. Cousin Phil's system probably hasn't recovered from the shock of losing dream control yet, so drag him into the building and take him into a dreamscape that you pre-created. Now, let him go and let him play around for a while. I told you that this was easy. BAD DREAM CREATION Okay, this chapter should only be used sparingly. I only wrote it so that if you decide to use it, you would not be some untrained "wildman" who is unpredictable. This chapter introduces a new rule that should be feared instead of just read. "IF YOU DIE IN YOUR DREAMS, YOU ARE DEAD FOR REAL!!" In other words, NEVER try to kill someone in their dreams. A sleeping person's brain monitors their heart rate and breathing, and if their dream tells them that they died... their heart and brain shut down along with other systems. Then the rule of three takes over. End of dreams for a while... a LONG while. But, if you just want to play a harmless prank on someone, and you have practiced with only good dreams for months, go for it. You MUST remain in control at all times and be ready to drop the person back into their own dream should anything unexpected happen. The method for nightmare creation is just the same as the last chapter, but using a different needle. DESTROYING PATTERN NIGHTMARES Since children and adults differ in pattern, or recurring nightmares, I can't give you a cure-all for every nightmare. Children's dreams are easy. If a child has a recurring nightmare, get them to tell you what it is about for two or three nights straight. Then, look at some of your child's comic books or toys for their favorite "protector" or "superhero." Create a dream body to match the "protector's" body and enter the child's nightmare. At this point, the child's mind has not acknowledged the fact the you are in the dream, so the "monster" is still in control. You must get the child's attention and make the nightmare turn in your favor. In the child's mind, the "protector" will always defeat the "monster", so destroying the nightmare will be simple. Adults, however, must be reasoned with in your own copy of your physical form. You must guide them into showing you the reason for their nightmares. EPILOG How do you feel now? After months of steady practice, you can teach friends how to dreamleap and have a regular party in someone's dream. Or, you can go for the erotic side and try dreamsex. Still more, you can take vacations to anyplace on earth... or other planets for that matter. All I'm saying is for you to have fun at what you do in the dreamscape... and HAPPY DREAMLEAPING!


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