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UFO INFORMATION SERVICE SEATTLE, WASHINGTON ________________________________________________________________________________ COMPLAINT FORM ADMINISTRATIVE DATA DATE TIME 14 Aug 80 0730 KIRTLAND AFB, NM 13 Aug 80, Possible Hostile Intelligence Intercept Incident, PLACE Frequency Jamming. AFOSI District 17,BID, KIRTLAND AFB, NM SOURCE AND EVALUATION 1960th Communication Officer RESIDENCE OR BUSINESS ADDRESS 1960 COMMSq KAFB, NM PHONE 4-5098 ________________________________________________________________________________ REMARKS SUMMARY OF INFORMATION 1. On 13 Aug 80, 1960 COMMSq Maintenance Officer reported Radar Approach Control equipment and scanner radar inoperative due to high frequency jamming from an unknown cause. Total blackout of entire radar approach system to include Albuquerque Airport was in effect between 1630-2215hrs. Radar Approach Control back up system also were inoperative. 2. On 13 Aug 80, Defense Nuclear Agency Radio Frequency Monitors determined, by vector analysis, the interference was being sent from an area ( V-90 degrees or due East ) 0n DAF Map coordinates E-28.6. The area was located NW of Coyote Canyon Test area. It was first though that Sandia Laboratory, which utilizes the test range was responsible. However, after a careful check, it was later determined that no test were being conducted in the canyon area. Department of Energy, Air Force Weapons Laboratory and DNA were contacted but assured that their agencies were not responsible. 3. On 13 Aug 80, Base Security Police conducted a physical check of the area but because of the mountainous terrain, a thorough check could not be completed at that time. A later foot search failed to disclosed anything that could have caused the interference. 4. On 13 Aug 80, At 2216hrs,. all radar equipment returned to normal operation without further incident. 5. CONCLUSION: The presence of hostile intelligence jamming cannot be ruled out. Although no evidence would suggest this, the method has been used in the past. Communication maintenance specialists cannot explain how such interference could cause the radar equipment to become totally inoperative. Neither could they suggest the type or range of the interference signal. DNA frequency monitors reported the interference beam was wide spread and a type unknown to their electronical equipment. Further checks of the area was being conducted by Technical Services, AFOSI. 6. High command interest item. Briefings requested IAW AFOSIR 124-4 be completed at HQ AFOSI/IVOE. HQ CR 44 and 51 items. ________________________________________________________________________________


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