Name Brigit. \ Bride (Scotland). \ Bridget (Irish). \ Saint Brigit. Symbols A golden branc

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Name: Brigit. \ Bride (Scotland). \ Bridget (Irish). \ Saint Brigit. Symbols: A golden branch of an oak tree. a well. the Shamrock. a Scallop shell. Usual Image: a triple Goddess so she is show as a young maiden, mother, and crone, depending on the time of the year. and their were some who thought of her as the goddess of both poetry and blacksmithing,and show her as being pale on one side of her face (the side that did the poety) and dark on the other (the side that faced the fire). Holy days: Febuary 2. once called Imbolg, this was later turned into Candlemas, or Saint Brigits Day, it is now known as Groundhogs Day! Imbolg ment "the surrounding belly", or "around the belly" in old Irish, it was thought of as the time of the beginning of spring, and was marked by the lighting of fires, and rituals for the benefit of the crops. Place of Worship: All over the place, she was very popular, (that's why they came up with the a phony Christian saint called St. Brigit, they could not get blot her out so they tryed to convert her.) but one of more popular places of Brigit worship was around water wells, it was believed that one could most easyly speak to Brigit via wells, this was put down, but not out, as "wishing well" are what many of the holy wells became, and the idea spred. Synodeities: Aphrodite (Greek). Shamrakh (pre-Islamic Arabic). Morgan (another Celtic). Juno (Greek/Roman). Details: There is not a lot known about the storys and worship of Brigit, but was was said to watch over women at the major points in their lifes, and was the goddess of spring, poety, love, kindness, the seas, and metal. and was worshiped by the Celtic peoples. Another thing that happened on Imbolic was the makeing of all the


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