FOIA # 30 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document # 30 Date Sent 07-26-1986 Subject 1953GEN.BU

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FOIA # 30 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 30 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 07-26-1986 Subject: 1953GEN.BURGESS 4602nd #2 CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DECLASSIFIED PER EXECUTIVE ORDER 12356, Section 3.3, NND 841508 By WG Lewis NARS, Date Jan 29, 1985. AFOIN-X/Lt Col Smith/tjc/71092 Wrtn 21 Dec 53 CONFIDENTIAL We think it would be well for your 4602nd people in the ZI, to discuss a particular sighting with the public or press, anytime the object can be identified. Meaning, if they can verify the object as a balloon, aircraft, helicopter, etc., go ahead and inform interested parties. However, for those times where the object is not explainable, it would be well to advise your people to say something on this order, "The information on this sighting will be analyzed by the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Dayton, Ohio", and leave it go at that. If your people get into analyzing the 10-20% area to the public, every news media across the country will pick up the story. For your information, we have requested ATIC to sub- mit to this office, a report that can be released to the public. If you desire we could forward to your office a copy of this report, that could be used by your agency, for release purposes. Sincerely yours, 1 Incl GEORGE E PERRY Cy of RSR #1 Colonel, USAF to ATIC dtd Directorate of Intelligence 21 Dec 53 fr D/I P.S. I am informed this letter is somewhat pre-mature, in that complete coordination has not effected on the regulation that puts you in this business; however, you might be able to use this in your pre- planning. OSAF-OP1 LT. R.C. WHITE AFOIN-X AFOIN-X Lt Col Smith Col Perry 2 CONFIDENTIAL FOIA # 31 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 31 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 07-26-1986 Subject: 1973 HELICOPTER ENCOUNTER CUFON Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington Freedom Of Information Act Document Files -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISPOSITION FORM AR 340-15: the proponent agency is The Adjutant General's Office. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference Office Symbol ) Subject ) ) Near Midair Collision with UFO Report -------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Commandor Flight Operations Off DATE 23 Nov 73 Cmt 1 83D USARCOM USAR Flight Facility ATTN: AHRCCG Cleveland Hopkins Airport Columbus Support Facility Cleveland, Ohio 44135 1. On 18 October 1973 at 2305 hours in the vicinity of Mansfield, Ohio, Army Helicopter 68-15444 assigned to Cleveland USARFFAC encountered a near midair collision with a unidentified flying object. Four crewmembers assigned to the Cleveland USARFFAC for flying proficiency were on AFTP status when this incident occurred. The flight crew assigned was CPT Lawrence J. Coyne, Pilot in Command,1LT Arrigo Jozzi, Copilot, SSG Robert Yanacsek, Crew Chief, SSG John Healey,Flight Medio,All the above personnel are member of the 316th MED DET(HEL AMB). a tenant reserve unit of the Cleveland USARFFAC. 