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********************************************************************** *From: SHADOW WEAVER GROVE, PO BOX 5451, Billerica, MA 01821 * * An offically Chartered ADF Grove. Write for further info or * * Contact the main organization at thhe following address * * ADF, PO Box 1022, Nyack, NY USA 10960-1022 (include a SASE). * * * * Reprint Procedure: Neopagan, Druidic, Midievalist and all * *cultural publications may reprint any material written herein. * ********************************************************************** IMBOLG (CANDLMASS - BRIGIT'S DAY) Ritual 3-FEB-1990 ---------------------------------------------------- I. STARTING THE RITUAL A) Processional : Processional Chnt (Grove Fire) To enter thhe circle, each person must pass through four "gates", representing each of the Three Worlds and fire; Lad, Sea, Sky and Fire. As a bell is rung, each person steps to the first guardian, and is asked "What do you ask of the Gate of Earth (Sea) (Air)?" An answer is given or left unspoken, and the person is marked by teh Guardian (with mud, water and brush with a feather) and proceeds to the next Gate and is questioned again. The Guardian of the last gate, Fire, smudges the person before they enter the circle. The bell is held by fire. When everyone is in the circle, the chant changes to "Hoof and Horn", as the Guardians come into the circle and prepare themselves. B) Call to the Four Directions and Statement of Purpose: Druid #1: We greet you, Brother Wabun, Golden Eagle of the East. We ask tat you watch over us this night, and share with us your wisdom, Let your keen vision guard over the obstacles before us. We greet you, Brother Shawnodese, Guardian of the South, great Coyote. We ask that you walk with us this night, and guide us as we walk this path of learning. We greet you. Sister Waboose, White Buffalo of the North. Grace us with your company, and walk with us this night as we seek the wisdom that surrounds us. We greet you Brother Mudjekeewis, Great Bear of the West. Walk with us this night, and aid us in our journey to wisdom. ---Statement of purpose--- Senior Driud: This is the Imbolg, Brigit's Day. We honor Her as Patron of Bards, Teacher of Wisdom and Poetry, and as a Healer of the World. We honor Angus Og; Known as The Young Sun, protector of the Dawn Goddess, and a helper to all of Mankind. We honor the Goddess and God who bring us the promise of renewed Warmth and Renewed Life. C) Centering Meditation: Group meditation and collective unconsciousness: All present are brought together with a group meditation, to form a "group mind" to help everyone center and bring themselves together to work in accord. It will be in the tree meditation that the wards are activated. II. The Active Ritual A) Invoking The Gate Keeper Invocation of Ogma the Gate Keeper, or Mannanon in English: (Visualization is a triangle shaped iris opening) Gatekeeper of Fire: O Ogma, Lord of the Gates, Lord of Knowledge, open the ways for us. O Mannanon, master of the realm beyond the seas, grant us passageway to your kingdom. O great God of knowledge, we wish to walk your roads. Reveal to us your teachings, reveal to us the safe path. Come wash the nighttime clean; Come close the gap of darkness in between. We praise you for the brightness of your power. We praise you for the gift of knowledge. Guide us to the place we seek. Walk with Us Ogma! Walk with Us Mannanon! CHANT: We invoke theee Ogma, Opener of every Gate We invoke Mannanon, Opener of every Gate. You shall reach us, You shall teach us and reveal our fate. You shall reach us, You shall teach us and reveal our fate (repeat nine times) B) Consecration of the Waters: Druid of the Gate of Land: Spirits of nature, of the trees and rocks, of the animals and Earth, give us your favor and your companionship, share with us the bond of spirit and of life on Earth. Remember us and speak to us in our hearts. Give us your teachings and laugter, become one amoung us here tonight. Consecrate these waters. Behold the waters of life! (All Chant 'Fur and Feather') Druid of the Gate of Sea: Ancestors of long ago, be with us, give us your favor and wisdom, share with us the bond of kinship and of life upon Earth. Remember us and speak to us in our hearts. Give us your knowledge and your blessing, become one with us here tonight; Consecrate these waters. BEHOLD the waters of Life! (All Chant 'Blood of the Ancients') Druid of the Gate of Sky: Gods and Goddesses, be with us, give us your favor and your blessings, share with us the bonding of essence and our existance upon your sphere of life. Remember us and speak to us in our hearts. Give us your strength and your peace, become one amoung us here tonight. Consecrate these waters. Behold the waters of Life! (All chant 'Mother I feel you') C) Individual