Affirmations To Nuit Nuit is the Star Goddess of Space, the total of possibilities of ever

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Affirmations To Nuit Nuit is the Star Goddess of Space, the total of possibilities of every kind. She is the Goddess of Combinations, unrestricted, infinite as the stars. Black as the first swirlings of Space and Time. Bright as the Stars. Her only sin is restriction, anything which would keep the possible range of combinations lower than possible. The utter simplicity and universal applicability of this as a strategy or standard for evolution is instantly obvious if our own genetic material is used as an analogue. The combinations available to DNA in the fusion of sperm and egg are inconceivably large, and it is this wide range of possible combinations that enable us to evolve as a race. Another way of thinking of combinations is as options. Individual freedoms are a matter of how many options you have. Nuit is everything and every experience you have. There is no moment of pain or pleasure that is not freighted with the vast momentum of her ecstacy to the man or woman that is doing their will. In fact, in the end every moment of ones life can be purified in the crucible of her body. At no time and in no sphere or plane or dimension will her joy, her power, as infinite as the stars and vault of the heavens, leave you once you have opened yourself to her. Nor does she demand aught in sacrifice-- except all your limitations and pains. She demands no sacrifice and makes no punishments, for once you have felt her joy her absence is everything but that one thing, and there is no price or power or saving grace that will replace her. She is a magickal link with everything. Ice and fire. The earth that you stand on as you admire the milky way. These affirmations are best used immediately before or after the reading of Nuit's chapter of Liber AL. The Neo-Thelemoid Clique of the Orgone Committee has used them to excellent effect. Feel free to combine these affirmations with any Magickal/Alchemical acts to give them a greater charge. (Try using each one at the point of orgasm for 11 separate acts of Sex Magick for example.) The first chapter will never be the same to you again after you have taken these Oaths. They will make the First Chapter alive to you in ways that it might never have been otherwise. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I AM OF THE FEW AND SECRET. I DARE TO BIND NOTHING. I DARE TO FOLLOW THE THREE ORDEALS OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE. I DARE THE MANTRAS AND SPELLS THE OBEAH AND WANGA, THE WORK OF THE WAND AND SWORD. I DARE TO DELIVER MY WILL FROM THE LUST OF RESULT. MY SOLE WORD OF SIN IS RESTRICTION. I DARE TO SEEK YE THROUGH THE FOUR GEMMED GATES. LOVE IS MY LAW, LOVE UNDER MY WILL, AND I SHALL TAKE MY FILL AND WILL OF LOVE AS I WILL, WHEN WHERE AND WITH WHOM I WILL. I SHALL DO MY WILL AS THE WHOLE OF MY LAW, AND NO OTHER SHALL SAY NAY. I DARE TO ACCEPT YOUR UNIMAGINABLE JOYS ON EARTH; CERTAINTY, NOT FAITH WHILE IN LIFE, UPON DEATH; PEACE UNUTTERABLE, REST, ECSTACY. MY NUMBER IS 11. Interested in communicating with the Orgone Committee and/or the Neo-Thelemoid Clique? Write to: Neo-Thelemoid Clique C/O Orgone Committee P.O. Box 614 Vanbrunt Station, Brooklyn NY, 11215. (Enclose 9 X 12 SASE with 10 .29 cent stamps or just 11 .29 cent stamps for reply.) Or call: BaphoNet (718) 499-0513 and (718) 499-9277. Leave messages for William Hunter. Or call William Hunter direct: (718) 788-9223. SEX IS PEACE TRUE WILL NOT SLAVERY


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