Set-X Non-Clave A II Perspective - by - Curt Rowlett II [EDITOR'S NOTE: THE FOLLOWING ARTI

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Set-X Non-Clave A II* Perspective - by - Curt Rowlett II* [EDITOR'S NOTE: THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY AN ADEPT OF THE TEMPLE OF SET AFTER HAVING RETURNED FROM HIS FIRST TEMPLE CONCLAVE. THE REFERENCES TO IT BEING AN UNDERGROUND GATHERING ARE FROM THE PROBLEMS THE TEMPLE ENCOUNTERED PRIOR TO OUR ARRIVAL THERE. OUR PREVIOUS CONCLAVE IN NEW ORLEANS WAS AN EASY AND FRIENDLY ONE WITH THE HOTEL OFFERING EVERY ASSISTANCE AND CONSIDERATION. THEN, TWO YEARS LATER, THE HOTEL RECEIVED ANONYMOUS THREATS IF THEY ALLOWED THE EVIL BLACK MAGICIANS OF THE TEMPLE OF SET TO MEET THERE. ONE OF OUR MASTERS OF THE TEMPLE CANCELLED EVERYONE'S RESERVATIONS AND WE TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER HOTEL WITHOUT GATHERING UNDER ANY CERTAIN NAME. I MYSELF SHOWED UP IN CLERICAL ATTIRE WITH WHITE COLLAR INSERT AND CALMLY HEADED THE GROUP OF SETIANS FIRST DEGREE, ADEPTS, PRIESTS AND PRIESTESSES, AND MASTERS OF THE TEMPLE INTO JACKSON SQUARE WHERE WE ENJOYED THE FIRST THE COMPANY OF ONE ANOTHER AND THEN WENT OUT TO THE FRENCH QUARTER TO SHOP AND SIGHTSEE! THE ADEPT WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED TO THE PRIESTHOOD OF SET BETWEEN THEN AND NOW. HIS ARTICLE IS ONE I PERSONALLY ENJOYED SINCE IT RELATES WHAT A NEW INITIATE EXPERIENCED IN HIS FIRST TEMPLE OF SET GATHERING.- JAMES LEWIS, SETIAN AND EDITOR OF THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT.] Once again Setians have proved that nothing can stand in the way of Black Magicians who have an objective in sight and the force of Will to achieve it. I'm speaking of the Temple of Set "Non-Clave" in New Orleans which proceeded despite human opposition to the contrary. Set-X was my first Conclave and my first chance to finally meet those Initiates with whom I have been corresponding for the past 18 months. I do not speak lightly when I say that I've never been more happy, relaxed, and stimulated with a large group of people in my entire life. My only regret is that the five days of Conclave passed too quickly and that I didn't have enough time to meet and talk with all Initiates present on an individual basis. The wedding ceremony of Priest Mann and Setian Karen Revay was beautiful and elegant and I hope they will have many happy and Magical years together. (Zur Hochzeit alles Gute, viel Gluck fur die zukunft.) The absence of Ipsissimus and Magistra Aquino was a disappointment, but understandable due to the present hysteria surrounding the Temple of Set. I had looked forward to meeting them both, but I'm sure my disappointment was small compared to theirs at not being able to attend. Several of our British Initiates were in attendance, however, and as a body were impressive with their Magical knowledge and Understanding. Their resilience at having weathered the first cancellation of Set-X and the subsequent witch hunt that followed is commendable. Congratulations to Priest Austen, Adept Richard Saunders, and Adept Vivian West on their Degree advancement. I'd like to take some time here to thank some of the Setians who worked overtime to present a successful working environment: Magistra Flowers for creating a wonderfully atmospheric main ritual that still has me tingling all over; also the same to all the participants involved. Magister Wade for the interesting and informative workshop on hypnosis. Magister Neilly for the good conversation and advice. Ipsissimus Lewis for his friendship and ability to handle any crisis, large or small. And finally, all those Setians who worked hard and were kind enough to make a relative newcomer feel at ease. The only negative effect that I've noticed since New Orleans and Set-X is the fact that I'm having almost to re-learn how to handle being around large groups of humans again, my normal social defenses and character armor were put on pause during Set-X and are slightly atrophied! In summation, Non-Clave New Orleans, despite the inconvenience of being forced to go underground (which, in a way, added to the fun) was all that I hoped it would be. I look forward to future Conclaves and as always, to the Black Magic and Essence of Set that binds us all together. ------------------- Published September, XXIV AS (1989 ce), Vol. VI, No 9. of the TRAIL OF THE SERPENT. Uploaded with the permission of the author. Mr. Rowlett can be contacted through Post Office Box 723, Baxley, GA 31513. Letters sent there will be forwarded to him.


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