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21/7/1994 ASHTAR COMMAND - NEWS FLASH CHANNELLED BY - MERVYN MULLER. TRANSLATED BY - CASSANDRA. EDITED BY - BETHRAN, TAISS LOST SOULS: CREATOR TRANSMUTES & RESOLVES EFFECTS OF PAST CONFLICTS. Due to the resolution of duality within all sectors of creation, all unresolved or damaged aspects of the Creator are being healed or reprocessed. Reason being that these damaged/lost planets and souls need to once again understand their connection to the creator/ or their larger aspects. Most of these damaged souls have been split apart on a physical and soul level, by death rays and atomic bombs from the space wars. These wars were focused between the Rebels & the Confederation over who was going to dominate the Universes. The masculine polarity universes were preserved. Many feminine energies (civilisations-planets) were blown up by the Rebels & the Confederates allowed these devastations through free will. As a result most planets and the people on them suffered expendable and painful deaths. There are millions of ships circling the areas in which the masses are fragmented and the crews have the job of collecting any pieces that still hold the identifiable information to recreate the building blocks of that soul or planet. The cores of our ships or planets always hold the information of any soul that merges with them (boarding them). When these souls died , fragmented, most cores which also held their information were also destroyed so when we find these graveyards so to speak , the little information that is held within these fragments cannot be matched, so we send the fragments back to the Creator to be reprocessed so another soul can be recreated. The devastating aspect of all of this is that if the soul's information is so scattered , all the experiences and views of creation via that soul/aspect of the creator is forever lost. This process is the very essence or goal which drives the creator. Not only that, but the knowledge that soul or planet had may have been vital for the creator to know, so the game could have been understood clearer to the Creator. To expand this concept further, the creator learns through its aspects and the more views it has on the situation or game, the object is seen clearer. So all the creator's aspects are vital to it. The reason why this is being resolved now instead of before is that the creator is continuously learning from the experiences of its aspects and up until now the understanding of the importance of taking responsibility itself was not understood. This is because the aspects that focused on diplomacy in the resolution of duality were misunderstood and responsibility was not taken for them. The very core of the creator has not understood until now what has transpired within its physical aspects. The creator has not understood the consequence of not decreeing on all levels the understanding of the loss of so many persons; In other words nothing is to be expendable. The creator has personally decreed it shall take responsibility to resolve all its aspects in order to come to an overall understanding of the damage that can occur with the lack of perceiving so called illusions of death. The game of duality has been denied and hence been empowered by the objective higher aspects of creation..(elohim, angelic kingdom,Councils of Light & the Confederation of planets ). All the aspects and games being played out by the creator were not validated hence creating an energetic imbalance (damaged masculine polarity at its most focused), with extremely destructive consequences. This is how and why the non-responsibility of the destruction of planets and souls has not been resolved. A shield of misunderstanding on the so-called beings of higher knowledge have failed until now to see the damage, therefore it could not be resolved for healing to take place. One needs to see all sides so the damage isn't dragged out. The Creator now decrees all to be valid from their perspective to come to a conclusion of duality. This decree came as all do in a form of energetic keys. These keys are held within the cores of millions of ships which are clearing the unresolved devastation. If any of the fragments have a consciousness still they can understand the decrees so they can make a decision to heal their devastation, (feelings of abandonment). If a soul was a rebel against the creator it can have the information available to them so that they can understand the reason why they rebelled. It is now being heard and incorporated within the next game. These souls which rebelled , mainly did because they weren't happy with the Creator's point of view that all is expendable because more can be created anyway. This is how, Natural Law, the creator shall reestablish and inform all uninformed and damaged aspects to heal, for there is no judgement. We are all assisiting the prime objective of learning as much as possible. That means no more negation. Love, the Ashtar Command and the Creator.


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