Affirmations To Hadit This is best used in a Circle immediatly before or after reading the

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Affirmations To Hadit This is best used in a Circle immediatly before or after reading the Second Chapter of Liber AL. Feel free to combine these affirmations/oaths with any other Magickal or Alchemical acts that will charge them with more power. We leave that to your own imagination! Try using one affirmation each at the point of orgasm for 11 seperate acts of sex magick, for example.) Your Will allowing, these affirmations will allow the Second Chapter to live for you in ways that it never has before! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I drink to the eight and nintey rules of art so that I may exceed!, exceed! I am thy Hermit at all the joy. I dare to live long and desire death much for I am thy King, my body dissolving in ecstacy. Khabs is the name of my house, and 418. I dare beauty and strength, leaping laughter, delicous langour, force and fire. A feast every day in my heart in the joy of your rapture. I dare to not cry why, invoking because. I dare to not veil my vices in virtuous words. To worship you, I dare to take wine and strange drugs, and they shall harm me not at all. I dare to obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet, I will find new symbols to attribute them unto. I dare to work the formula 0=2 Interested in communicating with the Orgone Committee and/or the Neo-Thelemoid Clique? Write to: Neo-Thelemoid Clique C/O Orgone Committee P.O. Box 614 Vanbrunt Station, Brooklyn NY, 11215. (Enclose 9 X 12 SASE with 10 .29 cent stamps, or just 11 .29 cent stamps for reply.) Or call: BaphoNet (718) 499-0513 and (718) 499-9277. Leave messages for William Hunter. Or call William Hunter direct: (718) 788-9223. SEX IS PEACE TRUE WILL NOT SLAVERY


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