Title: Paint Remover The Official Journal of the Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions,

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Title: Paint Remover From: AMER Intelligence The Official Journal of the Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions, Volume 1, Number 1. copyright 1991 by AMER and the respective authors. All rights reserved. (Permission to reprint has been granted by AMER.) AMER member Michael A. Aquino has won a legal battle with Harper Collins Publisher over their recent publication of the anti-Satanic hate book _Painted Black_: "From Drug Killings to Heavy Metal, the Alarming True Story of How Satanism is Terrorizing our Communities." The book's author is Carl Raschke, a religious studies professor at the Methodist Church-sponsored University of Denver. _Painted Black_ includes a chapter filled with defamatory lies and distortions concerning Aquino and the Temple of Set. Aquino's attorney has concluded an out-of-court settlement with Harper Collins Publishers. As a result of this settlement, all future editions of _Painted Black_, including the paperback edition scheduled for current release, are required to indicate the following: 1. Raschke's statements that charges were brought against Mr. and Mrs. Aquino in the Adams-Thompson affair must be eliminated or corrected to state that there have never been any such charges. 2. Future editions will no longer claim child-abuse allegations were made against Aquino. These were actually made against a Baptist minister, Gary Hambright, with whom Aquino had no connection whatever. 3. The text has been amended to acknowledge that the Aquinos were living in Washington, DC during the time period in which the chaplain alleged that they had abused his stepdaughter in San Francisco. 4. The text has been amended to acknowledge that the Adams-Thompson allegations were not the cause of the Army undertaking an investigation of its day-care centers. 5. The text has been amended to acknowledge that Dr. Aquino was never transferred from any Army assignment because of the Adams-Thompson attack. 6. The text has been amended to correct Raschke's allegation that Aquino was unconcerned about the tragic inmates as the Niederhagen concentration camp in Nazi Germany. Aquino had expressed his concern over that tragedy. A number of similarly false and defamatory passages will remain in the chapter as Raschke's opinions rather than "statements of fact", since U.S. libel laws do not prevent people from expressions of opinion, only from lying about indisputable facts. The Aquinos do not plan to pursue further legal action, as they feel that such a suit would be "repulsive, time-consuming, and expensive." Aquino says, "I made a decision that neither my time nor that of the Temple was worth such an undertaking, particularly if the major falsehoods could be corrected now via a settlement." _Painted Black_ still has trouble in store for Raschke and Harper Collins. The Ordo Temple Orientis now has commenced formal litigation concerning the book, and _Painted Black_ is achieving a reputation as the last gasp of the "Satanic Crime" scam of the 1980's. Responsible readers nationwide have expressed revulsion over the book's coarseness, bias, and persistent falsehoods. In spite of its overall sleaziness, _Painted Black_ is being widely recommended by psychiatric social workers who specialize in "ritual child abuse". AMER urges our members and readers to spread the word of the book's errors and to speak out whenever they see it being cited as a reliable source. /end of article/


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