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***THIS FILE LEECHED FROM 'THE ANSWERS BBS' TEL: (03) 3808458*** ************WE SPECIALISE IN SUPPRESSED INFORMATION************* The following article is taken from New Dawn magazine - a magazine exposing consensus reality and publishing suppressed information. Sample copy for $5 can be obtained from: GPO Box 3126FF, Melbourne, 3001, AUSTRALIA. -------------------------------------------------------- The Cosmic Battleground Is Modern Man's Interest in UFOs the Response to an Ancient Pattern? By Yahweh Ben Yahweh Millions of people have seen objects in the sky that they could not identify, and many thousands have taken the time and trouble to submit written reports about them. The vast majority of these sightings could well be of such things as meteors, planets, stars, weather balloons, swamp gas, and atmospheric disturbances. There remain however, a significant body of experiences that are truly inexplicable. There is no doubt that disk shaped objects have been seen by a great many honest, sober, and mystified men and women. The objects have been tracked by ground-based and airborne radar and have been photographed by still and movie cameras in black and white and colour. The craft have been observed to hover, move straight up or down, and accelerate and manoeuvre at speeds far beyond the capability of any known aeroplane. Declassified documents obtained through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the mid-1980s prove that the United States government, the C.I.A. and Military institutions (and those of other countries) are very interested in the UFO phenomena years after they publicly claimed that their research on UFO's had ceased! The United States Air Force Project Blue Book was able to come up with a 'rationale' for all but 700 out of 12,600 cases of sightings between 1947 and 1969. Apparently, there was absolutely no way they could dismiss the 700 cases. Despite the best efforts of the powers-that-be to explain away each and every UFO sighting, every photograph or other bit of evidence, why is it that over 50% of the U.S. public believe that UFO's exist? The UFO phenomena is a persistent challenge to mankind. "I have come to these conclusions," states Robert Achzenner (author, lecturer and UFO expert). "The unknown objects and their manifestations are real; they are intelligently controlled; and no government authority or scientific agency knows what they are, where they are from, or why they are here." Psychologist Leo Sprinkle, of the University of Wyoming Division of Counselling and Testing (he is also a consultant for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization), interviewed dozens of people who claimed to have been aboard UFOs. He stated: "My guess is that they're more than just a physical phenomenon, that they're a psychic or spiritual phenomenon too." While Prof. J. Allen Hynek says UFOs originate in a "parallel reality." From the end of the second world war to the 1970s 'underground' UFO researchers came to the consensus, based on available data, that there were two distinct classes of UFOs. The basic position has been stated by the doyen of modern Ufologists, Brinsley le Poer Trench (Lord Clancarty), who concluded there were two types of UFO phenomena: one is benevolent, and has been around throughout human history; the other is hostile to humans, perhaps regarding human beings much like a scientist regards a laboratory rat. Noted writers such as John Keel have identified this latter type with certain 'dark forces' that have historically plagued mankind. Over the past three decades a third type of UFO has received increasing attention from Ufologists, these are man-made UFOs. There is a diversity of opinion over the specific origins of these man-made UFOs: A secret U.S. government project; a sinister alliance between extra-terrestrials and the international elites to produce crafts on Earth; and a surviving remnant of Nazi UFOs based at the South Pole; are a few of the numerous explanations canvassed by researchers. Now for the purpose of this article we will accept that UFO phenomena can be clearly classified under the following: 1. THE HEAVENLY HOST - Messengers from the Supreme Being of the Universe. They appear in radiant or perfect human form, sometimes associated with white light, having supernatural power. Their message directs man's attention heavenward. They are emissaries of truth, justice and ultimate reality. In this category we place the Elohim, an ancient plural Hebrew word that has the meaning of 'Mighty Divine Ones'. The Elohim are universe builders, while the Most High bears the name of Yahweh. 