Check out this enlightening conversation from Fido New_age_echo. It speaks to the phenomen

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Check out this enlightening conversation from Fido New_age_echo. It speaks to the phenomenon of personal Awakening. Date: 01-2494 (01:19) F:NEW_AGE0 Number: 3,737 of 4,202 To: ARWEN From: BEN POWER Read: NO Subj: IT IS EASY! Hello Dear Arwen! [...] -=> Quoting Arwen to [BEN POWER] <=- Ar> Hi again Ben! BP> If we think that it's hard, then the Universe will bend over BP> backwards to please us by reflecting that mind-picture as BP> reality. Ar> Yes, the first realization that Free Will included the freedom to Ar> screw things up as royally as can be was an eye opener for me :) Oh Boy! Me, too. "What a loooong STRANGE trip it's been...." or more correctly: "What a looooong strange trip IS BEN...!" BP> Paradox: It took me four decades of "struggle" to come to the BP> realization of how easy it is. The Universe is full of humor, and BP> loves a good joke along with the rest of us. Ar> Yes to the humor, but do you mean that the four decades was a Ar> joke of the Universe's? There I differ, I do believe that the Ar> Universe is sad about our pain and fear and struggle.. The Universe was not playing a joke ON was playing along WITH me... It will assist us in the creation of whatever realities we "want". I created every stumbling block and energy-sucking-black-hole I ever encountered. I don't see the Universe as being particularly sad...although it must be quite puzzled at times..."Com'on Guys! I started out as a really neat idea aeons ago...can't you get up to speed?" Rather than think of the Universe as sad, I see it as being benevolently neutral, in a sense. If we "want" to create sticky realities, the Universe may shrug Its shoulders...but It loves Us too much to disappoint us... The Universe does not experience "time" the same way we do. It does not have our sense of urgency...It KNOWS that everything will eventually work out. But our sense of urgency is a very important tool for Us, in the here and now. It really spurs us on. As a family of Beings, we're really very ambitious. The Universe loves this Aspect of ItSelf... In one sense, we are all the Conscious Mind of the Universe. When we're happy, IT's happy....when we're sad, IT's so on. In a very real sense we each have a responsibility to God/Goddess/All-That-Is to create joyous, energetic realities...THE IS is experiencing ITSelf through US. THE IS has issued a multidimensional wake-up call which is being experienced by each of us in his/her own unique fashion. For some of us, "Reality Creation" really strikes a chord deep within. BP> But when the realization came, it came instantaneously! In some BP> Eastern disciplines I believe this is called 'Satori'. An instant BP> Awakening. BP> I was 'suddenly' able to be Aware of my control BP> the ceaseless mind-chatter which passes for intelligent thought BP> in our species. It is in that mind-chatter that we encounter our BP> doubts and fears and blocks which cause us so much trouble. Ar> It is most interesting to me that it was such a sudden thing for Ar> you... for me the gestalts have been much more incremental. I Ar> have always maintained, though, that there is no reason why the Ar> process couldn't be more of a poof! kind of thing, and yet my Ar> choice has been more painstaking, it seems Yes. Good point. The gestalts are incremental. We each experience a series of Instant Awakenings, some more dramatic or "important" than others. My latest experience of an Instant Awakening was quite a leap. Several missing pieces of the puzzle "fell" into place...several questions were answered or dissolved. BP> Now, by doubts and fears I don't just mean the really gnawing and BP> obvious ones...I also mean the little subtle ones that are hidden BP> inside core beliefs. They are often disguised as 'wisdom' or BP> knowledge of how the 'real world' works, or 'caution'. They can BP> be manifest in such beliefs as "Nothing comes easy," or "life is BP> a struggle." Ar> Yes - most of my negativity was initially wearing some other Ar> hat.. Yes! That's why we have to take the time to become fully Aware of the contents of our minds. When we grow out of the belief that we ARE our thoughts and step upward into the realization that we CREATE our own thoughts, then we've begun a whole different ballgame. We are no longer bound by the old rules... BP> Now, we can spend our time struggling against those doubts and BP> fears, delving deep into our past experiences to see what caused BP> them, or... BP> ...we can simply release them. BP> ^^^^^^^ BP> Then it becomes easy to relax into Spirit and accept Its gifts. Ar> Again, how true, but I have delved and delved. Are you saying Ar> that you were able to skip straight from realization to release, Ar> without all the in-between? How were you able to bring it all Ar> into consciousness? Yes, exactly! Now, I agree with you about gestalts coming in increments. I "understood" the principles of reality-creation, yet I did not Understand. From the beginning I enjoyed success in my endeavors...but they were quite modest...After my "devestation" involving the IRS (Ohh! Look what THEY did to me....Look what's HAPPENING to me, etc.,) my family and I decided to enjoy quasi-hermithood in a rustic mountain cabin in Colorado...We withdrew a bit from the world...not in bitterness, though. We just decided we'd like the quiet calm of semi-isolation. We were able to create for ourSelves a modest standard of was poverty level, yet we _always_ got by...things always "happened" at just the right time to keep us from going under...we learned to relax into that reality and came to rely on the Universe to always come always does. When we needed fire wood, or a trip to the dentist or whatever, the required amount of money would come into our lives. And the more we relaxed into it and accepted it, the more smoothly it (the Universe) would function. But...I was having difficulty pulling off the really BIG creations. Now, I'm sure you're familiar with the foundational concepts...let's say a reality creator is envolved with the creation of wealth or abundance... s/he must first give herself "permission" to enjoy abundance, etc.,... We've all heard that one until it begins to lose its meaning. Ar> By that, I mean that the new, expanded image must be quite Ar> consciously chosen...what was your transition like? I hear in Ar> your energy extreme awareness of the resonance of Ease...which I Ar> feel is a pivotal part of the 'age to come'...were your years of Ar> struggle spent trying to reach it, or focused elsewhere? Yes, I was trying to reach it...but was still having trouble with the big ones...I had created the thought that I must first, somehow _create_ wealth in order to experience abundance. I meditated. I faithfully did my affirmations. I did it all by the book and, yet, our standard of living remained minimal. I was beginning to create a thought that I was a miserable failure as a creator.... I examined my thoughts and core beliefs. I had plenty of time...such is the luxury of a long winter spent huddled by an old wood-burning stove... I was experiencing the same problems that all creators face... You see, the more I "worried" about my hidden negativities, the more energy I was actually feeding them... Part of my awakening was the realization that I didn't need to find out exactly what the source of those negativities was (Hey... _I_ was the source. Big deal.) I realized that all I had to do was _release_ the negativity...not waste precious time figuring it ALL out! There's an entire medicine-show industry making tons of money perpetuating THAT myth. When we release our 'negatives', we are then in a place where we are able to deal with the roots of our "problem"...but, as it happens, the "problem" ,itself, dissolves. The little incidents in our lives which created those negativities lose their significance when we come into the Knowing that "I am creating my reality in THIS moment. What passed before is no longer of any value. I retain the lessons that I learned from those experiences, but I release the experiences themselves. I am creating my thoughts in THIS moment." This was of tremendous value for me...the realization that everything bouncing around in my little brain pan is of my creation in this moment. We are constantly re-inventing ourSelves moment by moment, whether we realize it or not... Now, I realize that to those who confuse psycho-babble with true communication, this is blasphemy! Doubts, fears, little negativities are a natural by-product of our social conditioning. They have no power in and of themselves...they need our energy to exist. They exist in the ceaseless mind-chatter that continously bounces off our brain-pans...when we do not realize that we create our own thoughts, we are truly out of control. When I re-visit the teachings of the ancient masters...Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc...I see reality-creation messages and tips... "As a Man thinketh in his heart, so is he," reads "You are what You think." We create our experience of life in moments. This is why forgiveness is so important. It is simply the release of negative thoughts in THIS moment. It has nothing to to with being a goody-two-shoes. The admonition to "Judge Not," is just sound, solid advice. Why waste a single moment creating a judgement-thought when you can be creating thoughts that put you where you want to be. We can begin to release using the helium-balloon exercise that you're familiar with...even if we can't exactly define the negativity in precise words...just put generic negativity, doubts, fears in to the balloon and watch them depart. We can become aware of the thoughts that are in our mind. We create those thoughts. We can begin to keep it only give our energy to the thoughts that serve us. When ever a doubt, fear or other such negativity crosses your brain path, simply say, "NEXT!" and get on with a consciously created thought which serves you well. When we cease to give any energy to our negativities, they atrophy and begin to disappear. To some, this will sound like the worst sort of "denial", while actually it is the sincerest form of empowerment and personal responsibility. Ar> I feel that those of us who are *intently* focused on both the Ar> ease part and the lala land (different post) part are rather few Ar> - but maybe I'm just now ready to begin connecting with them... Me,too. We're attracting like-consciousness's into our Reality. We are rather a few, but we're growing in numbers. I am always meeting new creators these days. It's becomming quite a hobby! hahaha There are two powerful tools that are probably at your library: "You'll See It When You Believe It" and "Real Magic" both by Wayne Dyer. Wayne addresses fellow creators in a unique and powerful way. Deepak, Shakti Gawain...Dr. Mary Ruwart...many others with unique slants and points of view on creativism...The AVATAR Foundation has been working on a network of reality creators for a couple of years, now. I understand their seminar is very good, though I've never tried it. We seem to be coming out of the closet. It's OK to talk about it now... hahaha! We can all help each other...share tips and tricks we've learned...offer encouragement. A friend of mine just informed me that Oprah Winfrey is openly talking about reality creation and global healing now....Isn't that a Hoot! If ever there was an audience who needs the empowering message of reality creation, it's the talk-show fans. This Awakening Whatchamacallit is a multidimensional event which is unparalleled in entertainment value! What a time to chose to be alive! I wouldn't have missed it for the world(s)... Ar> love and light, Arwen ...and empowerment and laughter! Ben


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