DATE OF UPLOAD: June 30, 1989 ORIGIN OF UPLOAD: ParaNet Alpha CONTRIBUTED BY: Michael Corb

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DATE OF UPLOAD: June 30, 1989 ORIGIN OF UPLOAD: ParaNet Alpha CONTRIBUTED BY: Michael Corbin and Jim Speiser ======================================================== (C) Copyright 1989 ParaNet Information Service All Rights Reserved. THIS FILE WAS PREPARED BY PARANET ALPHA -- PARANET INFORMATION SERVICE PARANET ALPHA 1-303-431-1343 9600 BAUD DENVER, COLORADO NOTE: THESE FILES ARE NOT FOR REDISTRIBUTION OUTSIDE OF THE PARANET INFORMATION SERVICE NETWORK ======================================================== . By Michael Corbin ParaNet Director . DENVER, CO--Recently ParaNet placed a file in it's News Library concerning Dr. Scott Corder and his on going battle with the medical authorities in the state of Kansas over his 'strange beliefs' about UFOs. According to the article (31789KS.UFO), Dr. Corder came to fame after claiming to be in contact with an 'Amorcan' named 'Peter' who claims to represent the 'good side of the force.' This relationship between Dr. Corder and Peter has yielded some highly controversial material, which you will see, has been instrumental in his medical license being revoked and his career as a medical doctor stopped short. What little background that we have on this thus far seems to indicate that Dr. Corder and a confident, Donna Butts, have had some prophetic and apocalyptic revelations told to them by this entity known as the Apostle Peter. . I recently interviewed Dr. Corder by telephone at his home and he told me what has led up to this point. What I found particularly interesting was the story that he told me about how he came to the attention of the Medical Review Board for the State of Kansas. Dr. Corder was an investigator for CUFOS and was contacted by them to investigate Donna Butts' story of having alien contact. Upon contacting Ms. Butts, Dr. Corder began to become involved in what was taking place between Ms. Butts and 'Peter.' He began to become concerned when he was told that President Bush could be in danger of an assassination attempt in late 89. He was instructed by 'Peter' to send this information to the White House and he was shortly contacted by the FBI and investigated for providing this information. During the course of the investigation, the FBI notified the Kansas State Medical Board and Dr. Corder was ordered to undergo psychiatric examination in Topeka, Kansas immediately or his license to practice medicine would be revoked without further notice. Dr. Corder did attend one evaluation and was ordered to attend a second one. He refused at this point citing that it was a violation of his privacy. Shortly after that his license to practice medicine was revoked. I asked him if he had had any complaints of malpractice and he told me no. In response to all of the publicity that Dr. Corder had been receiving, People Magazine contacted him about doing a story on his contact. Dr. Corder agreed, however shortly after that, People Magazine withdrew citing that they had been contacted by government agents and told to "shelve the story." At the time of this writing, this has not been verified, but we will check this out. Dr. Corder sounded very sincere, however the nature of the revelations are very apocalyptic and remind one of Biblical prophecy. A full story on this case will be provided following the investigation by ParaNet. . What follows are a list of predictions that were sent to ParaNet concerning the future according to 'Peter.' Please note the UFO and UFO related predictions that are made and how they relate to the environmental and economic predictions. Before reading this material, it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with the article mentioned above so that you may get a better background about Dr. Corder. ParaNet is also conducting an investigation into the nature and content of the material. At this time, we are rating this as highly unreliable and unsubstantiated and wish our readers to understand that until the investigation is complete, this material must be viewed with a high level of skepticism and caution. Again, the nature of this material is highly controversial and ParaNet does not make any warranties about it's truth. We will continue to update this material as it becomes available. Your comments are welcomed. . ----------------------------------------------------------------- . Current Prophecies: written on June 11, 89 . 1989 . 1. Oklahoma earthquake (4.0 to 6.0) soon, probably before Aug. 89. 2. New leader of Iran, new [Iattola, ibid.], is worse than first. Small war breaks out in Persian Gulf, USA is involved. 3. Probable attempt on President's life in August. 89, if he is in the southeastern USA during that month. 4. Huge earthquake located on Kansas/Missouri stateline now to late Aug. 89. 5. Ivan comes to USA in 89 and easing into power in Russia in late 89. Ivan is the False Prophet. [ed. note: We are attempting to find out who 'Ivan' is.] 6. Dormant volcano erupts in Hawaii in 89. 7. Hurricane in Gulf of Mexico in 89, UNPARALLELED! 8. Events to bring the Bush Administration down in late 89. Possible nuclear warhead? Nicaragua involvement? 9. Limited nuclear exchange between now and March, 1991. 10. Government in trouble with evil ET's. Comes to us for help in 89. . 89 and/or 90 . 11. Giant earthquake in China. Late 89 or early 90. 12. New oil reserves in US in 89 and 90. 12a. Space shuttle of USA is intercepted and retained by UFO in 89 or 90. Released after several hours. Causes panic. All defense locations shut down during interception. Same thing happens with Russia later the same year. . 1990 . 13. Bob Dole, of Russell, Ks., becomes the next, greatest and last president of the United States. Temporary "white house" set up in Russell. Russell bombed and Dole escapes. 14. Governments acknowledge UFOs in late 89 or early 90. 15. Open contact with governments by Amorcans, (The Good ET's or Angels). 16. Earthquake in California--unbelievable! 17. Contact with government by Creasians, the evil ET's or Angels, is revealed. 18. Stock market crash, again. 19. New virus killer reaches USA. Hideous sores with most people susceptible. 20. Cures for arthritis, cancer, M.S. very probable. 20a. Nuclear plants in Russia and USA experience nearly simultaneous explosions. 21. More fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and devastating weather patterns [excalate, ibid.] by two witnesses for God. 22. Ozone becomes worse and by 91 temp. rise of 10 to 30 degrees around the world. 23. Russia closing seaports and war begins. . 1990 to 91 . 24. Pollution in streams and rivers and finally oceans, so bad that sea life explodes, turning water to blood. 25. Food shortages and radiation sickness in USA. Result of drought and limited nuclear strike between Nicaragua and USA. 26. True Anti-Christ arising. 27. Rioting and panic, caused by stock markets, droughts, unemployment, food shortages, and UFOs. 28. Land masses, (small islands), simply disappearing. 90-93. . 1991 . 29. People killing and burning those with new virus. At first, quarantined, then destroyed. 30. Easing out of fossil fuel. 31. Floods begin from melting icebergs, into 1992, from increase in temperatures around the world. . 1992 . 32. New economy and temporary prosperity set up by Anti-Christ when he takes power. 33. Creasians, the Darkside Et's or evil angels, activating subconscious programming of subjects, causing insanity and instantaneous combustion. 34. S.D.I. deployed in defense of world against UFOs, but ineffective even with countries working together. . Note: These prophecies were received by Donna between about March, 87, to February, 88. . -----------------------------------------------------------------


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