2. The reported incident happened as follows: Army Helicopter 68-15444 was returning from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio and at 2305 hours east, south east of Mansfield Airport in the vicinity of Mansfield, Ohio while flying at an altitude of 2500 feet and on a heading of 030 degrees, SSG Yanacsek observed a red light on the east horizon,90 drgrees to the flight path of the helicopter. Approximately 30 seconds later, SSG Yanacsek indicated the object was converging on the helicopter at the same altitude at a airspeed in excess of 600 knots and on a midair collision heading. Cpt Coyne observed the converging object, took over the controls of the aircraft and initiated a power descent from 2500 feet to 1700 feet to avoid impact with the object. A radio call was initiated to Mansfield Tower who acknowledged the helicopter and was asked by CPT Coyne if there were any high performance aircraft flying in the vicinity of Mansfield Airport however there was no response received from the tower. The crew expected impact from the object instead, the object was observed to hesistate momontarily over the helicopter and then slowly continued on a westerly course accelerating at a high rate of speed, clear west of Mansfield Airport then turn 45 degree heading to the Northwest. Cpt Coyne indicated the altimeter read a 1000 fpm olimp and read 3500 feet with the collective in the full down position. The aircraft was returned to 2500 feet by CPT Coyne and flown back to Cleveland, Ohio. The flight plan was closed and the FAA Flight Service Station notified of the incident. The FSS told CPT Coyne to report the incident to the FAA GADO office a Cleveland Hopkins Airport Mr. Porter, 83d USARCOM was notified of the incident at 1530 hours on 19 Oct 73. 3. This report has been read and attested to by the crewmembers of the aircraft with signatures acknowledgeing this report. Lawrence J. Coyne Arrigo Jozzi _______________________ _____________________ Robert Yanacsek John Healey _______________________ ______________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DA FORM 2496 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOIA # 32 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 32 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 07-30-1986 Subject: 1976 IRAN INTERCEPT CASE CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 56 UNCLASSIFIED PRIORITY OCT1 MSG654 PAGE 01 267 0813 ACTION: NONF-OR. INFO: ATCZY UW RUFK JCS 97 17 76-0810 MTMS-CCCC--RJFFHQA_. NY CCCCC P 2308107 SEP 76 FM JCS INFO RUSHC/SECSTATE WASH DC RUFAIIF/C I A RUFOIAH/NSA WASH DC RUFADWW/WHITE HOUSE WASH DC RUFFHQA/CSAF WASH DC RUFNAAA/CNO WASH DC RUFADHD/CSA WASH DC P 2306307 SEP 76 FM USOAO TEHRAN TO RUFK.ICS/OIA WASH DC INFO RUFKUCS/SECDEF DEPSECDEF WASH DC RUFRBAA/COMIDFASTF OR RUDOECA/CINCUSAFF LINDSEY AS GE/INCF RHRAAB/CINCUSAFF RAMSTEIN AB GE/INOCN RUSNAAA/FUDAC VAIHINGEN GER RUSNAAA/UGCINCEUR VAIHINGEN GER/ECJ-2 RT C O N F I D E N T I A L 1235 SEP76 THIS IS IR 6 846 0139 76 1. (U) IRAN 2. REPORTED UFO SIGHTING (U) 3. (U) NA 4. (U) 19 & 20 SEP 76 5. (U) TEHRAN. IRAN: 20 SEP 76 6. (U) F-6 7. (U) 6 846 008 (NOTE RO COMMENTS) 8. (U) 6 846 0139 76 9. (U) 22SEP 76 10. (U) NA 11. (U) `INITIATE' IPSP PT-1440 12. (U) USDAO. TEHRAN. IRAN 13. (U) FRANK B. MCKENZIE. COL. USAF. :DA TT 14. (U) NA 15. (U) THIS REPORT FORWARDS INFORMATION CONCERNING THE SIGHTING OF AN UFO IN IRAN ON :19 SEPTEMBER 1976. A. AT ABOUT 1230 AM ON 19 SEP 76 THE ------------------------------- ----------------------------RECEIVED FOUR TELEPHONE CALLS FROM CITIZENS LIVING IN THE SHEMIRAN AREA OF TEHRAN :SAYING UNCLASSIFIED PRIORITY FOIA # 33 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 33 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 07-30-1986 Subject: 1976 IRAN INTERCEPT CASE CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRIORITY UNCLASSIFIED 57 OCT1 MSG654 PAGE 02 267 08L3 THAT THEY HAD SEEN STRANGE OBJECTS IN THE SKY. SOME REPORTED A KIND OF BIRD-LIKE OBJECT WHILE OTHERS REPORTED A HELICOPTER WITH A LIGHT ON. THERE WERE NO HELICOPTERS AIRBORNE AT THAT TIME.