Note: This file came to me in MSword 6 format with embedded codes, and I could find no pro

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Note: This file came to me in MSword 6 format with embedded codes, and I could find no program to convert it to ASCII. The following is all the information that I could extract. Glenda ----------------------------------- 29/7/94 ASHTAR COMMAND - NEWS FLASH CHANNELLED BY - DANA SUMMER Time shift (Greenwich Deactivation ) Dear Dana. I would like to inform you that the Earth as from last Tuesday is experiancing TIME SHIFT, i.e, As this has been a spasmotic shift, intermitant, we are expecting as from twelve hours ago a more balanced state for this natural phenomenon to transpire around the planet. These spasams have been coming in lots of seconds, twenty three minet and fifty minet segments, this has been directly activated by JUPITURES activation. As the on going energy fields of Jupiture continues OUT so will the TIME SHIFTS continue to be enhanced and manifest throughout this vibrational increase. As the days pass the length of time that disappears will extend until this reality PHASES OUT until it crosses over, A GRADUAL DISAPPEARANCE OF TIME as you perceive it. GREENWICH TIME will cease to exist in reality. So these time shifts come in pockets around the planet and gradually connecting, enveloping the entire Earth and this Quadrant focusing on ascension. It can be explained as a wave of light (information) sweeping around the planet from one longitude point to another until the entire globe is embraced. This will be partly responsible for the earth to align naturally to the access points, being the 12 Pyramids fully activated, connecting all merridians of the earth. These points are the access or VORTEXES by which our ships will enter. These VORTEXES are fully operational and protected, as we have plotted new highways in the skys, every part of this surface is covered, designated to ASHTAR COMMAND INCOMING FLEETS. As this is the next stage coming into fruition for ADVANCEMENT towards PHYSICAL contact with you all on planet earth. This will only take a very short time initially as our approach has to be a delicate operation with the correct approach towards humanity, there is a lot of fear implanted in the human consciousness and we are aiming to negate this by a direct approach towards the PUBLIC, we are bypassing Earth protocole, what there is of it, this will be a confrontational experiance for the PUBLIC to realize they are not alone in the universe and that their Governing Powers treated them like naive children by not disclosing, informing and preparing them for this awsome awakening. This confrontation for the ones in denial, will experience deflated egos, etc. Most with out realizing it until the moment arises will greet us with open arms, to know that somebody cares about you all and want to share with you this LOVE we take as our natural birthright. We cannot procrastinate any further with this consciousness. Our agreement with Mother / Father Earth is to relieve them of this torturuos terminal affliction. Everyone is tired of this repetitive and boring game. PHYSICAL CONTACT IMMINENT [ some text lost in conversion ] people at this presant moment when the time comes down here, and SUPPORT w that you all have been denied of self distruct. Give a thought to the Star Seeds that incarnated here under great duress to inform and enlighten you to a better way of LIFE. Thank you dana for diligent focus and love Rainbow bridge merging your Love Ashtar Standby..1, (Rainbow bridge ),


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