' CTAROT.CFG for CTAROT v1.1 ' Written by James R. Davis! ' (C) Copyright 1992 - All right

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'***** CTAROT.CFG for CTAROT v1.1 ***** '***** Written by James R. Davis! ***** '***** (C) Copyright 1992 - All rights reserved! ***** 'The following variables are constant and used throughout the CTAROT program 'to set up as a door. SYSOP'S: Do not change the name of any of these 'variables. You are allowed to leave some out, where noted, otherwise, they 'must contain the information necessary for the door program to operate 'correctly. Use MAKECFG.EXE to edit any of these variables automatically or 'you can use your text editor to do it manually. 'The BBSNAME variable will tell the door your BBS's name. BBSNAME=The No-Name BBS! 'The SYSOPF variable tells the door the sysop's first name. SYSOPF=James 'The SYSOPL variable tells the door the sysop's last name. SYSOPL=Davis 'The DOORFILE variable tells the door the name of the door file your system 'uses and where it is located. It can contain a drive and path. The 'current BBS door files supported are: ' ' PCBOARD.SYS - PCBoard version 12 and 14.x or above ' CALLINFO.BBS - Wildcat version 2.0 or above ' DOOR.SYS - GAP any version ' DORINFO#.DEF - RBBS and QBBS systems ' CHAIN.TXT - WWIV version 2.x or above ' DIRECT - Will get all info from modem and user. ' 'If your system type is not supported, please inform me of the technical 'layout of your BBS file format for door programs and I'll install it in 'new versions. You would then recieve the new version as well as a free 'registration for any one of my door programs. Until then I have included 'the DIRECT command that will ask the user for his full name before running 'the program. The defualt for this variable is DIRECT. If you use DIRECT, 'you must set the COMPORT variable to the comport to be used. DOORFILE=C:\BBS\PCBOARD.SYS 'The MAXTIME variable tells the door the maximum amount of time that a user 'may be in the door before exiting back to the BBS. If not included or set to '0 the time left currently on your system will be used. MAXTIME=30 'The KBTIME variable tells the door how much time to allow for no input from 'the user's keyboard before returning to the BBS. Default value is 5 mins. KBTIME=3 'The COMPORT variable tells the door which COM port to use for I/O functions 'to occur. This variable can be a number from 1 to 4. The comport should be 'found in the DOORFILE variable, but use this if DOORFILE=DIRECT or if you 'find that the comport that your system passes to the DOORFILE isn't correct. 'COMPORT=2 'The EXTRA variable can contain up to 70 characters of any message you would 'like to appear to your users. ' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ' [---+----|----+----|----+----|----+----|----+----|----+----|----+----] EXTRA=Support Shareware by contributing to this BBS!


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