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21st-25th /7/1994 ASHTAR COMMAND - NEWS FLASH CHANNELLED BY: DANA, CASSANDRA, BETHRAN & TAISS. REPAIRING THE DAMAGE ******* EXPLANATION: REPAIRING JUPITER'S and EARTH'S AXIS AND REALIGNING, ACTIVATING GRIDS and SUPPORT SYSTEM. + REINFORCING THE LASER GRID FOR JUPITER AND EARTH , CREATOR'S SEAL ( EXPANDED CORES ) + New Transmutation or Grace KEYS. # The Ascension process has just been -put back on line. # Time - space warp shift occurring. # Creator's decree - all process to be initiated from Earth, Ground Control, and Ashtar command. # Galactic confederation & governments decreed to come on-line under the Ashtar command and make all available resources available. # Ashtar Command decreed to maintain full communication with Earth and ground control. # Creator's decree - ascension process to be completed concurrently with the Earth by the creator itself and by the entire omniverse. # Jupiter is to be given understanding of transmutation and responsibility, etc. # The four aspects (on every level) activated to Jupiter, from Earth, as an understanding of its experience. Today we are moving from a 7 chakra / 7 coloured spectrum manifesto, to a 13 chakra / 13 colour spectrum manifesto here on Earth activated through the grid system. This alignment begins now as you all are grounding the information tone back to the Ashtar command and the Galactic Federation. Giving us and informing us of all your aspects, your ability to transmute what you have achieved here on Earth, giving us an understanding so that we may communicate with you when you are home. As you (Ground Control) have been misunderstood here in this extreme duality and separation from a support system that we the Ashtar etc. take for granted. The damaged masculine is now aligning to the understanding of duality, as the feminine infusion within the planet grid system gives the understanding for change.. This will transform the masculine into a balanced state. As Earth and Jupiter fully support each other with their new agreement, to energetically connect core to core, Jupiter masc./fire, Earth fem./water, in other words becoming twin planets, creating a new orbit, configuration of eight. Both will be receiving on their chakra ( Grid ) system the same information with the Creator's new experience and knowledge of transmutation through this extreme battle with struggle in duality and survival within separation, also within the masc. and fem. conflict. The creator's previous role was to inform. The new role now is to receive as well (feminine). This solar system is the key including the Pleiades and the Orion, etc, Star Systems, being the conclusion of duality, resolved to a greater degree within this Earth and Jupiter experience. Earth now informs the consciousness to start the transmuting procedure through the heart. As from now, Sun 3:15 p.m., 24/7/1994. This transmission will be transmitted throughout all known universes to inform all known physical aspects ( man form, etc, Planets ) of the creator to start receiving this new formula ( itself, the ability to resolve ), as the Earth transpires to a full support system of the incoming love energy so does the consciousness living on its surface. In retrospect this new informing information is escalating in an energy field around your aura and your planet Earth. This membrane is fully receiving. THE CORE (example; UNIVERSES CORE, THE CELLS CORE, THE PLANETS CORE, SPACESHIP CORES.) This core is the centre of being within EVERYTHING. The core of everything has to have full knowledge and support from the creator to keep living. As the Earth was cut off from the support system ( Survival at this critical point of evolving ), its final focus was to self destruct unless it received the support & the information it needed in order to progress further on into the ascension process . The Ashtar informs you, etc., of new keys in the GROUNDING ROD. 116-118-204-209-117-208-606-110-203-202- In this sequence is the original coded keys for natural technology put in place at the beginning of creation. We now introduce new keys of GRACE. 6010-6070-6089-6079-6077-6099-6010-6066-6006-6000-6060-6070-6071-6077-7777- 7077-7707-7770-7007-7000-7700-0007 These new coded keys of transmutation are the learnt and resolved aspects of the creator justified, released to all Cores for the purpose of coming to terms with full balanced masculine polarity at its highest point of understanding at this present time. We now have full feminine focus. . This energetic combination is now being transmitted in a simple pulsating tone ( base chakra). On a heart level you will all on Earth become connected to this 5th dimensional, energetic understanding, focusing in two ways. To us, your experience, to you, our support. This is unprecedented. Without this connection we the Galactic Federation cannot fully resolve and incorporate this experience of yours without understanding it, in order to heal it . So this game cannot be repeated elsewhere. This reconnection is what we call the rainbow bridge, and this is the physical result and the physical manifestation of the entire omniverse ascension; Earth within this quadrant being the focus of this game. As from this week prepare yourself for ascension as Earth cannot support the human consciousness as it is. Earth's agreement is to heal separately from humanity. Each being takes personal responsibility for this healing to transpire with full support. Jupiter has agreed to give Earth's surface the signal to leave as Jupiter transforms through fire storms from the meteors impact unavoidably affecting your third reality, you will see the colours of change manifest. Even the sleeping will see with the naked eye. Earth and Jupiter are the capstone for the beginning of peace on Earth. There will be talk of Jupiter in a new orbit with Earth, and new energy fields emitting rays of new information being received by your scientists. It is becoming obvious to them, the rhythm of change is evident. As this new energetic spectrum of life comes into full force, your Sun will begin to change color increasing fire storm activity, etc., as these new energy fields come into full effect allowing this full alignment encompassing this Solar System within this Quadrant to take affect. Love Ashtar. N.B. COPYRIGHT (C) 1994 BY SPECTRUM LIFE FORCE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, INCLUDING THE RIGHT OF REPRODUCTION, IN WHOLE OR IN PART IN ANY FORM. ALL CORRESPONDANCE VIA MAIL TO : SPECTRUM LIFE FORCE, P.O. BOX 5, CHADSTONE CENTRE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3148. OR VIA SPIRIT BBS MAILBOX - NAME: TAISS QUARTAPA.


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