By The Sinistar, SysOp of Purgatory BBS I've been following your recent posts in the Night

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By : The Sinistar, SysOp of Purgatory BBS I've been following your recent posts in the Nightside echo about the Church of Satan, and just wanted it give you a little recent history on the organization you say 'Will never die until LaVey dies' I post this in Occult Studies instead of Nightside bcause you and I are both on Purgatory, so why echo a message across the U.S. when I can post to you here, and save myself money at the same time on LD bills. :-) In 1975, Dr. Aquino broke from The Church of Satan and formed the Temple of Set. His reasoning behind this (And I'll be brief) was that Anton LaVey had decided to sell the Satanic Priesthood. For $1000 you could buy yourself the degree of Priest III*. This totally went against everything the Church had stood for, so Aquino, along with approxamately 80% of the Priesthood left. This started the downcall of the Church of Satan. Skipping ahead to 1985. Anton and his "wife" Diane (Wife in parts because they were never really married) broke up, but signed an agreement to partition the house, and business off as partners. The agreement didn't work. In 1988, Diane filed suit against Anton claiming a history of violent and abusive behavior. Anotn blew off the suit and stated that the courts would ive up after a few years of hassling him...Wrongo! In August 1991, the court found in favor of Diane by default (As Anton had never bothered to appear in court on numerous occasions). She recieved a monetary amount of $536,500. Anton was given until 12/28/91 to either pay up, or sell his mansion (CoS HQs). On 10/18/91 Anton filed for bankruptcy, thus freezing the court order, and allowing him to stay in the mansion passed the deadline. On 12/29/91, Diane filed a motion with bankrupty court alleging that Anton filed for bankruptcy for the sole purpose of thwarting the court order. Another interesting provision of the court ruling : It was decided that The Church of Satan is a business, owned jointed by Anton and Diane. It is to be DISOLVED and the assets split 50-50 between the two. And that is where the CoS stands today. Bankrupt, and broken. -=Sinistar=- Purgatory


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