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Wonderland BBS * Billerica MA * (508) 663-6220 * @5803 Tuesday June 19, 1990 2:34pm Druidic Studies Texts 1DEGREE .TXT: 10k :Non-ADF Ritual for 1st degree initiation ADFCNDLM.TXT: 11k :ADF Candlemass Ritual ADFGROVE.TXT: 2k :List of all ADF Groves & Protogroves across the USA ADFRTUL1.TXT: 13k :Basic ADF ritual ADFWSC .TXT: 45k :Warriors, Soldiers & Cops - Oh My! ADFYULE .TXT: 13k :ADF Yule Ritual from Shadow Weaver Grove BRIGIT .TXT: 7k :Historical Brigit CELTDIE .TXT: 5k :Celtic Deities CELTNUM1.DOC: 6k :Celtic Numerology Pt. 1 CELTNUM2.DOC: 6k :Celtic Numerology Pt. 2 CELTNUM3.DOC: 2k :Celtic Numerology Pt. 3 DR101-01.TXT: 4k :Druidism 101 (pt.1 of ?) DRDCLERG.TXT: 20k :ADF's Circle System of Druidic Studies DRDINTRO.TXT: 11k :Druidism Explained (From DP #1) DRDPALEO.TXT: 15k :Paleo-Druidic Origins (From Dp #1) DRDPOLI .TXT: 8k :Political Implications on Revising Druidism (DP #1) DRUID .BIB: 9k :Bibliography of Druid Books & references DRUIDID .TXT: 10k :ADF Druidic identity EVALS .TXT: 3k :Grove Evaluation Form FAMDRD1 .TXT: 9k :Family Tradition Druid Speaks FAMDRD2 .TXT: 2k :Family Tradition Druid Speaks (Pt 2) FESTCALC.TXT: 3k :ADF Festival calculator LUGHNOTE.TXT: 2k :Notes on the God Lugh NEWGROVE.TXT: 14k :Ritual to consecrate a new grove PROCESS1.TXT: 5k :ALternative to Processional in Ritual STARWOOD.TXT: 5k :Political necessity for performing ritual at gatherings TRAINADF.TXT: 7k :Comments/recommendations on ADF training program WHATSADF.TXT: 6k :What is ADF?


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