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This document was originally distributed on Internet as a part of the Electronic Buddhist Archives, available via anonymous FTP on the node COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU The document's ftp filename and the full directory path are given in the coombspapers top level INDEX file. This version of the document has been reformatted by Barry Kapke and is being distributed, with permission, via the DharmaNet Buddhist File Distribution Network. [Last updated: 28 November 1993] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Zen Buddhist texts listed below have been translated from Japanese and rendered into a thoughtful English by the Diamond Sangha members, Honolulu, Hawaii headed by Robert Aitken Roshi. Although the basic work was done in the 1970s and the 1980s translations of some of the texts are not final as they tend to continue to be improved on and refined. These texts are used with gratitude and delight by members of several affiliated Zen centers and communities, including California Diamond Sangha, Santa Rosa and Berkeley, USA (headed by John Tarrant Roshi); Sydney Zen Center, Australia, and the Zen Group of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. [The final authoritative version of the sutras - as translated in Dec 1991 by Robert Aitken Roshi can be now found in the document called: diamond-sangha-zen-sutras.txt available from the coombspapers at the above internet address, or from DharmaNet as DIA-SANG.ZIP.] ============================================================= DAILY ZEN BUDDHIST SUTRAS Sydney Zen Centre, 251 Young St., Annandale, Sydney NSW 2038, Australia ============================================================= Purification ALL THE EVIL KARMA EVER CREATED BY ME SINCE OF OLD, ON ACCOUNT OF MY BEGINNINGLESS GREED, HATRED, AND IGNORANCE, BORN OF MY BODY, MOUTH, AND THOUGHT, I NOW CONFESS OPENLY AND FULLY. Vandana NAMO TASSA BHAGAVATO ARAHATO SAMMASAMBUDDHASSA Tisarana BUDDHAM SARANAM GACCHAMI DHAMMAM SARANAM GACCHAMI SANGHAM SARANAM GACCHAMI ============================================================= MAKA HAN NYA HARA MITA SHIN GYO KAN JI ZAI BO SA GYO JIN HAN-NYA HA RA MI TA JI SHO KEN GO ON KAI KU DO IS-SAI KU YAKU SHA RI SHI SHIKI FU I KU KU FU I SHIKI SHIKI SOKU ZE KU KU SOKU ZE SHIKI JU SO GYO SHIKI YAKU BU NYO ZE SHA RI SHI ZE SHO HO KU SO FU SHO FU METSU FU KU FUJO FU ZO FU GEN ZE KO KU CHU MU SHIKI MU JU SO GYO SHIKI MU GEN-NI BI ZES-SHIN I MU SHIKI SHO KO MI SOKU HO MU GEN KAI NAI SHI MU I SHIKI KAI MU MU MYO YAKU MU MU MYO JIN NAI SHI MU RO SHI YAKU MU RO SHI JIN MU KU SHU METSU DO MU CHI YAKU MU TOKU I MU SHO TOK'-KO BO DAI SAT-TA E HAN-NYA HA RA MI TA KO SHIM-MU KEI GE MU KEI GE KO MU U KU FU ON RI IS-SAI TEN DO MU SO KU GYO NE HAN SAN ZE SHO BUTSU E HAN-NYA HA RA MI TA KO TOKU A NOKU TA RA SAM-MYAKU SAM-BO DAI KO CHI HAN-NYA HA RA MI TA ZE DAI JIN SHU ZE DAI MYO SHU ZE MU JO SHU ZE MU TO TO SHU NO JO IS-SAI KU SHIN JITSU FU KO KO SETSU HAN-NYA HA RA MI TA SHU SOKU SETSU SHU WATSU GYA TEI GYA TEI HA RA GYA TEI HARA SO GYA TEI BO JI SOWA KA HAN-NYA SHIN GYO ============================================================= THE GREAT PRAJNA PARAMITA HEART SUTRA Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, practising deep Prajna Paramita, clearly saw that all five skandhas are empty, transforming all suffering and distress. Shariputra, form is no other than emptiness, emptiness no other than form; form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form; sensation, perception, mental reaction, consciousness are also like this. Shariputra, all things are essentially empty-- not born, not destroyed; not stained, not pure; without loss, without gain. Therefore in emptiness there is no form, no sensation, perception, mental reaction, consciousness; no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind, no colour, sound, smell, taste, touch, object of thought; no seeing and so on to no thinking; no ignorance and also no ending of ignorance, and so on to no old age and death and also no ending of old age and death; no suffering, cause of suffering, cessation, path; no wisdom and no attainment. Since there is nothing to attain, the Bodhisattva lives by Prajna Paramita, with no hindrance in the mind; no hindrance and therefore no fear; far beyond delusive thinking right here is Nirvana. All Buddhas of past, present, and future live by Prajna Paramita, attaining Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi. Therefore know that Prajna Paramita is the great mantra, the vivid mantra, the unsurpassed mantra, the