Area Ufo, Msg#282, May-07-93 2256 PM To All Subject Only in L.A. Only in L.A. 05/06/93 L.A

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Area Ufo, Msg#282, May-07-93 22:56 PM From: Sheppard Gordon To: All Subject: Only in L.A. Only in L.A. 05/06/93 L.A. TIMES Why do these things always have to happen on weekends? One of the hot topics among psychics at a UFO conference in Rachel, Nev., was a prediction that Southern California will be destroyed by earthquakes Saturday at precisely 7:05 p.m. It seems a pity, especially with the Lakers just starting to play good basketball. Anyway, the forecast was supposedly gleaned from the writings of the 16th-Century prophet Nostradamus, who also inspired a May 10, 1988, quake prediction that proved groundless. The psychics, realizing there may be a few doubters (aren't there always?), pointed out that they're not alone on this one. They said that some U.S. military personnel in Germany arrived at the same date while operating a Ouija board. * List of the Day: Southern California is practically synonymous with Doomsday. Here are a few you've survived: * Oct 17, 1992-Picked by a Jamaican Jewish clairvoyant during an L.A. press conference. "I have an antenna behind each ear," he revealed, "and they throb when an earthquake is coming." * Jan. 22, 1991-Picked by geologist Jim Berkland because of a larger-than-usual number of missing-animal reports in the L.A. Times classified section. * May 10, 1988-Picked by followers of Nostradamus. Two disc jockeys from the coast of Arizona came west to observe. * April 10, 1981, 5:31 a.m.-Picked by Wall Street guru Joseph Granville, who obviously had no insider information in this area. * June 9, 1980-Picked by a Hollywood evangelist who showed up 20 minutes late for his own press conference, explaining he had overslept. * Feb. 12, 1969-Inspired by the book, "The Last Days of the Late, Great State of California." The rock group Shango recorded a song with these lyrics: Do you know the swim? You better learn quick, Jim Those who don't know the swim Better sing the hymn. * -> Alice4Mac 2.2b2 E QWK Eval:22Apr93 --- WM v2.09/92-0356 * Origin: STARGATE BB.SYSTEM NEW YORK,NY (212) 519-8042 (1:278/714) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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