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MY SISTER SAW A SMALL BALL-LIGHTNING GO UP OUR STREET, VERY CLOSE, AT CHEST LEVEL. SHE HAD NO REASON TO MAKE THIS UP. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE WHATEVER OUR GOVERNMENTS KNOW ABOUT UFO'S/ALIENS ETC. COMPLETELY OPENED TO THE PUBLIC. Bright point of light in afternoon sky travelling at a high rate of speed from left to right (descending also) and back and then it went straight away or down (down and away would look the same from our perspective. I saw a huge red circ. object.Flew very close over our house.Arced up into sky. Too big to be any aircraft and going way too fast.At first we thought it was a meteor,because it looked like a ball of flame,but meteors dont arc up into sky. There's definitely a controlled phenomenon happening that deserves serious investigation. I believe that something extremely weird is going on regarding UFOs. The government is too inconsistent in its treatment of this subject. WE ARE NOT ADVANCED ENOUGH AS A CIVILIZATION YET AND HAVE TOO MANY PETTY DIFFERENCES TO WORK AS A PLANET TO MOVE AHEAD IN THIS FIELD! I haven't seen any alien ships myself, but I think there is the good probability that the govt. has recovered some crashed ones and perhaps made some contact and squelched it. Let's dig more facts out. I HAVEN'T SEEN THEM, BUT I BELIEVE THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS COVERING UP THEIR FINDINGS - CRASHED SAUCER, LIVE ALIENS, ETC. I think we should look until we find another form of intelligent life. I have a strong feeling that there is inteeligent life out there. I also feel that they do not vist due to not having one world speaker. I am very interested in seeking the TRUTH regarding UFOs and hope to get started meeting people through this Board which will point me in the right direction to getting some factual answers. Well, I'm not real happy with this survey...the options for each question seem very limiting...Yes I want to know that UFOs are real, but I haven't seen one.......... WE WOULD BE ARROGANT BEYOND BELIEF TO THINK THAT WE ARE THE ONLY ONES HERE. FINDING OUT IF OTHER LIFE EXISTS IN THE UNIVERSE SHOULD BE A GLOBAL PRIORITY. THINK OF THE WISDOM WE GAIN FROM THE ART, MUSIC AND PHILOSOPHY OF OTHER PLANETS I have seen a light flash in the sky then fly rapidly toward me then fly rapidly back on the exact same path.. It then proceed to fly from right to left very very fast... faster than any plane.. and finally flew over horizon There has to be other intelligent life out there, there are more planets in existance than can be counted. There is no question in my mind that our planet is not the only one that has permitted evolution of intelligence. I don't think that in my time, that man will really understand this kind of thing. Although I have not personally seen one, I do not think it is a waste of time exploring and finding out the truth. I feel that there may be something very real about what is going on. I also feel that a collective effort should ensue to study this phenomenon in order to gain an understanding of what they are/are not. THEY'RE NOT FROM AROUND HERE, THAT'S FOR SURE. UNLESS THEY ARE US. I'm not entirely sure what there is. But there is definitely something out there. I think that there is no single planet that UFO's come from; however, I do believe that they seem to be interested at least some-what about us. Maybe their motives are different. I have seen no evidence personally, but it is hard to call all witnesses liars. Most of the research groups I have been in contact with seem more intent on pro ving their own theories than solving the problem. Saw a light at night bounce up and down. No, it's not a waste of time. Personally I saw only a zig-zagging star-like light moving across the sky. I accept the possibility of extra terrestrial life, and the possibility they have visited Earth, and are gradually shaping our acceptance of them. I have never seen anything in the sky which I could not satifactorily explain. I SAY WE NEED TO KEEP OUR MINDS OPEN TO THE PROSPECT THAT THERE MIGHT BE INTELIGENT LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS & MAY BE VISITING US!! I think UFOs are simply part of a spectrum of "paraphysical" phenomena, one effect among many... possibly under intelligent control, though that intelligence _may_ be our own (individually).


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