supreme mantra, which completely removes all suffering. This is truth, not mere formality. Therefore set forth the Prajna Paramita mantra, set forth this mantra and proclaim: Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha! ============================================================= DEDICATION OF SUTRAS AT THE END OF SESSHIN In the purity and clarity of the Dharmakaya, in the fullness and perfection of the Sambogakaya, in the infinite variety of the Nirmanakaya, we dedicate the virtues of our sesshin and our reciting of "Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo" to the Ancient Seven Buddhas, Dai Osho, Shakyamuni Buddha, Dai Osho, all Founding Teachers, past, present, future, Dai Osho; and for the enlightenment of bushes and grasses and all the many beings of the world; in grateful thanks to all our many guides along the ancient way, all Buddhas throughout space and time, all Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas, the Great Prajnaparamita. ============================================================= SHO SAI MYO KICHJO DHARANI NO MO SAN MAN DA MOTO NAN OHA RA CHI KOTO SHA SONO NAN TO JI TO EN GYA GYA GYA KI GYA KI UN NUN SHIFU RA SHIFURA HARA SHIFU RA HARA SHIFU RA CHISHU SA CHISHU SA SHUSHI RI SHUSHI RI SOHA JA SOHA JA SEN CHIRI GYA SHIRI EI SOMO KO Veneration to all Buddhas! The incomparable Buddha-power that banishes suffering. Om! The Buddha of reality, wisdom, Nirvana! Light! Light! Great light! Great light! With no categories, this mysterious power Saves all beings; suffering goes, happiness comes, Swaha! ============================================================= DEDICATION FOR DAILY EARLY MORNING SUTRAS Our words ring out through space beyond the stars; their qualities of virtue and compassion echo back from all the many beings; we recite the "Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra" and the "Shosaimyo Kichijo Dharani" for renewal of the Buddha-mind in fields and forests, homes and streets, throughout the world, in grateful thanks to all our many guides along the ancient way, all Buddhas throughout space and time, all Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas, the great Prajnaparamita. ============================================================= FIRST SUTRA SERVICE DEDICATION Buddha-nature pervades the whole universe, existing right here now. With our reciting of "Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo," "Shosaimyo Kichijo Dharani," let us unite with: The Ancient Seven Buddhas, Dai Osho, Shakyamuni Buddha, Dai Osho, Bodhidharma, Dai Osho, Tozan Ryokai, Dai Osho, Dogen Kigen, Dai Osho, Keizan Jokin, Dai Osho, Daiun Sogaku, Dai Osho, Hakuun Ryoko, Dai Osho, Koun Zenshin, Dai Osho; all founding teachers, past, present, future, Dai Osho; let true Dharma continue, Sangha relations become complete; all Buddhas throughout space and time, all Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas, the great Prajnaparamita. ============================================================= HAKUIN ZENJI: SONG OF ZAZEN All beings by nature are Buddha, As ice by nature is water. Apart from water there is no ice; Apart from beings, no Buddha. How sad that people ignore the near And search for truth afar: Like someone in the midst of water Crying out in thirst; Like a child of a wealthy home Wandering among the poor. Lost on dark paths of ignorance, We wander through the Six Worlds; From dark path to dark path-- When shall we be freed from birth and death? Oh, the zazen of the Mahayana! To this the highest praise! Devotion, repentance, training, The many paramitas-- All have their source in zazen. Those who try zazen even once Wipe away beginningless crimes. Where are all the dark paths then? Tbe Pure Land itself is near. Those who hear this truth even once And listen with a grateful heart, Treasuring it, revering it, Gain blessings without end. Much more, those who turn about And bear witness to self-nature, Self-nature that is no-nature, Go far beyond mere doctrine. Here effect and cause are the same; The Way is neither two nor three. With form that is no-form, Going and coming, we are never astray; With thought that is no-thought, Singing and dancing are the voice of the Law. Boundless and free is the sky of Samadhi! Bright the full moon of wisdom! Truly, is anything missing now? Nirvana is right here, before our eyes; This very place is the Lotus Land; This very body, the Buddha ============================================================= AT THE END OF THE EVENING DURING SESSHIN The sky of samadhi and the moonlight of wisdom are the temple of our practice; our