------------------------ ------------------------- AFTER. HE TOLD THE CITIZEN IT WAS ONLY STARS AND HAD TALKED TO MEHRABAD TOWER HE DECIDED TO LOOK FOR HIMSELF. HE NOTICED AN OBJECT IN THE SKY SIMILAR TO A STAR BIGGER AND BRIGHTER. HE DECIDED TO SCRAMBLE AN F-4 FROM SHAHROKHI AFB TO INVESTIGATE. B. AT 0130 HRS ON THE 19TH THE F-4 TOOK OFF AND PROCEEDED TO A POINT ABOUT 40 NM NORTH OF TEHRAN. DUE TO ITS BRILLIANCE THE OBJECT WAS EASILY VISIBLE FROM 70 MILES AWAY. AS THE F-4 APPROACHED A RANGE OF 25 NH HE LOST ALL INSTRUMENTATION AND COMMUNICTIONS (UHF AND INTERCOM). HE BROKE OFF THE INTERCEPT AND HEADED BACK TO SHAHROKHI. WHEN THE F-4 TURNED AWAY FROM THE OBJECT AND APPARENTLY WAS NO LONGER A THREAT TO IT THE AIRCRAFT REGAINED ALL INSTRUMENTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS. AT 0140 HRS A SECOND F-4 WAS LAUNCHED. THE BACKSEATER ACQUIRED A RADAR LOCK ON AT 27 NH. 12 O'CLOCK HIGH POSITION WITH THE VC (RATE OF CLOSURE) AT 150 NHPH. AS THE RANGE DECREASED TO 25 NH THE OBJECT MOVED AWAY AT A SPEED THAT WAS VISIBLE ON THE RADAR SCOPE AND STAYED AT 25 NH. C. THE SIZE OF THE RADAR RETURN WAS COMPARABLE TO THAT OF A 707 TANKER. THE VISUAL SIZE OF THE OBJECT WAS DIFFICULT TO DISCERN BECAUSE OF ITS INTENSE BRILLIANCE. THE LIGHT THAT IT GAVE OFF WAS THAT OF FLASHING STROBE LIGHTS ARRANGED IN A RECTANGULAR PATTERN AND ALTERNATING BLUE- GREEN, RED AND ORANGE IN COLOR. THE SEQUENCE OF THE LIGHTS WAS SO FAST THAT ALL THE COLORS COULD BE SEEN AT ONCE. THE OBJECT AND THE PURSUING F-4 CONTINUED ON A COURSE TO THE SOUTH OF TEHRAN WHEN ANOTHER BRIGHTLY LIGHTED OBJECT, ESTIMATED TO BE ONE HALF TO ONE THIRD THE APPARENT SIZE OF THE MOON, CAME OUT OF THE ORIGINAL OBJECT. THIS SECOND OBJECT HEADED STRAIGHT TOWARD THE F-4 AT A VERY FAST RATE OF SPEED. THE PILOT ATTEMPTED TO FIRE AN AIM-9 MISSILE AT THE OBJECT BUT AT THAT INSTANT HIS WEAPONS CONTROL PANEL WENT OFF AND HE LOST ALL COMMUNICATIONS (UHF AND INTERPHONE) AT THIS POINT THE PILOT INITIATED A TURN AND NEGATIVE G DIVE TO GET AWAY. AS HE TURNED THE OBJEAZ FELL IN TRAIL AT WHAT APPEARED TO BE ABOUT 3-4 NH. AS HE CONTINUED IN HIS TURN AWAY FROM THE PRIMARY OBJECT THE SECOND OBJECT WENT TO THE INSIDE OF HIS TURN THEN RETURNED TO THE PRIMARY OBJECT FOR A PERFECT REJOIN. D. SHORTLY AFTER THE SECOND OBJECT JOINED UP WITH THE PRIMARY OBJECT ANOTHER OBJECT APPEARED TO COME OUT OF THE PRIORITY UNCLASSIFIED FOIA # 34 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 34 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 07-30-1986 Subject: 1976 IRAN INTERCEPT CASE CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 58 PRIORITY UNCLASSIFIED OCT1 MS6654 PAGE 03 267 0813 OTHER SIDE OF THE PRIMARY OBJECT GOING STRAIGHT DOWN. AT A GREAT RATE OF SPEED. THE F-4 CREW HAD REGAINED COMMUNICATIONS AND THE WEAPONS CONTROL PANEL AND WATCHED THE OBJECT APPROACH THE GROUND ANTICIPATING A LARGE EXPLOSION. THIS OBJECT APPEARED TO COME TO REST GENTLY ON THE EARCH AND CAST A VERY BRIGHT LIGHT OVER AN AREA OF ABOUT 2-3 KILOMETERS. THE CREW DESCENDED FROM THEIR ALTITUDE OF 26H TO 15H AND CONTINUED TO OBSERVE AND MARK THE OBJECT'S POSITION. THEY HAD SOME DIFFICULTY IN ADJUSTING THEIR NIGHT VISIBILITY FOR LANDING SO AFTER ORBITING MEHRABAD A FEW TIMES THEY WENT OUT FOR A STRAIGHT IN LANDING. THERE WAS A LOT OF INTERFERENCE ON THE UHF AND EACH TIME THEY PASSED THROUGH A MAG. BEARING OF 150 DEGREE FROM EHRABAD THEY LOST THEIR COMMUNICATIONS (UHF AND INTERPHONE) AND THE INS FLUCTUATED FROM 30 DEGREES - 50 DEGREES. THE ONE CIVIL AIRLINER THAT WAS APPROACHING MEHRABAD DURING THIS SAME TIME EXPERIENCED COMMUNICATIONS FAILURE IN THE SAME VICINITY (KILO ZULU) BUT DID NOT REPORT SEEING ANYTHING. WHILE THE F-4 WAS ON A LONG FINAL APPROACH