To: ALL Subj: CHRISTIANITY AND WICCA The following is the comparison listing of Christiani

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From: ROWAN MOONSTONE To: ALL Subj: CHRISTIANITY AND WICCA The following is the comparison listing of Christianity and Wicca that I mentioned in a previous message. It was prepared by Kerr Cuchulain, who is the Canadian Chapter Head for the Witches League for Public Awareness, in response to a request from a Christian minister who contacted the League. Christianity Wicca Patriarchal/Paternalistic Duotheistic (Goddess/God)* Dualistic: divinity seperate Monistic: Divinity inseperable from everyday world from everyday world Resurrection Reincarnation Heaven: destination of Christian Summerland: resting place between souls incarnations Hell No equivalent Satan No equivalent Original Sin No equivalent Redemption/Atonement/Confession Karma/Threefold Law( evil returns upon the perpetratoe three - fold) Heirarchy/Authoritarian No heirarchy/ Autonomy Bible( scripture) No equivalent ** Sabbats based upon Biblical Seasonal and Lunar Sabbats and Christian historical events Prophets/Saints/Messiahs no equivalent Generally daylight worship Some worship nocturnal(lunar esbats) Churches/temples Circles case where convenient usually no formal temple no size restrictions on small groups (covens) 3-13 people usual though congregations may be larger 10 Commandments Wiccan Rede Harm none Psychic phenomena generally Psychic abilities encouraged discouraged except for (magick) "miracles" * Names vary from tradition to tradition. lDifferent aspects of the Goddess/God have different names creating the impression that Wicca may be pantheistic. ** Wiccans use a book called the "Book of Shadows". This is a working notebook rather than a scriptural text. --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: Rock Island (on) Line - Newalla, Ok.- (405)391-9488 (1:147/3)


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