friends and family members guide us as we walk the ancient path; we dedicate the virtues of reciting Hakuin Zenji's "Song of Zazen" to: Rinzai Gigen, Dai Osho, Hakuin Ekaku, Dai Osho, and to the guardians of the Dharma and the protectors of our sacred hall; all Buddhas throughout space and time, all Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas, the great Prajnaparamita. ============================================================= TOREI ZENJI: BODHISATTVA'S VOW When I (a student of the Dharma) look at the real form of the universe, all is the never-failing manifestation of the mysterious truth of Tathagata. In any event, in any moment, and in any place, none can be other than the marvellous revelation of its glorious light. This realization made our founding teachers and virtuous Zen leaders extend tender care, with the heart of worshipping, to animals and birds, and indeed to all beings. This realization teaches us that our daily food, drink, clothes, and protections of life are the warm flesh and blood, the merciful incarnation of Buddha Who can be ungrateful or not respectful to each and every thing, as well as to human beings! Even though someone may be a fool, be warm and compassionate. If by any chance such a person should turn against us, become a sworn enemy and abuse and persecute us, we should sincerely bow down with humble language, in reverent belief that he or she is the merciful avatar of Buddha, who uses devices to emancipate us from sinful karma that has been produced and accumulated upon ourselves by our own egoistic delusion and attachment through countless cycles of kalpas. Then on each moment's flash of our thought there will grow a lotus flower, and on each lotus flower will be revealed a Buddha. These Buddhas will glorify Sukhavati, the Pure Land, every moment and everywhere. May we extend this mind over all beings so that we and the world together may attain maturity in Buddha's wisdom. ============================================================= EN-MEI JIK-KU KAN-NON GYO Ten Verse Kannon Sutra for Prolonging Life (Repeat three or more times) KAN ZE ON NA MU BUTSU YO BUTSU U IN YO BUTSU U EN BUP-PO SO EN JO RAKU GA JO CHO NEN KAN ZE ON BO NEN KAN ZE ON NEN NEN JU SHIN KI NEN NEN FU RI SHIN Kanzeon: Veneration to the Buddha. With Buddha I have origin; With Buddha I have affinity; Affinity with Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha; Eternity, joy, self, and purity. Mornings my thoughts are Kanzeon; Evenings my thoughts are Kanzeon; Thought after thought arise in the mind; Thought after thought are not separate from mind. ============================================================= AT THE BEGINNING OF EVENING MEETINGS Infinite realms of light and dark convey the Buddha-Mind; birds and trees and stars and we ourselves come forth in perfect harmony; we recite our gatha and our sutra for the many beings of the world; in grateful thanks to all our many guides along the ancient way; all Buddhas throughout space and time, all Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas, the great Prajnaparamita. ============================================================= SECOND SUTRA SERVICE DEDICATION The Buddha and his teachers and his many sons and daughters turn the Dhamma wheel to show the wisdom of the stones and clouds; we dedicate the virtues of reciting Torei Zenji's "Bodhisattva's Vow" and the "Enmei Jikku Kannon Gyo" to: Choro Nyogen, Dai Osho, Hannya Gempo, Dai Osho, Mitta Soen, Dai Osho, and to our relatives and companions of the past who rest in deepest samadhi; all Buddhas throughout space and time, all Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas, the great Prajnaparamita. ============================================================= SHIGU SEIGAN MON SHU JO MU HEN SEI GAN DO BONNO MU JIN SEI GAN DAN HO MON MU RYO SEI GAN GAKU BUTSO DO MU JO SEI GAN JO GREAT VOWS FOR ALL Though the many beings are numberless, I vow to save them. Though greed, hatred, and ignorance rise endlessly, I vow to cut them off. Though the Dharma is vast and fathomless, I vow to understand it. Though Buddha's Way is beyond attaimnent, I vow to embody it fully. ============================================================= ON OPENING THE DHARMA The Dharma, incomparably profound and minutely subtle, Is rarely encountered, even in hundreds of thousands of millions of kalpas; We now can see it, listen to it, accept and hold it: May we completely realize the true meaning of the Tathagata. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ end of file


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