THE CREW NOTICED ANOTHER CYLINDER SHAPED OBJECT (ABOUT THE SIZE OF A T-BIRD AT 10M) WITH BRIGHT STEADY LIGHTS ON EACH END AND A FLASHER IN THE MIDDLE. WHEN QUERIED THE TOWER STATED THERE WAS NO OTHER KNOWN TRAFFIC IN THE AREA. DURING THE TIME THAT THE OBJECT PASSED OVER THE F-4 THE TOWER DID NOT HAVE A VISUAL ON IT BUT PICKED IT UP AFTER THE PILOT TOLD THEM TO LOOK BETWEEN THE MOUNTAINS AND THE REFINERY. E. DURING DAYLIGHT THE F-4 CREW WAS TAKEN OUT TO THE AREA IN A HELICOPTER WHERE THE OBJECT APPARENTLY HAD LANDED. NOTHING WAS NOTICED AT THE SPOT WHERE THEY THOUGHT THE OBJECT LANDED (A DRY LAKE BED) BUT AS THEY CIRCLED OFF TO THE WEST OF THE AREA THEY PICKED UP A VERY NOTICEABLE BEEPER SIGNAL. AT THE POINT WHERE THE RETURN WAS THE LOUDEST WAS A SMALL HOUSE WITH A GARDEN. THEY LANDED AND ASKED THE PEOPLE WITHIN IF THEY HAD NOTICED ANYTHING STRANGE LAST NIGHT. THE PEOPLE TALKED ABOUT A LOUD NOISE AND A VERY BRIGHT LIGHT LIKE LIGHTNING. THE AIRCRAFT AND AREA WHERE THE OBJECT IS BELIEVED TO HAVE LANDED ARE BEING CHECKED FOR POSSIBLE RADIATION ---------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE INFORMATION WILL BE FORWARDED WHEN IT BECOMES AVAILABLE. RT #9717 PTCCZYUW RUFKJCS9712 2670810:0130-CCCC 2670814 PRIORITY UNCLASSIFIED FOIA # 35 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 35 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 09-15-1986 Subject: 1986 BRAZILIAN FOIA CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Washington, D.C. 20301-6111 U-4,339/RTS-1 Mr. _______________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ Dear Mr. ___________: This responds to your request under the Freedom of Information Act dated 11 June 1986 for any documents concerning UFOs, any documents received from U.S. Embassies concerning the Brazilian UFO incident, and all documents pertaining to PROJECT MOON DUST. Upon review, it has been determined that there are 61 documents responsive to your request. Of these 61 documents, portions of 16 are properly classified and are not releasable. The properly classified portions withheld are exempt from release pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552 (b)(1), (b)(3), and (b)(5), Freedom of Information Act. Subsection (b)(1) applies to information properly classified under the criteria provided by Executive Order 12356. The statutory basis for invoking subsection (b)(3) is to be found at 50 U.S.C. 402, NOTE (Public Law 86-36). Subsection (b)(5) applies to inter- and intra-agency memoranda which are advisory in nature. All reasonably segregable portions of the 16 documents, absent administrative and classification data, are attached hereto. All substantive portions of three other documents are properly classified and are not releasable. There are no reasonably segregable portions of this exempt material. The properly classified portions withheld are exempt from release pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552 (b)(1), Freedom of Information Act. The remaining material is not forwarded because it is routinely deleted administrative and classification data unrelated to the subject matter of the request. The remaining 42 documents are attached hereto, absent administrative and classification data. You are advised that the documentation provied is the most legible available from our archives. You are advised that a requester may appeal, within 45 working days, an initial decision to withhold a record or part thereof. Should you wish to exercise this right, you may do so by referring to case #F0I-0504-86 and addressing your appeal to: Director Defense Intelligence Agency ATTN: RTS-1 (FOIA) Washington, D.C. 20301-6111 Sincerely, GORDON NEQUS