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Msg: #390 Sec: C - ParaNet General 24-FEB-87 10:29 PM Subj: PHIL DONAHUE From: Frank Anastasio To: ALL DEAR ANYONE ANYONE WHO WATCHED PHIL DONAHUE THIS MORNING (2/24/87), KNOWS THAT IT WAS ABOUT PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. AS EXPECTED THERE WERE VIEWPOINTS FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY, AND WHEN A MEDIEM (I KNOW I SPELLED THAT WRONG) LET ANOTHER ENTITY ENTER HIM, SCEPTICS SCOFFED, YELLED, SCREAMED, ETC, ETC. THE POINT I WANTED TO MAKE WAS THAT WHY DID EVERONE GET UPSET? THE SKEPTICS WERE SCREAMING AT TIMES, ACTING AS IF THEY WERE ON A SOAP BOX. THE ONLY THING THAT PHIL'S GUESTS WERE DOING WAS EXPLAINING THEIR PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT CONDEMING OTHERS. I WOULD RATHER LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE THAN THE WHITE SUPERMECY PEOPLE, DEVIL WORSHIPERS, ETC, WHO BUILD THEIR PHILOSOPHIES ON HATE. I, PERSONALLY, KEEP AN OPEN MIND ABOUT PARAPSYCHOLOGY OR PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, FOR TWO REASONS: 1. I HAVE SOME STRANGE THINGS THAT HAPPEN TO ME AND I CAN'T EXPLAIN IT SCIENTIFICALLY, 2. IF I CLOSE MY MIND TO THIS, I LOSE A LITTLE BIT OF IMAGINATION AND POSSIBLITIES AND MAYBE EVEN FUTURE HOPE. THE REASON I KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS IS BECAUSE: 1. OBVIOUSLY, NOT TO BE LEAD AROUND BY PHONIES, AND 2. TO KEEP A SEEING EACH SIDE OF THE STORY. I MUST ADMIT, I GENERALLY BELIEVE THIS STUFF, BUT KEEP IN MIND THAT I ALWAYS KEEP THE OTHER POSSIBLITY IN MIND. AFTER ALL THAT, MY QUESTION IS SIMPLY THIS: WHY DO SKEPTICS, OR PEOPLE IN GENERAL, GET VERY UPSET WHENEVER THIS IS MENSIONED? IT'S NOT EVIL (UNLESS THE PERSON USING IT IS) SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM WITH KEEPING AN OPEN MIND? I APPERCIATE YOUR TIME AND ANSWERS, THANK YOU, FRANK A. From: Jim Speiser To: Frank Anastasio (X) Frank: It seems you have a good attitude towards the paranormal, and you raise some good questions. I think many skeptics (myself, alas, included) get worked up sometimes because we see so many otherwise intelligent people either wasting good brains or insulting the intelligence of others. I agree with keeping an open mind, UP TO A POINT. I draw the line at opening my mind to what is obviously garbage; otherwise, I would have to accept such fantasies as "gardens on the far side of the moon", "fairies", "Woman Gives Birth to 13-Year-Old", etc. Learning to distinguish fact from fantasy is very important to our progress as a species. A case in point is these channelers. Now I did not see the Donahue program you mentioned, but a friend told me about it and I will be receiving a tape of it. Channelers claim to be the conduits for ageless spiritual entities. It would seem to me that such entities would be able to endow us with knowledge so incredibly far advanced from our own that there would be absolutely no question of their validity. Yet I challenge you or anyone to provide me with one piece of knowledge gleaned from these channelers that can be substantiated, that puts us anywhere further ahead than we are in terms of our understanding of the universe. I can roll my eyes, change my voice, and spout metamagical platitudes with the best of them. Bet I could make money at it, too. If I'm not mistaken, another of Phil's guests on that show was Whitley Streiber, who wrote a book called "Communion" about his UFO abduction experiences. Be advised of two things: 1) I DO believe that UFOs are a genuine phenomena that may represent extraterrestrial visitations, and that some people may have experienced actual abductions by UFOnauts. 2) I do NOT believe Whitley Strieber is one of them. There is information surfacing which may show that Mr. Strieber is just another fast buck artist, cashing in on a craze. From: Jim Speiser To: Frank Anastasio (X) For example, Strieber claims not to have held any interest whatsoever in the subject until he realized that he may have been abducted. This occurred in January of last year. Yet Marge Christenson informs me that Mr. Strieber has attended the last TWO MUFON conventions, the first in St. Louis in -1985-! I think another reason we sometimes get upset at some bogus claims is that we want the real thing to stand out, we don't want it to get lost in the flurry of fluff and nonsense. Does that make sense to you? Thank you for your excellent message. --Jim From: Frank Anastasio To: Jim Speiser (X) DEAR JIM, THAT DOES MAKE SENSE TO ME. I TEND TO TRY TO BE IN THE CENTRE OF THINGS WHEN IT COMES TO DISCUSSIONS LIKE THIS, AND I SAW THE AUDIENCE GET SLIGHTLY UGLY OVER THIS. I NEVER HEARD OF THE MAN WHO WROTE "COMMUNION" (I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER HIS NAME,) AND I'M STILL NOT INTERESTED IN HIS BOOK. HOWEVER, I FEEL THAT I SHOULD HEAR WHAT HE HAD TO SAY AND WHAT YOU HAD TO SAY IN ORDER FOR ME TO MAKE AN INTELLEGENT DECISION. NOT TO STRAY OFF THE SUBJECT, BUT I BELIEVE THAT A LOT OF PROBLEMS START WHEN A PERSON, SEEING A NEW SITUTATION, DOESN'T SEE BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN. THAT'S WHY I BELIEVE IN KEEPING AN OPEN MIND. THAT'S WHAT GOD WANTS US TO DO, SO WE CAN LOVE HIM FREELY. EXCUSE ME FOR GETTING RELIGOUS, BUT IT'S A STRONG FEELING TO ME. ANYWAY, MY POINT IS THIS: HOW CAN WE LOVE GOD OR OTHER PEOPLE, WHEN WE DON'T SEE EVERYTHING COMPLETELY. I'M NOT SAYING THAT PEOPLE SHOULD TRY ALL RELIGIONS OR DRUGS OR EXPERIECES OR PHILOSOPHIES ETC, ETC. BUT AT LEAST LISTEN AND MAKE AN INTELLIGENT CHOICE. IT'S NOT HARD TO DO AND OFTEN THE RIGHT DECISION IS MADE. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT PEOPLE FORGET THAT. THAT'S WHAT BOTHERED ME ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN SHOW LAST WEEK. THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY, JIM, HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON, FRANK A.


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