Offerings & Prayers: AT this point, all present that wish to may make an offering or offer prayers. The Gatekeeper of Earth starts and the next person sunwise around the circle picks it up. If they have an offering or a prayer they would like to make, they step forward and do so, the individual offerings to specific personal deities is done here. Set up the order before the ritual. D) Sacrifice with the willow branch: The Gatekeeper of fire makes a final offering of a willow branch, to send off the energy to the deities of the occasion. Our praise goes up with thee on the wings of eagles; our voices are carried up to thee on the shoulders of the winds. Hear now, O Angus Og, O Brigit; we pray thee, as we offer up this sacrifice of life. Accept it we pray thee, and cleanse our hearts, giving to us of your peace and life. E) Divination: A scrying is done with crystal/flame, to find if the gods have accepted our prayers and will be with us. If the omen is bad, offerinsg are made again (II.D.) If they are rejected thrice, the circle is broken immediately, and the ritual ended. F) The Fourth Consecration: A fourth cup is consecrated. Induction of Receptivity: (Litany of the Waters) (D1 can be the Gate of Fire, and D2 can be the group response. If group doesn't know responses, have a second person give them. D1: Of what doe sthe Earth-Mother give, that we may know of continual flow and renewal of life? D2: The waters of Life. D1: From whence do these waters flow? D2: From the bosom of the Earth-Mother, the ever changing All-Mother. D1: And how do we honor this gift that causes life? D2: By partaking of teh waters of life. D1: Has the Earth-Mother given forth of her bounty? D2: She has. D1: Then give me the waters! Final Consecration and Sharing: D2: O Brigit, O Angus Og, hear us and answer us! Hallow these waters! We your children have praised you, and now we ask from you healing, blessing, power and inspiration.... Behold the waters of Life! Passing sing/chant: (Grove Fire) III. The Work of the Circle. Somebody explains what we are going to do and why we are doing it. Affirmation of success: D1: Brigit and Angus Og have blessed us! D2: Every time we invoke them, they become stronger and more alert to the needs of their people. D1: With joy in our hearts, let us return to the realm of mortals, to do the will of the Gods and our own. D2: Yet, before we leave, we must give thanks to those whom we invited here today. IV. Closing: A) Thanking of the Gods and Goddesses: Druid: Gods and Goddesses of the old times, spirits of the old times and of this place, people of the old times and of our ancestors, our kindered, we thank you. B) Closing the Gate: Gatekeeper of Fire: O Ogma, Lord of the Gates, Lord of Knowledge, we thank you. O Mhannon, we thank you. Now let the Gates Between the Worlds be closed! C) Return from the group-mind, grounding and centering. Reversing the Tree Meditation. Libation: D1: To thee we return this portion of thy bounty, O Danu our mother, even as we must someday return unto thee. Final Benediction: D1: Let us gou out into the world, secure in the knowledge that our sacrifices have pleased the Goddess and God, and that we go forth upon the Earth under their protection. (This is when the wards and such are relaxed.) D2: We have finished this ceremony! D1: So be it! ALL: Biodh se! (Get back in and warm up) **************************** CHANTS USED IN RITUAL ***************** GROVE FIRE Grove fire, burn bright Kindled for the Gods delight Burn fire, rise higher Fire, guide us through the night. HOOF AND HORN Hoof and horn, hoof and horn All that dies shall be reborn Corn and grain, corn and grain All that falls shall rise again. MOTHER NATURE WAITS Mother Earth provides Mother Earth provides Mother Earth provides all for us to survive, Mother Earth Provides Mother Nature waits Mother Nature waits Because life never ends, she always begins again Mother Nature Waits BLOOD OF THE ANCIENTS It's the blood of the Ancients That runs through our veins And the forms pass, But the circle of life remains FUR AND FEATHER Fur and Feather and scale and skin Different without but the same within Great of body but one soul Through all creatures are the Gods made whole MOTHER I FEEL YOU Mother I feel you under my feet Mother I feel your heart beat Mother I feel your heart beat Father I see you where the eagle flies SPirit gonna carry me higher and higher SPirit gonna carry me higher and higher ****************************************************************** Transcribed into computer media by Joseph W. Teller, unofficial Grove Communications Liason and SYSOP at Wonderland BBS @5803 in WWIV Net, 508-663-6220, with permission of the Senior Druid. ******************************************************************


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