March 3, 1989 (name and address deleted) Dear Sir This is a response to your Jan 9, 1989 l

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March 3, 1989 (name and address deleted) Dear Sir: This is a response to your Jan 9, 1989 letter. I am the Richard C. Doty mentioned by Barry Greenwood of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS). I did retire from Government Service last year. I spent eight years with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Kirtland AFB, NM. I was also assigned duty in West Germany. My last two years of service was in the Services career field, but not as a cook. I never lost my top secret security clearance. In fact my current position requires the clearance. I did do something wrong. While assigned to the AFOSI District 70 Headquarters, Weisbaden, West Germany, I performed duties as a counterespionage specialist. In 1986, I was involved in a sensitive operation where I attempted to perform certain duties which would enable our team to trap possible foreign agents working against the interests of the United States. My supervisors, however, seen my actions as being unauthorized. Therefore, I was asked to leave AFOSI, which I did voluntarily. I accepted a position at Kirtland AFB, in Albuquerque, NM, where my son was residing with my former spouse. While assigned to duties with AFOSI at Kirtland AFB, NM, I did investigate a number of UFO sightings. However, my normal duties were that of an counterintelligence investigator. I did not devote my entire time to the conduct of UFO investigations. At present, my job deals with investigations and I do work for a Government agency. However, I do not have anything to do with UFO research or investigations. My own personal beliefs regarding the subject of UFO is this. I think Earth is not the only planet in the Universe that supports intelligent life. Whether Earth has been visited in the past by visitors from other planets I simply don't have enough information to make a personal decision. If I should base my decision on information that I had access to during my Government Service, I would have to say, yes, Earth has been visited. However, I am not 100 percent certain that the information I had access to was entirely accurate. My father was never an investigator for Blue Book. That was an uncle. He will be prominently mentioned in a book due out this fall. This book will also discuss a number of inaccurate statements made by CAUS regarding me, the Kirtland and Ellsworth AFBs incidents. This book will name people who CAUS says do not exist. The last thing I would like to mention is the story that I am the Falcon mentioned in the Television program last October. I have been exonerated by Government Investigative Agencies regarding that matter. I am not that person. I presently no longer reside in New Mexico, but I do have a forwarding service in New Mexico. If you should respond to this letter please allow approximately one month for my reply. This matter involving CAUS will come to an end soon after legal action has been taken. Richard Doty P.O. Box 973 Grants, NM 87020


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