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28/7 1994. ASHTAR COMMAND - NEWS FLASH CHANNELLED BY - DANA SUMMER EDITED BY- BETHRAN, TAISS SHIP PROTOCOL 2 Dear Dana, In the course of the last few days, I Councillor Kyron of the Gallactic Council aboard the Ashtar, will have inform you that the latest protocol procedures are in motion. As you know, the overwhelming course of events that have transpired in the last week has enabled us to focus on our physical advancements to the planet Earth. Your transmutable status is being received by our ships' cores connecting fully to your core vibration. The 4th dim hierarchy and connecting malevolent extraterrestrial controlling parties (governments and World Powers etc.), of this planet, have been diminished to a controlable extent, we are left with the third dimensional reality Elite system, your bureaucracy, still in place here, with their controlling interests now in decline (losing their grip). As we have the ability to bypass their technology NOW. This of course has no effect on our armada's approach to your surface. As I wish to inform you that we have come to understand how to transmute your reality's negativity through your overwhelming focus and ability to teach us. This negative energy directly affects our ships. This is why it has taken us so long to begin our physical descent. The ability to transmute the negative aspects of yourself has reached an understandable status within us and our cores, giving our ship's cores the ability to understand transmutation within your third reality physical environment. This allows our ships, also physical entities, to transmute instantly within and around their outer perimeter, within your atmosphere. The ships don't receive any damage because they have the understanding of how to be proactive within this intensely focused negativity as they enter the membrane of your reality. We also believe 100%, that you have been able to successfully accommodate the high love vibration of the new Earth coming into full bloom. As a result, we are able to blend and balance Earth's new energies within you. As you do have a greater understanding of the damage of duality than us, in the 5th and other known universes and their dimensions. Of course all ships approaching the 1st wave (starseeds only) will have the privilige and ability to board without any physical stress to your bodies. We cannot predict what your emotions will be, and as we see, there will be no incubation period from third to 5th reality vibration, as your third physical reality begins to blend and transform with your physical light body and etheric; all other aspects of yourself are coming into one focus for your new life in the stars.... I have come to understand Earth negativity and separation from direct experience; (I will not go into greater detail at present). I have not replaced Ashtar but have been appointed to the position of commander Kyron to bring about the first incoming fleets. Their function is to begin the evacuation of our precious star seeds. Commander Kryal assumes overall command, known as Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, of all that will follow. Love Commander Kyron.


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