2. THE DARK GODS - Weird-looking 'aliens', 'dark forces' that treat humanity in a hostile, malevolent, manipulative manner, seeking to dominate and control the Earth. These are the Satanic forces, cruel gods and fallen angels of ancient lore. Their actions range from sexual assault, animal/human mutilation, psychic attack, to inducing trance states in subjects. They seek to keep humanity in its half-sleep of illusion, bound to the material plane. John A. Keel referred to these Dark Gods when he wrote: "'Why don't they contact us?' the sceptics ask. It might be better for us to ask, 'Why didn't they leave us alone?'" 3. MAN-MADE UFOs - While this article will not touch on this subject, there is, however a considerable - and ever growing - body of data that many UFOs are indeed MAN-MADE. [See other articles in this issue of New Dawn, and the interview with Nario Hayakawa in New Dawn No. 16 and 17] Using the first two categories to analyse primeval history and religion we can easily see how remarkably ancient and modern UFO data dovetail and correlate. Naturally they are always couched in the particular cultural paradigm of the era in which they occur. For instance, in the societies of classical antiquity, and in Biblical times, there is an abundance of documentation pertaining to 'visitations from above'. These take the form of encounters with 'angels', 'spirits', 'beings clothed in white' (and, more significantly, black), 'gods' appearing, and the endless records of fiery 'chariots', countless 'comets', swords of light, to the 'suns at midnight' and 'moons at midday'. Modern man, with his blinkered rationalistic-materialist vision and arrogance finds it well near impossible to evaluate the records of antiquity with contemporary paranormal phenomena. He therefore tries to reduce the 'signs, wonders and portents in the sky' assiduously recorded by the priests, prophets, savants and wisemen of antiquity to 'mass hysteria', 'ignorant superstition', or 'misinterpretation of natural things'. Reducing everything to this level creates a vacuum that inevitably leads to the blindness of humanism, evolution, moral relativism and conditioned mechanistic thinking. But then these are the 'fruits' of the modern world that limit and distort the human soul! What the Ancients Knew The Japanese have myths and legends which claim that their islands were first settled by beings who descended from the sky. These stories are a part of the Japanese culture. The Eskimos believe they were somehow transported to the Arctic circle in ancient times. The natives of the Sahara desert have folklore about blueskinned people from the sky who had such an impact that certain tribes still dye their skins blue in emulation of these ancient cosmic beings. Deep in the Bayan-Kara-Ula Mountains of China there is a tribe of diminutive people about four feet high. Hieroglyphs have been found in that region (on the border of China and Tibet) by Russian archaeologists. When translated, these records describe how members of the Dropa tribe came to Earth in some kind of spacecraft. The stone disks bearing these inscriptions have been dated at about twelve thousand years. Ancient graves have also been found there containing small human bodies with huge craniums and underdeveloped skeletons. According to Dr. Ivar Lissner the ancient peoples of China have existed on the Earth for thousands upon thousands of years. African skeletons discovered by anthropologists, buried in the caves of Kilimanjaro, have been dated from around 73,000 years ago. Many African religions tell us that the first people were sent down by the "Gods" to build the world, and in that remote "time before Time" there was no great separation of people from the Gods. But there came a moment when people offended the Gods by their acts of greed and selfishness, and the Gods decided to withdraw from the people. In some versions the Gods simply pulled up the ladder or rope which joined heaven with the world, and which the first African people could move up and down as they wished. The next time you hear an African American rap musician saying, "the original man is the Black man," you might consider that he is reciting a tradition carried down from the most ancient African myths. Today, the Nation of Islam in North America teaches that the Black man was the first man to arrive on Earth. The Black Muslims await the return of the 'Mother Ship' to take the faithful back to heaven prior to Armageddon. In the writings of the ancient Egyptians we have the story of their original homeland of Atlatcan or Atlantis. How in the days of this Golden Age the children of the Almighty (the Elohim) used to come and go from heaven to Earth in celestial chariots. The people of Atlantis could see these Elohim or celestial beings at times, and hear them and their music, but as they moved among them they could not hear a sound from their movement. Then one day evil beings came to Earth and led the people into all manner of depravity and rebellion. These Dark Gods seized control of Atlantis and the Elohim withdrew from their close contact with the