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Reuben Radding, Ipsissimus Aquino has provided me with some important information the echo should know about and perhaps you can comment upon. Evidently the Church of Satan, per court records, was actually a business since 1964. That point is debatable but I suppose that we can safely say that since Howard Levey (a.k.a. Anton LaVey, son of Michael J. Levey and Gertrude A. Levey of San Francisco) took direct control of the church business on or about 4/16/86, took large monies from the partnership proceeds not his own, and since that date the CoS has been the BoS and should not retain or utilize any church or church-like qualifications, including the title "Reverend". Four individuals pricked and deflated the balloon of "LaVey Legend". These people are Edward Webber, who revealed the truth behind the LaVey fictions (and was featured in an issue of the SCROLL OF SET, Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena, who exposed the fiction of THE SECRET LIFE OF A SATANIST, and the internal operations of the post-X "CoS", now known as the Business of Satan, also featured in an issue of the SCROLL, Texas journalist Lawrence Wright, who exposed a series of LaVey myths in the 9/5/1991 issue of ROLLING STONE, and last but not least Diane Hegarty, excommon-law wife of Howard Levey. Per court records, sworn under penalty of perjury, Michael and Gertrude Levey deeded to Howard and Diane (jointly) the house at 6114 California Street. Apparently in 1984 Diane left the house in fear for her life and in 1988 filed suite against Howard Levey alleging that Howard had a history of violent and abusive behavior and by violent threat wrenched Diane's rightful partnership portion from her. Diane sought and obtained in 1984, 1985, and 1986, restraining orders against Howard. In spite of these orders defendant Levey continued to threaten with violence plaintiff Diane Hegarty. In Howard's 6/1/89 answer to Diane's allegations he denies most of Diane's accusations and filed a counter suite alleging that Diane Hegarty defrauded him after signing the 1984 agreement (to partition the 6114 California Street house and identify jointly-owned personal articles at that address) by never intending to reside at 6114 California Street. Blanche Barton bursts upon the stage on 6/6/90 by sending a somewhat indignant letter to Diane's attorney complaining about the affects of the case upon Howard's health. (It seems that whenever Howard doesn't want to face the music he gets sick.) I'll paraphrase what Blanche Barton wrote in this letter to Diane's attorney... (1) At that time Karla LaVey and Blanche Barton have devised a plan wherewith Diane Hegarty can receive the funds Diane *feels* she is owed. (A settlement offer to be sure, but also an admission that something is owed Diane.) Via this process Howard will get the respite he needs to heal his overtaxed body. Blanche covers for Howard's habit of getting sick when it suites him. (I've heard that smart women fall for stupid men. Could this be a similar case?) (2) Karla and Blanche propose to establish a non-profit corporation (evidently one did NOT exist previous to this date) for the express purpose of SOLICITING funds from the *membership* of the BoS to pay off Diane Hegarty. They propose to spread the word via the BoS's internal newsletter giving the names, business phones and addresses of those who have filed against Howard in order for the membership to check on the gravity of the claims. Blanche warns that zealous members might get violent after they understand the severity of the legal allegations. Blanche stipulates that the BoS had never before solicited from anyone, but present circumstances made that necessary now. (3) Blanche stipulates her devotion to the BoS and Howard Levey for some 14 years. Blanche deplores Diane's six-year long series of "heartless attacks" on the now-weakening Howard and now offers to "donate" half the earnings (from her soon-to-be-published book) to Diane if only she will let Howard have the Black House and it's contents--even though Blanche considers Diane's actions no less than extortion. Blanche claims she is representative of thousands around the world. Something violent may occur. In August 1991, Superior Court Judge Ollie-Marie Victoire found for Diane Hegarty by *default*. Apparently Howard had expressed to Zeena and her mother some degree of contempt for the court system and that sooner or later "the idiots" would tire of their little game. Howard had refused to participate in reasonable discovery. Victoire points out that Blanche Barton's letter threatens violent action against Diane by blind zealots--members of the BoS. Per Dr. Aquino's information Victoire concludes: This court specifically finds that the defendant's conduct has been calculated and designed to prevent plaintiff from obtaining her rights to the jointly-owned real and personal property. He has disobeyed a court order and has suffered the consequences. He now seeks relief from the very court for which he has shown contempt in the past. The August 5, 1991 judgement has caused him to change his mind about the court system, but it does not appear that the law requires this court to help him at his late awakening. The court awarded Diane $536,500. Diane originally asked for $300,000. Howard was given till 12/28/91 to fork over the cold cash or sell the house and pay her from the proceeds. On 10/18/91 Howard filed for bankruptcy which froze Victoire's order and allowed Blanche and Howard to live in the house past the deadline. On 12/29/92 Diane filed a motion with the bankruptcy court alleging that "this bankruptcy was filed in bad faith for the sole purpose of thwarting the state court orders and/or judgements in the state court case. Sometime this month (Feb, 1992) the bankruptcy court will hear this case. Awaiting him is Diane's motion to dismiss his bankruptcy and to proceed with collection of awarded monies. Of special interest to Setians and this discussion is another of Victoire's ruling: A receiver will be appointed by the court, at defendant's expense, to prepare an accounting and inventory of all PARTNERSHIP assets, and upon completion of such an accounting a DISSOLUTION of the partnership will occur and all partnership assets will be split 50-50 between the parties. According to Ipsissimus Aquino, that partnership is interpreted as the Church of Satan, now known for the purposes of this article as the Business of Satan or more correctly as The Business Partnership of Anton LaVey and Diane Hagerty Doing Business As The Church of Satan. Conspicuous is the absence of any religious language in the court papers. There is no denial of the indirect claim the CoS is actually the BoS. Comments? I seem to remember your comment to Diane indicating something like "go get `em Diane." Would you like to comment upon the immediate future of the BoS and Blanche's indirect claim that you are being solicited for monies to pay off Diane Hegarty?


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