B O O K S WOMAN AWAKE (BCF1 $7.95) by Christina Feldman a celebration of women's wisdom; c

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B O O K S ~~~~~~~~~ WOMAN AWAKE (BCF1 $7.95) by Christina Feldman a celebration of women's wisdom; clean, simple, basic methods enabling immediate meditation practice STORIES OF THE SPIRIT, STORIES OF THE HEART (BCF/JK2 $12.50) edited by Christina Feldman & Jack Kornfield parable of the spiritual path from around the world THE EXPERIENCE OF INSIGHT (BJG1 $9.50) by Joseph Goldstein evening talks and meditation instructions transcribed from a 30-day retreat INSIGHT MEDITATION: A Psychology of Freedom (BJG3 $14.95 Hardcover) by Joseph Goldstein favorite stories, key teachings, and answers to most asked questions about the Buddhist path of Insight Meditation SEEKING THE HEART OF WISDOM (BJG/JK2 $11.00) by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield transcribed evening talks with meditation exercises A STILL FOREST POOL (BJK/PB1 $8.50) by Jack Kornfield and Paul Breiter direct and simple teachings of Achaan Chah to calm the heart and open the mind A PATH WITH HEART (BJK4 $9.60) by Jack Kornfield a guide through the perils and promises of spiritual life TEACHINGS OF THE BUDDHA (BJK5 $5.00) edited by Jack Kornfield inspirational treasury of Buddhist writings; on freedom from suffering; perfection of wisdom BUDDHA'S LITTLE INSTRUCTION BOOK (BJK6 $6.95) by Jack Kornfield ancient teachings distilled and adapted for contemporary life LOVINGKINDNESS: THE REVOLUTIONARY ART OF HAPPINESS (BSS1 $16.00) by Sharon Salzberg discovering a deep and abiding happiness that illuminates our life with a natural radiance FIRE DANCE AND OTHER POEMS (BCT3 $ 10.95) by Christopher Titmuss a collection of responses from the Path SPIRIT OF CHANGE: Voices of Hope for a Better World (BCT4 $9.00) by Christopher Titmuss Christopher talks with Ram Dass, J. Krishnamurti, Joanna Macy, Fritjof Capra, Thich Nhat Hanh, Roger Walsh and others THE PROFOUND AND THE PROFANE (BCT5 $13.00) by Christopher Titmuss exploring the central questions of the spiritual life IN THIS VERY LIFE (BUP1 $14.00) by U Pandita collection of talks on experiencing liberation A GUIDE TO BUDDHIST MONASTERIES AND MEDITATION CENTERS IN THAILAND (BBW1 $3 00) for anyone interested in exploring long-term retreats or monastic life BEING PEACE (BTNH1 $7.50) by Thich Nhat Hanh teachings of understanding and love that are the foundation of "being peace" THE MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS (BTNH2 $8.00) by Thich Nhat Hanh clear and simple emphasis on basic practice that enables any reader to begin a meditation practice immediately AUDIO BOOK ~~~~~~~~~~ SEEKING THE HEART OF WISDOM (ABJG/JK2 $8.00) Read by Joseph Goldstein "The Path of Insight Meditation" [end]


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