people, with the result that a large portion of the Atlantean race became a prey to the selfish use of power and intermarried with the Dark Gods and their invading Serpent race. The ancient Akkadian records tell a similar story of how in the battle between the Great Gods, the evil deity brought warlike 'swordsmen and axemen' down to Earth from outer space. Then there are other arcane myths, legends and lore that tell of even older civilisations, such as Lemuria. How old races degenerated and disappeared altogether or were absorbed by the newly arrived dominant races. Also archaeologists digging in the Middle East have found artifacts which indicate that Neanderthal, CroMagnon, and modern man all existed during the same period. This not only shoots down the theory of evolution, but it suggests that modern man - a creature with a conscience and a consciousness - was separate and distinct from the primitive creatures. Of equal surprise to the evolutionists is the fact, discovered by recent excavation, of the suddenness with which civilisation appeared in the world. Dr H. R. Hall writes in his History of the Near East, "When civilisation appears it is already full grown". Did all Earth's ancient civilizations and peoples - and by extension our own - have their origins outside this planet? The myths, legends and sacred records of antiquity, together with the great discoveries of archaeology, confirm that the races and peoples of planet Earth are descendants of earlier civilisations which existed thousands, even millions, of years ago. These very civilisations owe their genesis to the direct intervention of beings from another dimension. This explains the finding of ethnology and anthropology, as Prof. Howells concludes in Mankind So Far: "The great, familiar racial stocks, the White, Yellow, and Black, obviously represent an ancient separation." As one of England's greatest 19th century scholars wrote: "Mankind sprang not from one, but from many centres over the globe! Turn whithersoever we may, on every hand, we behold the giant shapes of ancient empires, which flit like dim shadows evoked by a master hand!" Enter Adam and Eve The story of Adam and Eve can be found in the ancient writings of the Phoenicians, Sumerians, Hebrews, and many other ancient peoples. Traditionally, Biblical scholars have placed the genesis of Adamic civilisation at 4000 B.C., though others put forward an earlier date of approximately 5400 B.C. The Genesis story, as it is recorded in the Old Testament, far from discounting the thesis we have put forward above, actually verifies and clarifies it. The process of creation explained in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis may well have covered a quite considerable period of time. The opening verse of Genesis states: "In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the Earth." (Holy Name Bible) When the 'beginning' was we are not told. Ferrar Fenton renders this verse: "By periods God created that which produced the Solar Systems; then that which produced the Earth." Reading verse 2, we find a remarkable declaration, "And the Earth became without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Elohim moved upon the face of the waters." (Holy Name Bible) Note that in Hebrew, it says, "Now the earth HAD BECOME chaotic and empty." (See Rotherham's Emphasized Bible). That is, some early catastrophe had wrecked the earth, which was not "without form and void" before that (see Jeremiah 4:23-27). From verse 26 of the first chapter of Genesis we read: "And Elohim said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them rule over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heaven.... So Elohim created man in His image, in the image of Elohim created He him; male and female created He them. And Elohim blessed them and Elohim said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Earth..." Note that you cannot 'replenish' something that was never filled before. By the beginning of chapter two we are told, "Thus the heavens and the Earth were completed, and all their host." (Holy Name Bible) However, reading further in the second chapter we discover verses 7 and 8 stating, "And YAHWEH Elohim formed man [the Hebrew word ADAM] of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man [ADAM] became a living soul. And YAHWEH Elohim planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there He put the man [ADAM] whom he had formed." Verse 21 and 22 tells us: "And YAHWEH Elohim caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man [ADAM], and he slept: and He took the tsela and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the tsela which YAHWEH Elohim had taken from man, made He a women and brought her unto the man." (Holy Name Bible) Two Creation Stories Evidently, there are two distinct creation stories. The first chapter of Genesis deals with the Elohim's