Executive Director 58 enclosures a/s FOIA # 36 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 36 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 09-22-1986 Subject: 1980 BRAZILIAN FOIA CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Joint Chiefs of Staff Message Center RECEIVED JUN - 3 1980 VZOZCMLT565 7YUW MULT DIA RT3 - 2B ACTION 18134 DIA: DISTR IADB(01) J5(02) JE:NMCC NIDS SECDEF(07) SECDEF: USDP(15) ATSD:AE(01) ASD:PA&E(01) ::DIA(20) NMIC - CMC CC WASHINGTON DC - CSAF WASHINGTON DC - CNO WASHINGTON DC - CSA WASHINGTON DC - CIA WASHINGTON DC - SFCSTATE WASHINGTON DC - NSA WASH DC FILE (047) TRANSIT/1542115/1542207/0001525941542204 DE RUESLMA #4888 1542115 7NY CCCCC R 0220527 JUN 80 FM USDAD LIMA PERU TO RUEKJCS/DIA WASHDC INFO RULPALJ/USCINCSO QUARRY HTS PN RULPAFA/USAFSO HOWARD AFB PN BT SUBJ: IR 6 876 0146 80 (U) THIS IS AN INFO REPORT, NOT FINALLY EVAL INTEL 1. (U) CTRY: PERU (PE) 2. TITLE (U) UFO SIGHTED IN PERU (U) 3. (U) DATE OF INFO: 800510 4. (U) ORIG: USDAD AIR LIMA PERU 5. (U) REQ REFS: Z-D13-PE030 6. (U) SOURCE: 6 876 0138. OFFICER IN THE PERUVIAN AIR FORCE WHO OBSERVED THE EVENT AND IS IN A POSITION TO BE PARTY TO CONVERSATION CONCERNING THE EVENT. SOURCE HAS REPORTED RELIABLY IN THE PAST. 7. SUMMARY: SOURCE REPORTED THAT A UFO WAS SPOTTED ON TWO DIFFERENT OCCASIONS NEAR PERUVIAN AIR FORCE (FAP) BASE IN SOUTHERN PERU. THE FAP TRIED TO INTERCEPT AND DESTRY THE UFO, BUT WITHOUT SUCCESS. PAGE 1 00101111 FOIA # 37 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 37 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 09-22-1986 Subject: 1980 BRAZIL.FOIA PAGE 2 CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Joint Chiefs of Staff Message Center PAGE 2 18134 8A. DETAILS: SOURCE TOLD RO ABOUT THE SPOTTING OF AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT IN THE VICINITY OF MARIANO MELGAR AIR BASE, LA JOYA, PERU (168058, 0715306W). SOURCE STATED THAT THE VEHICLE WAS SPOTTED ON TWO DIFFERENT OCCASIONS. THE FIRST WAS DURING THE MORNING HOURS OF 9 MAY 80, AND THE SECOND DURING THE EARLY EVENING HOURS OF 10 MAY 80. SOURCE STATED THAT ON 9 MAY, WHILE A GROUP OF FAP OFFICERS WERE IN FORMATION AT MARIANO MALGAR, THEY SPOTTED A UFO THAT WAS ROUND IN SHAPE, HOVERING NEAR THE AIRFIELD. THE AIR COMMANDER SCRAMBLED AN SU-22 AIRCRAFT TO MAKE AN INTERCEPT. THE PILOT, ACCORDING TO A THIRD PARTY, INTERCEPTED THE VEHICLE AND FIRED UPON IT AT VERY CLOSE RANGE WITHOUT CAUSING ANY APPARENT DAMAGE. THE PILOT TRIED TO MAKE A SECOND PASS ON THE VEHICLE, BUT THE UFO OUT-RAN THE SU-22. THE SECOND SIGHTING WAS SURING HOURS OF DARKNESS. THE VEHICLE WAS LIGHTED. AGAIN AN SU-22 WAS SCRAMBLED, BUT THE VEHICLE OUT-RAN THE AIRCRAFT. 8B. ORIG CMTS: RO HAS HEARD DISCUSSION ABOUT THE SIGHTING FROM OTHER SOURCES. APPARENTLY SOME VEHICLE WAS SPOTTED, BUT ITS ORIGIN REMAINS UNKNOWN. 9. (U) PROJ NO: N/A 10. (U) COLL MGMT CODES: AB 11. (U) SPEC INST: NONE. DIRC: NO. 12. (U) PREP BY: NORMAN h. RUNGE, COL. AIRA 13. (U) APP BY: VAUGHN E. WILSON, CAPT, DATT, ALUSNA 14. (U) REQ EVAL: NO REL TO: NONE 15. (U) ENCL: N/A 16. (U) DIST BY ORIG: N/A BT #4888 ANNOTES JAL 117 PAGE 2 00101111 NNNN 0222087 FOIA # 38 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 38 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 09-22-1986 Subject: 1977 FAA REPORT CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------- AIR ROUTE TRAFFIC CONTROL CENTER 1801 East Loula Street Olathe, Kansas 6606l FEDERAL AVIATION APR 14 1977 ADMINISTRATION Mr. __________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Dear Sir: I am in receipt of your letter concerning your research on the mystery of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and