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THE GREAT WATCHTOWERS OF THE QUARTERS THEIR CONSECRATION AND FULFILLMENT Open as in 5'=6'. Draw the lamen of a Hs (Hiersus.T) over the tablet. O Hoor! Thou Great One of the Night of Time! Thou, Lord of Force in Matter! Fill, by this terrible symbol of thine Avenging might, the heart of this Creature of Talismans, with Force of Life Tremendous. !!!! ! (represents knocks. T) I am the Great Tablet of ______, Lord of Time and Death, the Bringer-Forth of Life: I have been fashioned in beauty, in harmonious colour; deep is my symbolism and profound, mighty are the names borne oon my breast. The Synthesis of the Forces of _____ am I! Blessed are the Poor in Spirit: by these proclamations comest thou not unto the House of the Rose. Draw diagrams of the Serpent and the Lightning Flash on the Tree of Life over tablet: reject, and readmit. Bring tablet to East (without the door) wrapped in black, bound, and chained. From Thy hands, O Lord, etc. Unbind, Lift Talisman. My Spirit shall not always strive with man, seeing that he also is flesh yet his day shall be an hundred and twenty years. Let the Binding of the Conjuration be made. Tablet fixed to wall by nails. Cross (+) drawn over it. Symbols of R.C. lifted above it. I invoke Thee, the great Avenging Angel HUA, in the divine name IAO, to place thine hand invisibly upon this tablet, compelling its obedience to the Living Breath. Creature of _____, in the name of Thoouth, Lord of the Secret Light: in the name HRU, set over the Operations of the Sacred Magic and this Thy Wisdom: in the name AVE, who first revealed The to Chanokh: in the names of God that govern thee (trace names and sigils) I conjure, constrain and very powerfully exorcise thee; and by the Glory of the Highest, I do bind thee, even as thou art now physically bound unto the Cross of Suffering: that thou be a pure habitation, a pure servant of the Rose and Cross: that thou conceal the mystery from all but those to whom I may reveal it: that thou obey my will, silently, persistently, accomplishing my commands: thus, in the Service of the Servant of the Light, shalt thou come unto thine own light, thin Own Divine Indwelling One, working under and with the Mighty Names of God inscribed upon thee: that thou dwell ever in harmony with thyself, lest one undo his brother's work: to seek ever to attract fresh power, life, and sense from the Universe, lest I destroy thee for a barren fig-tree. Finally, to this symbol of the True Rose and Cross be thou obedient, and to none other. Such are the words of this thy binding and obligation this day, in the Presence of the Divine One and of the Avenging Angel HUA. And - if thou dost fail herein - Let thy Rose be disintegrated and thy power with Magic cease. Let the Stigmata be placed upon the Tablet, with the Versicles appropriate. I, Perdurabo, Fra R.R. et A.C. etc am here this day: that I may consecrate, equilibrate and purify this tablet of _____. Further I will attract therein, as in a pleasant habitation, the forces of ______, severally and as an whole: that they may dwell therein in Light and Life and Love: ever ready to come forth, manifest into matter, at my word and will: untouched by any banishing ceremony that is not specially directed against them: ever abiding in the palaces and pyramids, the mansions of my Father's house. (Note. In pencil opposite the above A.C. wrote: - For [spirit sign] Open as Portal. Key 1. Pentagrams of Spirit 2. do EHNB 3. Exarp. Aquarius [sigil] in Spirit [sigil] 4,5,6. active for Air. Open as 2=9 Key 2 for Cherubic above Sceptre (? T) + (? and sword. ? T) Note ends. Draw over tablet the symbol of the Winged Globe, and the Ankh. Cover its face. The General and Especial Invocation now takes place. For each tablet open as in grade corresponding: first the general invocation: then line by line, corner by corner, invoke the Dwellers, using the Enochian Keys and the Pentagrams. For lesser angles etc invoke e.g. Fire of Air by pentagram of Fire with letter Shin placed therein. Use the names of God both without and within the tablet. This done, chain the tablet: draw the + and lift it. Stigmata as before and [cross & circle] above. Let touch the tablet to your R.C. Out of the darkness let the Light Arise. Speech of C. A. "I am the R and the L." Draw crook and scourge on tal(isman) and shroud it again. EX. DEO. NASCIMUR. IN. JEHESHVA. MORIMUR. PER. S. S. REVIVISCIMUS. Invoke the Light to abide both above and below the tablet. (As in 5=6) Speech of C. A. Tab(let) to altar. Crook and scourge again. Speech of C. A. from East. (? C.A. Consecrating Adept. T.) + on Tab. Lifted. I receive thee as a Brother of the Cross and Rose, in that Sign of Rectitude and of Self-Sacrifice. With R(ose) C(ross) touch tablet in 3 places. Words as 5 ®MDUL¯6®MDNM¯ 6 (Note. i.e as in the 5=6 ceremony of the Golden Dawn, as published in the Equinox and in Regardie's Golden Dawn. T.) Seal in mystic numbers and words. Draw Sephirotic crosses; mothers; planets and signs to show colour. Again draw crook and scourge and finally the diagrams of the Serpent and the Lightning flash on the Tree of Life. Thus, from the Darkness, and the Valley hast thou climbed the Mystic Mountain of Abiegnus. For about the Throne of the mighty One is a Rainbow of Glory and at his Feet the Crystal Sea. Therefore do I affirm thee Hodos Camelionis; thine is the symbol of The River Hiddequel. Remember thou, O Tablet of ____, thou who unitest Sphinx and Pyramid: remember this my Temple and my tomb: for it is the Chamber of the King. I now formulate upon thee the grip of the Grade, and do now declare in the Name of the Lord of the Universe, that thou art duly consecrated, and prepared as a pure and pleasant dwelling for the Names and Forces Divine, Archangelic, Angelic, Elemental or Demonic in you duly written and illuminated. Come away! and make us partakers of the Wisdom Undefiled. Close as in 5'=6'.


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