Consecraton of Tools The tools that you have made, or the jewelery that you might make, ca

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Consecraton of Tools The tools that you have made, or the jewelery that you might make, carry a variety of viberations. Befroe using your tools, therefor it is necessary to purify and cleanse them. to dedicate them to the work in which you will use them. This is done through a "sprinkling and censeing". When you charge your water with the salt, it becomes in a sense "Holy Water", that along with the incense, act as a sort of cleansing agent. The first thing that you will need to consecrate, is your athame. Since it is used to cast your Circle, and for various other things. The following ritual, was written for this purpose, however it may be adapted to any tool, amulet, or jewelry, just by changing the name. To start this ritual, you will need the following: 1. Alter 2. 5 candles 3. chalk 4. Earthen dish of water 5. Earthen dish of salt 6. Earthen dish of anointing oil 7. The item to be consecrated 8. Goblet, wine, (if inside libation dish) On A night with the moon is waxing, as close to a full moon as you can get, you should shed all of your clothes, as they fall away from your body, so should all negative thoughts. Allow yourself to become one with the Circle that you are casting. Draw a circle, on the floor, it should be at least 5 foot in diameter, draw it in a deosil (clockwise) direction without lifting the chalk from the floor. When this has been done, move your alter into the Circle. Place it in a position, where it is in the center of the Circle, so as to when you face it, you will be facing East. Drape your alter cloth over it, on the cloth place these items. The alter candle, Your censer, with the incense and charcoal, the three earthen dishes, the first filled with the water, the second filled with the oil, the third filled with the salt. When this has been done, take the four remaining candles and place them at the four gates, that is just before the line, at the east, south, west, and north ends of the Circle. none of the candles should be lit yet. When you have completed in putting the candles in the right places get your athame and place it on the floor in front of the alter. Note: Do not place it on the alter untill you have consecrated it. When this is complete, you are ready to start the ritual. Sit or kneel before the alter with you eyes closed. Meditate on the task that is set before you, the consecration of the athame, see it in use, know what it is for. Shift your thoughts from this to seeing yourself before your alter -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imagine a white light, starting to form over your head, growing brighter, and stronger, filling the Circle around you. Concentrate on making it brighter, knowing tht as it grows in light, so must it grow in strength. When you have made it as bright as you can. picture it entering your body through the top of your head, filling your body with the power of the Lord and Lady. relax, stand and go to the East side of the of the Circle. Point your right forefinger (left, if left handed) down at the line that you have drawn, now release the light, down your arm and off of your finger. Direct it at the line of the Circle, and start to walk deosil around the Circle, once again drawing the Circle, except this time with the light. When you have been all the way around, return to the alter, light the alter candle and the incense, pick up the alter candle and move once again to the East. This time light the Eastern candle from the Alter candle, and proceed deosil, lighting each of the Candles that are at the gates. When you are again at the east, return to the alter, replace the alter candle, now again concentrate on the energy that is stored inside you, bring the light down your arm and off of your finger, place this finger into the salt and say: "salt is life. Let this salt be pure, and let it purify my life, as I use it in this Rite, dedicated to the lord and the Lady, In whom I beleive." Now take three pinches of the salt and drop them into the water, one drop at a time, stiring with your finger in a deosil direction, and say: "Let the sacred salt drive out any impurities in this water that together, they may be used in the service of these deities;throughout these Rites, and at anytime and any way that I may use them." Now, take the bowl of salted water, and walk to the east, sprinkle the water on the line walking deosil, when you have reached the east again, return to the alter, place the water on the alter, and pickup the censer, go to the east and cense the line walking in a deosil direction, when you have reached again the east, return to the alter, lay the censer on the alter and say: "The sacred Circle is about me, I am here of my own free will and accord, in peace and in Love." Dip your finger into the salted water, and mark the Celtic Cross on your forehead, in th position of the third eye. Then mark a Pentagram on your chest over your heart, and say: "I now invite the Gods to witness this Rite I hold in their honor." Hold your hand with your finger pointing up, high in salute and say: "God and Goddess; Lord and Lady; Father and Mother of all life, Guard me and Guide me within this Circle and without it, in all things, So mote it be." Kiss your hand to the Lord and the lady, then take up the goblet and spill a little of the wine onto the ground (or into the libation dish) as an offering to the gods, with the words: "The Lord and the Lady." Take a drink and replace the goblet on the alter with the words: "Now is the Temple erected. I shall not leave it but with good reason. So be it." Taking up your athame, hold it high in salute and say: "God and Goddess; Lord and Lady; Father and Mother of all life. Here do I present my personal tool for your approval. From the elements of nature has it been fashioned; wrought into the form you now see. i would that it henceforth serve me, as a tool and a weapon, in thy service." Place it on the alter, and stand, or kneel before it with your head bowed, thinking back over the athame, its construction, what you did to make it your own, unlike any other. Dip your finger into the salted water and sprinkle the knife. Turn it over and sprinkle the other side. Now pick it up and hold it over the smoke of the incense, turn it so that all parts get censed. Say: "May the sacred water, and the smoke of the holy incense drive out any impurities in this athame, that it be pure and cleansed, ready to serve me and my gods in any way I desire. So mote it be." Then say: "I charge this knife, thorugh me, with the wisdom and might of the God and the Goddess. May it serve us well, keeping me from harm and acting in there service, in all things, so mote it be." If you are consecrating any other items repeat the above, with each item in turn. When you are finished close the Circle by raiseing your newly consecrated athame in your right hand, (left if lefthanded) and say: "My thanks to teh Gods for thier attendance. May they ever watch over me, guarding and guiding me in all that I do. Love is the law and Love is the bond, So mote it be." Keep the consecrated item(s) on your person for twentyfour hour after the consecration ritual, and sleep with it under your pillow, This will imprint your vibrations into it. From this point on, this is your athame, for use in the Craft, it is alright to allow someone to handle it to see and examine it, but let noone use it, in or out of the Circle. -=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=* ThA FiLe WeNt ThRoUgH ThA ReLaXeD aTmOsPhErEs Of [=] ThE NoRtHeRn LiGhT [=] -O- JoIn iN! -O- YP! -=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*


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