I understand that you are participating in an international effort to establish contact with persons having past experiences involving UFOs. In June 1970, I had occasion to come in direct contact with a UFO. I was stationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with the Federal Aviation Administra- tion (FAA) and was flying with the Puerto Rico Air National Guard. In the early morning, a report had been received from two air carriers; Pan American, and a local carrier, Caribair, that at dawn a large balloon-like object was sighted drifting slowly southwestward at an approximate altitude of 5,000 to 7,000 feet. The object was detected on the Air Route Traffic Control Center radar and subsequently tracked. Movement appeared to be in a southwesterly direction at 4 to 8 knots per hour, varying slightly hour to hour. I was a member of a flight of 104s and a T-33 aircraft that went to the site where the object had been sighted to observe and to photograph it if possible. The object was visible from the ground at Isla Verde Airport, San Juan, Puerto Rico, lying low in the skies on a south southwesterly heading. Its appearance was similar to a balloon. After becoming airborne and flying towards the object, it became immediately apparent that it was at a very high altitude and was quite a distance away. The object was approximately 40 miles southwest of Ponce, Puerto Rico, at an altitude in excess of 60,000 feet, estimated roughly at 80,000 feet. Myself in a T-33 and four other pilots in f104s observed and photographed the object. The following details are noted: 1. It was a manufactured item. 2. It was at least 125 feet in width with the same approximate length. 3. It was shaped similar to the forward one-third of a speedboat hull with a flat rear section and a pointed nose section. (See sketch.) 4. There was an area of high reflectivity on the "keel" approxi- mately one-third from the nose of the object. (See sketch.) FOIA # 39 CUFON Computer UFO Network Document #: 39 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 09-22-1986 Subject: 1977 FAA REPORT PAGE 2 CUFON - Computer UFO Network Seattle, Washington FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DOCUMENT FILES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 5. The object remained oriented in a northeasterly/southwesterly direction with the nose pointed northeast; the stern to the southwest, and drifting slowly against the prevailing winds to the southwest about 8 knots per hour. 6. There were no signs of any type of propulsion unit on the object. Extensive gun-camera film was collected showing the object very closely. A B-52 from Ramey Air Force Base acquired the target on the radar. Upon "locking on," the B-52 received electronic jamming. The object was kept in surveillance throughout the remainder of the daylight hours and was lost after dark. The prevailing weather at the time of the incident was clear skies and unlimited visibility. The object was viewed by the majority of the popu- lation of the island of Puerto Rico; visible in plain sight for most of the day, and reported to all military intelligence activities, National Weather Service, etc. We have yet to receive a satisfactory explanation as to what the object was. The San Juan Star published a series of articles concerning the incident. I am presently the Deputy Chief at the Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center and would welcome any additional inquiries on this subject and perhaps I could direct you to where film could be obtained of the object. Thank you, CHARLES M. BUMSTEAD, Deputy Chief Kansas City ARTC Center


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