C U F O R N Crescat scientia vita excolatur (Where knowledge increases, life is enobled) D

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C U F O R N ~~~~~~~~~~~ Crescat scientia vita excolatur (Where knowledge increases, life is enobled) Directors: ~~~~~~~~~~ -Joseph Muskat -Larry Fenwick -Harry Tokarz The Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Ontario in December, 1977, with its headquarters in Willodale, which is part of Toronto. Co-directors Joe Muskat, Larry Fenwick and Harry Tokarz have amongst them more than 70 years of UFO research. CUFORN has newspaper clipping service access, photo, magazine and report files, the use of polygraph and psychological stress evaluation devices and other equipment for use in its investigations. We try to provide technical and scientific consultants for every phase of research and investigation. We have a list of recommended books and magazines available at a cost of only $1.00 . A one-year membership is yours for only $19.00 (Can.), and is payable to CUFORN, Inc. by a cheque or money order. Our Hot-Line telephone number is ** 416-787-1935 **. Calls are taken at any time except between 11pm and 7am., EST. CUFORN's mailing address is listed below. We train and appoint field investigators, and have available a series of comphrehensive Sighting Report Forms for use by our members. Meetings are held only when something of major significance is reported. We have affiliations with other groups in Canada and around the world. CUFORN's aims are: to receive reports, check to see if any mundane causes explain the reported sighting; send out field investigators on close encounter, landing and abduction reports; have soil and plant analysis done; interview observers; draw conclusions, if possible, in final reports on cases; send these to other UFO groups; and adhere to our code of ethics, while maintaining a healthy skepticism and adherence to the scientific method. All reputable UFO groups and independent researchers are invited to join CUFORN or arrange affiliation. Members get the latest news on investigations and other news in the form of the CUFORN Bulletin every two months. Write or phone us to get a membership form. When we approve your application and receive your membership fee, we will send you a membership card and put you on the Bulletin mailing list. Sighting report forms will be sent to those who ask for them. All completed forms must be sent to CUFORN headquarters immediately after completion of an investigation. Membership qualifications are as follows: A minimum of five years of intensive UFO research including the reading of at least five books on the subject, OR ONE of the following: A university or college degree; experience or training in any one of these: insurance investigator, media reporter, astronomy, aeronautics, computer technology, electronics, photography, art, law enforcement, or public relations. U.S. and foreign membership fee is $21.00 per year in Canadian funds. Canadian U.F.O. Research Network P.O. Box 15, Station "A" Willodale, Ontario, Canada M2N 5S7 Ph.# 416-787-1935 CUFORN Staff: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ President: Joseph Muskat Corresponding Secretary: Lawrence J. Fenwick, B.A. (Journalism) Treasurer: Harry Tokarz Consultants: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Physics: David Harrison, Ph.D. George Hathaway, Ph.D., P. Eng. Eric R. Smith, B.Sc. Stanton T. Friedman, B.Sc. M.Sc. Astronomy: Rick Ivanoff Terrence Dickinson, B.Sc. M.Sc. Bruce D. Powell Aeronautics: Bruce D. Powell Claude Freeman Eric R. Smith, B.Sc. Linguistics: P.M.H. Maximilian Edwards, Ph.D. Computer Technology: Victor Lourenco Willy Smith, B.Sc. Regressive Hypnosis: David Gotlib, M.D.


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