PRACTICAL ALCHEMY(beginning) +quot;The Alchemist's Handbook+quot; by Frater Albertus ISBN

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PRACTICAL ALCHEMY(beginning) "The Alchemist's Handbook" by Frater Albertus ISBN 0-87728-181-5 Excellent book!! Very hard to find. "In pursuit of gold" by Lapidus ISBN 0 87728 360 5 "Gold of a Thousand Mornings" by Armand Barbault ISBN 85435 052 7 "Archidoxes of Magic" by Paracelsus c1975 Askin Pub. London "Works of Paracelsus" by Paracelsus(theory of Alchemy) SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY "The Philosopher's Stone" By Israel Regardie ISBN 0-87542-691-3 "A Christian Rosenkreutz Anthology," a collection of essays dealing with Alchemy as well as Rosecrucian philosophy by Paul Allen


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