re-creation of the Earth over great periods and the bringing forth of men and women by the Elohim to "replenish the Earth." Chapter two relates how YAHWEH Elohim, at a period following the earlier Elohim creation, forms a physical body and places in it the "breath of life" so that "Adam became a living soul". Yahweh Elohim later makes the physical body of Eve out of a portion of Adam. Beginning with Adam and Eve, the Bible becomes the log book of the children of Adam and their relationship to their Most High Yahweh Elohim (see Genesis 5:1). The process of creation explained in symbols and allegory in Genesis chapter two is in a sense a specific microcosm of the universal creation, but it is particular to Adam. We are told that Adam was an androgynous being directly linked with Yahweh Elohim, the Most High of the universe. He was an 'ultraterrestrial' having a glorious celestial form enveloped with light and energy. Once his descent occurred, he was given a companion. Adam's mission was to facilitate the transference of the celestial children of Yahweh to Earth and the establishment of the Kingdom of Yahweh on this planet. The planet was already inhabited by various life forms. There were people who were the survivors of the great civilisations of antiquity like Atlantis, Lemuria and the "time before Time" when the Elohim walked with men. There were primitive animals, which might have included cavemen as well as lower beasts. There were also thousands, if not millions, of nonphysical beings from the world of higher frequencies. These beings are known as the fallen angels or the Dark Gods and they are identified in the Bible as the angels that rebelled. The Archangel Lucifer was once given dominion over many islands in the universe, chief of which was the planet Earth. Then, when he rebelled against the government of Yahweh, he retreated to the planet Earth, hence he is referred to as Satan and as the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4). We learn from the writings of Enoch that Lucifer travelled throughout the Universe on ships of fire and that angels formed the great couriers of his legions. Here on Earth the final combat shall take place. 'Advance party' Adam had a celestial body and had volunteered to come to Earth as what we might call the 'advance party' to commence the process that would see the sons and daughters of Yahweh incarnated out of the celestial realms. Transferred from heaven to Earth to do battle with the forces of the Adversary. Adam and Eve were given very specific instructions by their Heavenly Father Yahweh Elohim. The Book of Genesis tells us of the seduction of Eve by Lucifer and Adam's acquiescence, in direct violation of the divine law. Consequently, they 'fell' from their 'ultraterrestrial' state, lost their radiant glory and their bodies became wholly physical subject to sickness and death. Through the process of physical birth, their offspring were spirits trapped in the material plane. Now in mortal bodies of flesh, blind to their celestial origin the children of Adam moved out across the planet. The power of spiritual perception was mutated by the 'fall' and they were exiled on this planet. They became 'strangers and pilgrims in the Earth'. Of them the Psalmist wrote: "I [Yahweh] have said, Ye are Elohim; for all of you are children of the Most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. Arise, O Elohim, judge the earth: for Thou shalt inherit all nations." (Psalm 82) Yes, this was all within the Divine Plan of the ages. The Earth had come along way from the endless yesterdays and now was entering the final short round of human civilisation. The stage was now set for the battle between the children of the women and the children of Satan (see Genesis 3:15). A physical battlefield was being prepared. Is our contemporary interest in UFO's and outer space the response to some ancient pattern? The Last Days In our age there is a great dividing taking place. While many people are carried further and further into mental captivity and spiritual blindness, there is a remnant whose consciousness is stirring. A comparatively small group of scattered seekers are yearning for something long forgotten. In other words they are searching for their real roots, for they have been there. Could this be the stirring of the 'astral seed'? The awakening of an ancient memory? The greatest discovery may yet be the awakening of the sons and daughters of Yahweh to their relationship to Him, what they were originally sent here for, and how that mission is to be carried out. How they are to fulfil their responsibilities for the restoration of this part of the Universe that is out of adjustment. Then when all this is brought back to their remembrance they will truly appreciate the words, "lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh".


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