_ NETWORK MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION _ DharmaNet The submission of this application does not a

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________________ NETWORK MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION _________________ DharmaNet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The submission of this application does not automatically confer membership. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. GENERAL INFORMATION Your name: _______________________________________ Your Age: _________ Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: ___________ Zipcode: ___________ Home Voice: ____________________ Work Voice: ___________________________ Occupation: _______________________________________________D.O.B.: __/__/__ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If any information in section II changes, you must amend this document and NetMail it to the DharmaNet International Coordinator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. BBS/MAILER INFORMATION Board Name: _____________________________________________________ BBS Telephone: ____________________________________________________ Hours: ____________________________________________________ Max Baudrate: ___________ (if 9600+ specify protocol below) Protocol: ____ HST ____ H14 ____ H16 ____ V.42b ____ V.32b ____ MNP ____ PEP ____ ZYX ____ CSP Other (explain): _________________________________ Mailer Software: _____________________________ Version: ________ BBS Software: _____________________________ Version: ________ Tosser/Packer: _____________________________ Version: ________ Flags: ___ MAIL ONLY (MO) ___ CONTINUOUS MAIL (CM) ___OTHER Specify: __________ Other Nets you belong to: Name: _______________________ Number: ____________ Name: _______________________ Number: ____________ Name: _______________________ Number: ____________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. CERTIFICATION I hereby petition and make application for membership in the DharmaNet International network. I have read DHARMA.POL and agree to operate as a DharmaNet node within the policy guidelines. .-----------------------. _______________________________________ | INTERNAL USE ONLY | YOUR FULL NAME (PRINTED PLEASE) +-----------------------+ | ZONE: | | REGION: | _______________________________________ | NET: | YOUR SIGNATURE | NODE: | | HUB: | _______________________________________ | ZC: | DATE `-----------------------' Please complete this document and file-attach it to your local DharmaNet Host or directly to the DharmaNet International Coordinator (IC). Please rename the document to your LASTNAME.APP before sending. Barry Kapke, International Coordinator BODY DHARMA ONLINE (Fidonet: 1:125/33) 1-510-234-9431 (Data only) IMPORTANT! This agreement must be returned by US Post to be considered binding. Receipt by EMAIL will constitute a temporary (30 day) agreement ONLY. Please mail to: Barry Kapke, director DharmaNet International P.O. Box 4951 Berkeley, CA 94704-4951 You will receive an acknowledgement by netmail within 14 days, if you have a current Fidonet address. No fees or other charges are required to be an DharmaNet member. This information will remain confidential but may be shared with the hub sysop feeding your system. THANK YOU.


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